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Hank Williams, Now That's a Sad Song
a Play with Music
by Wendell N. Troy, Sr.

COMPANY : Class Act Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Class Act Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 1143

SHOWING : January 07, 2005 - January 30, 2005



This play depicts the influences, personalities, personal struggles, and major accomplishments of the life and career of Hank Williams, from his poor south Alabama roots, to his eventual encore appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, his rise as a music star, then to his all too early death at age 29. Through his soulful blues style music, Hank Williams succeeded in touching across class and music genres and will continue to reach to the very heart of the human experience.

Writer/Director Wendell Troy
Cast Wendell Troy
Sound & Lights Mary Binaco
Fred Rose (final weekend) Stephen Banks
Minnie Pearl (understudy) Barbara Bruce
Lilly (Hank's Mother) Zanny Dillison
Hiram (Young Hank) Alexander Dillson
Fred Rose Michael Andrew Dillson
Waitress Emily Dillson
Fred Rose (understudy) Michael Haslach
Hank Williams Tony Hill
Minnie Pearl Lani Leach Brooks
Lilly (Hank's mother) Zanny Leach Dillson
Narrator Neil Matchan
Braxton Shuffert Bob Mattox
Stage Manager & Waitress Understudy Becca Mattox
Hank Williams (final weekend) John McLean
Teetot Nykki L Starr
Audrey Williams Kim Tomko
Reporter Thomas C. Wilson
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Awesome Presentation
by HDBikr
Sunday, January 23, 2005
Take a small intimate theatre...add a table and two chairs.....and a crew with "HEART" as big as Texas...add warmth, love and respect and you have "Hank Williams, Now That`s a Sad Song!

I drove from Birmingham and honestly expected a "lukewarm" effort, not befitting the most influential person in Country Music. Was I ever "wowed!"

This production is awesome! I was moved from the first word the last group fanfare.

Tony Hill`s portrayal of Hank was flawless and incredibly honest. His vocal inflections were "Hank"..perfectly done. Tony is a true talent.

Kim Tomko was so pretty, and totally believable as Audrey. Kim is a true talent treasure. Her performance was heady, and straight on... Exactly as I would picture Audrey.

Nykki La Marr as TeeTot will haunt me forever. Nykki is awesome! He ruled the performance without overbearing and instilled a thread of honesty that followed through until the last act. I will never forget his performance.

I look forward to seeing the performance again at the Hank Williams Museum in Georgiana Alabama, Hank`s hometown.

Thank you Wendell Hardin for calling me and suggesting I bring my father (a HUGE Hank Williams Fan) and make the trip to Marietta! I owe you one! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
didn't realize Ii was a hank williams fan until this play!
by Nettie
Sunday, January 23, 2005
I just wanted to say that I greatly enjoyed this show!
I didn't realize how many of Hank Williams' songs
were, in actuality, songs I knew and LIKED
until I went to see this play.
I am fond of guitar music, so the music
was fun, but the timing, the pacing of the play, was
most impressive to me. Scene changes were
just barely noticeable. Most of them happened while
narrator spoke to the audience as if to an old friend.
Toni Hill was quite believable as Hank, most notably
in his facial expressions and movement. You get to
know Audrey through Kim Tompko's powerful performance
as the character grows and changes through time
in her relationship with Hank. Lilly and Audrey's interactions are
a satisfying mixture of charm and bite.

Hysterically comical lines throughout the play help
guide the audience to laugh through the sadness of the
plot. Minnie Pearl is genuinely
"mama hen"-ish, and funny. Young Hank and Teetot's
interactions are interesting and do a great job of
setting the groundwork for the rest of the play.

Hank playing to the audience with Teetot's presence in
the background is effective, and touching. I wound up
crying, singing, along with the cast at the curtain call.

And I LOVED that they sang "Mind Your Own Business" to
the Reporter!!

I did not rate this play because I know (and dearly
love!) probably more than half of the cast.
It does, however, just happen to be also-- an
exceptional show. :)

(Everyone did a great job! There wasn't a single
part of this play I can honestly say that I disliked.
And I don't know if I will ever run into Becca again
without scrunching my face and saying "HE PUTS KETCHUP



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