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To Kill a Mockingbird
a Drama
by Harper Lee, adapted by Christopher Sergel

COMPANY : Cobb Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Cobb Playhouse and Studio [WEBSITE]
ID# 1070

SHOWING : October 22, 2004 - November 13, 2004



This dramatization of Harper Lee's classic novel is narrated by the adult Jean Louise, who was the child Scout when the events took place in the 1930's in a small Alabama town. Scout, her brother Jem and their friend Dill, are fascinated by the stories about a neighborhood "phantom," the recluse Boo Radley. But their childhood adventures are interrupted when Scout and Jem's father, attorney Atticus Finch, is assigned to a racially charged trial that bring him -- and his family -- the emnity of the vicious Bob Ewell. It is a story of childhood and of the tensions in a Southern community.

Cast Paine Calabro
Director Paine Calabro
Cast Laura Nagle
Asst. Director/Stage Manager Laura Nagle
Ms. Maudie Mandy Cook
Ensemble Emily Dillson
Walter Cunningham Michael Andrew Dillson
Atticus Finch David D. Doerrier
Dill Nathaniel Hedges-Goettl
Calpurnia Yvette Johnson
Nathan/Boo Radley Andy Leach
Miss Stephanie Zanny Leach Dillson
Mrs. Dubose Diane LeGrand-Hail
Judge Taylor Walter Magnuson
Bob Ewell Bob Mattox
Ensemble Becca Mattox
Heck Tate Travis McElroy
Rev. Sykes Jeremy McShan
Scout Jennifer Soloway
Tom Robinson Nykki L Starr
Jem Shea Thomas
Jean Louise Kim Tomko
Mayella Ewell Jessica Leigh Unker
Prosecutor Gilmer Thomas C. Wilson
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Excellent performances in Acworth!
by theaterbuff
Sunday, November 7, 2004
I saw the November 6th performance of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD produced by Cobb Playhouse. I must say that this show had some of the best performances I've ever seen outside the perimeter. Granted, this was WAY outside the perimeter, at the auditorium in North Metro Technical College in Acworth (the Cobb Playhouse's permanent home is still under construction), but worth the trip.

While the sets and props were minimal (due to the venue), it did not detract from the show since this is a very performance driven play. And what performances!

Particular standouts were the characters of Tom Robinson, Calpurnia and the Prosecuting Attorney. All excellent. Additionally, Atticus was calm and cool and fatherly, just the way he should be. The kids were all very well performed, Scout was pesky and inquisitive, Gem was full of energy, and Dill was quirky....all very good. Bob and Mayella Ewell were very powerful. Even the ensemble roles were well performed and well directed. I am hard-pressed to find any negative points to the show (other than the minimal sets).

The standing ovation was well-deserved! Good job all around! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Just wondering... by kimtomko
The list of cast and crew left off the main role: Jean Louise. I played her, and I was told I didn't do too shabby a job. Does theaterbuff have something against her or was it just an oversight. It would be nice if the main role is included in the list. Who types up these things?
because.... by Parrott65
You need to understand that this is a review website. Which means that the individuals that post a review here are posting their "opinion" on what they liked or disliked about any given show. Just because you weren't mentioned doesn't mean it was an insult or forgotten. Apparently, theaterbuff liked the indicated characters/actors the best and that is their opinion. Let's not degrade their review just because your name wasn't mentioned. My god, if I had done that for every time I wasn't mentioned, I would be blackballed from every theater for the guy that likes to "complain".
uhhhh correction by Parrott65
I just looked at the review again, and Scout was mentioned. What's the problem here?
She might have meant the cast list by Okely Dokely
I think she means that she was left off the cast list, but when I look at it now, there she is, so I guess someone submitted her name to the cast list. To answer kimtomko's question, anyone can "type up these things." You can submit info for any show or person you want.
To answer Parrot's question by Shadrach
Someone must have recently added Jean Louise/Kim Tomko to the cast list, but it probably wasn't there when you were looking at it before. In case you are not familiar with the stage version, there are 2 Jean Louises in the play: the child, who is referred to as Scout, and the adult Jean Louise, who is called Jean Louise. The adult Jean Louise is the narrator of the play.

That's not the adaptation I did by Okely Dokely
That's interesting to have an adult Scout as the narrator. When I played Dill at Centerstage North's production in 1993, we did Christopher Sergel's (I believe) version, with Miss Maudie as the narrator, who was kind of a random choice to be the narrator, like Charlie Davenport "narrating" the new version of Annie Get Your Gun, which I despised. But I digress.
AHH HAAAA!!! by Parrott65
Wellllll, the truth comes out Clint. Hehehehe, my bad.
Thank you... by kimtomko
... Clint, for the clarification. I wasn't about to take the bait. I don't know what's up his craw, but seeing as he was originally cast to
play Bob Ewell in our production (not looking for explanations - donít want any), makes one wonder. I now understand the nature of this
site, thanks to kind people who wrote me. And, I added my name, which took all of ten
(10) seconds. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to interpret this role in TKaM, to have met some great people, but, this being my
first play after four years, not to receive even a nod was disheartening after a more than
satisfying experience for me. Itís neither here nor there, and since a director who saw the play asked me to be in his, life's grand! A colleague just recently rewarded me with a
comment Iíll treasure, ďa special thanks for near single-handedly keeping Mockingbird on track with your
beautiful heart.Ē I mean, what else does one need? Great friends, great stories, great lessons. I'll never forget this experience, and I've learned a lot with much yet to learn. End of Mockingbird tale.
by Nettie
kim, parrot wouldn't be intentionally spiteful to anyone. he is a hugely talented, decent person, actor and reviewer, whom I respect very much. I hold you in the same high regard. I think you did an exceptional job as Jean Louise, and I think the 5 rating reflects that wonderful performance. Fives are rarely given on the website. I honestly do not believe that you not being mentioned was intentionally meant to be hurtful at all. This is coming from someone who thinks the world of you as a performer and a friend.

thanks by Parrott65
Thank you Nettie for your kind comments. It means alot. I think everyone here has said what needed to be said about To Kill a Mockingbird. I have no doubts it was a wonderful show. What tells the tale is who can take the reviews for what they are, which is "opinion" and perhaps either learn from them or ignore them. That's what makes a good performer.


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