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South Pacific
a Musical
by Music and Lyrics by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Book by Oscar

COMPANY : Big Top Productions
VENUE : Big Top Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 1087

SHOWING : October 22, 2004 - November 20, 2004



A musical favorite based on the Pulitzer prize-winning novel by James Michener. A romantic tale of love and loss set in a beautiful island paradise during World War II.

Cast Robert Hadaway
Choreographer Olivia Prawdzik
Nurse Rickelle Austin
Sailor Sam Bargeron
Nurse Bryarly Bishop
Captain Brackett Pete Borden
Nellie Forbush Danita Charles
Luther Billis Len Hedges-Goettl
Nurse Izzy Hedges-Goettl
Sailor Jon Liles
Emile DeBecque Bill Mann
Commander Harbison Neil Matchan
Bloody Mary Jasmine McGinnis
Professor/Henri Daniel Penton
Nurse Olivia Prawdzik
Emile's Child Victoria Rossi
Sailor Ethan Scott
Sailor David Short
Emile's Child McKenzie St. Romain
Stewpot Alan Stacy
Lt. Cable Mike Wasson
Liat Brittany Wurst
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A good opener to a good theater...
by Parrott65
Sunday, October 31, 2004
Well, I decided I needed to see what the hype was all about. I took Saturday evening to pile up in the ole pickup truck and drive out to Big Top Theater and see just what they did to the place that Cobb Playhouse recently vacated. To my astonishment, the theater was actually clean, renovated, and impressive. The top things about this theater that really grabbed me were the lobby design, the paintjob, the clean bathroom, and the new look of what USED to be the arena stage. The place actually didn't smell like body odor or body fluids that would gag a mortician, what a nice touch. The ONLY complaint I had were the seats and their arrangments. My rearend hurt within the first half hour and that isn't a good sign. I noticed a couple came in a tad later during the performance and couldn't get to a vacant seat without having to walk in front of the performance. However, I was informed it was due to the lovely fire marshall and his facist regime policies. So, I exclude that from my review. I give the theater a "5". Great job!!!
Now, on to the performance itself. This show was definantly high energy at times and had a nice cast of decent singers. I think the performers that really caught my eye were Danita Charles, Jasmine McGinnis, Mike Wasson, and Len Hedges-Goettl. The overall set design was well put together with impressive curtains made of either camo-net or parachutes. I think that the idea of what Rob Hadaway envisioned was certainly effective throughout the show. The lighting was outstanding. I liked the fade ins and outs. What impressed me most were the Navy uniforms and the civies. Being an old seadawg myself, I really appreciated the dungarees. Yes, some folks wore levi 501 blues, but most had on the bellbottom standard issues. Very good touch. Also, I had a HUGE appreciation for how some of the actors/actresses took the time to make sure the haircuts were period style. Mike Wasson really indicated this by going out and actually getting a crew cut. Overall, for the performance, I give it a "3". Good job.
In conclusion, this theater has done an outstanding job with the new location and the opening act. Yes, there is room for improvement, but they are FAR from mediocre. Because of the awesome theater and the good show, I feel it deserves a "4" rating overall. I would recommend this theater to anyone, whether you are acting or viewing. Break a leg Big Top in all of your endeavours!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Some Enchanted Evening
by lovinit
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
The Big Top Theatre has found their new home and has hit the ground running with their production of South Pacific.

First the new space. Excellent facilities with very good sight lines. The acoustics were very strong and the lighting was excellent. Being kind of a techie I did some snooping and found state of the art grid work and control surfaces that were put to good use in the lighting of this show. This is an area that suffered in the old building that was used. The stage is raked and used decently and the usage of three different curtians to set the scene and mood is creative and well done. The set pieces/props themselves could use some work but are passable. Scene changes seemed disjointed at times and need work.

The show itself is quite good and I was very impressed with the mens chorus. This is an area that suffers so frequently in our community theatres, but not so here. I recognize many of the names in the chorus from local theatre and they usually hold much more major roles. It shows in the depth of their characters, sound of the big production numbers, and the way that the mens numbers flow. It is a top notch mens chorus and sounds bigger than the seven people it is. The women are undernumbered and appear to be young. The bios show that most of them are very new to theatre and it shows at times, but they have good energy and the lead characters pull them along quite nicely.

The Leads in the show are all strong. Fantastic voices from all 4 of the major soloists and excellent interaction amongst them all. Emile(Bill Mann) appears substantially older than Nellie(Danita Charles), but that is forgotten soon due to the wonderful voices that they bring to the stage. Nellie owns the stage when she is on it and gives a very moving performance. Lt. Cable(Mike Wasson) and Billis(Len Hedges-Goettl) are both handled smoothly and showed good timing and presence. Billis is quite funny and neurotic while Lt. Cable is more than capable and has a great tenor voice. Bloody Mary(Jasmine McGinnis)sings very well but tends to let her accent and character pieces fluctuate. The Officers scenes were a nice surprise, running well and providing some excellent and unexpected laughs as well.
Overall an enjoyable production with some areas to be addressed. I saw the show at the Sunday Matinee on October 24th with a good sized, very responsive audience who all left with a smile on their faces. Congratulations to Rob Hadaway, Director and Artistic Director, for a great foundation for the newly housed theatre.


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