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Li'l Abner

a Musical Comedy
by Norman Panama, Melvin Frank, Johnny Mercer, Gene de Paul

COMPANY : Galaxy Music Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Onstage Atlanta, Inc. (Decatur) [WEBSITE]
ID# 1170

SHOWING : March 03, 2005 - March 20, 2005



“Li’l Abner,” based upon the characters created by Al Capp, was first presented on the Broadway stage in 1956, but its mixture of hillbilly nonsense, sharp, critical humor, and brash, catchy tunes remain fresh, and its political satire is just as relevant to today’s political climate as it was in 1956. From Abner’s lazy ballad, “If I Had My Druthers,” to “pushing eighteen” Daisy Mae’s lament to Marryin’ Sam, “I’m Past My Prime,” audiences are sure to walk away humming the great tunes which also include showstoppers “Jubilation T. Cornpone” and “The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands.” “Li’l Abner” will appeal to the sophisticated theatregoer as well as the child within us all.

A lazy day at the fishin’ hole for Abner and his cronies turns into an uproar as the citizens of Dogpatch struggle to find something necessary about their town in order to avoid evacuation and nuclear testing by the Federal Government. Mix in a plot by evil businessman, General Bullmoose, to steal Abner’s famous “Yokumberry Tonic,” and the annual running of the Sadie Hawkin’s Day Race, and you’re in for a hysterical adventure. Turns out those hillbillies aren’t so dumb after all.

Producer Barry N. West
Director S. Craig McConnell
Choreographer Ricardo Aponte
Dance Captain Sims Banes
Sound Designer Geoffrey M Brown
Properties Designer Chris Franken
Set/Lighting Designer Harley Gould
Keyboard Martie Carlson
Trumpet Reid Lyons
Moonbeam McSwine Ryan Alison
Lonesome Polecat/Senator Phogbound Randy Anderson
Bonnie Susan Atkinson
Lillian, Stupefyin' Jones Sims Banes
Romeo Scragg/Evil Eye Fleagle Geoffrey M Brown
Mammy Yokum Martie Carlson
Zeke, Colonel Winston Clark
Scarlett Myranda DeFoor
Clem (Transformed) Scott Drinkard
Daisy Mae Meghan Fitzgerald
Rufe Dean Fowler
Dr. Finsdale/Crony/Secretary Kimberly Graeff
Hank, Policeman Rick Horn
Abner Matthew John Kacergis
Pappy Yokum Gavin Karstensen
Alf Scragg Hugh-Barret Lehman
Mayor Dawgmeat/Dr. Schleifetz/Crony/Secr Fiona Leonard
Clem Scragg Alton Leonard
Zeke (Transformed) Keegan Lieba
Dr. Krogmeyer/Available Jones/Crony/Secr Walter Magnuson
Dr. Smithborn/Crony/Secretary/Speedy McR Michael Magursky
Dee Dee Rachel Miller
Earthquake McGoon Nick Roberts
Hank (Trasformed) Jace Rogers
Pat Celia Rosenblum
Hairless Joe David Stephens
Hope/Appassionata Von Climax Ariel K. Stewart
Frank/Cedric/Creghton Jerry Taylor
General Bullmoose Minnie Tee
Marryin' Sam Robert Wayne
Carmen/Government Man Amanda Wilborn
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A hilarious show with a pair of leads that you won't forget
Saturday, March 12, 2005
Li'l Abner is based on a '50s comic strip of the same name, but that doesn't mean non-fans won't enjoy it. Having never read the comic, I had no idea what to expect, but from the moment they dimmed the lights, I was drawn into the events of the town of Dogpatch, USA, where the residents of the town are scrambling around like their lives depend on it - which they just might.

The leads of the show both posess strong voices perfect for the rolls, and you'd think someone picked them up out of any little old town in the country. With numbers that will have you smiling, a story that makes you chuckle and one liners to make you laugh till your sides hurt, this show is a hilarious rendition, appealing to anyone willing to laugh. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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