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The Magician's Nephew
a Family show
by Adaptation By Christopher Skinner

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 1180

SHOWING : February 24, 2005 - April 10, 2005



A dark and adventurous adaptation of C.S. Lewis' THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW is the story of Digory and Polly and their extravagant adventures throughout many different worlds.

(Adapter) chris skinner
Cast chris skinner
Costume Designer Jennifer Bobbitt
Stage Manager Courtney Brown
Aunt Letty/Nellie Jennifer Bobbitt
Uncle Andrew Christopher Cunningham
Digory Jackson Henry
Aslan Charles LaBrosse
Cabby Patrick Lundy
Queen Jadis Theresa Sanson
Polly Morgan Saylor
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the gem of their children's shows
by Okely Dokely
Saturday, April 9, 2005
Simply put, and keeping in mind that I unfortunately haven't seen any of Kudzu's much-discussed children's shows that were directed by that Meinhardt guy, this is the best children's show that I've ever seen at Kudzu. As they are about to close, they can rest assured that they really had a production to be proud of. You can thank Chris Skinner for bringing me to this show - I wasn't originally planning to go, but when I heard Skinner was at the helm, I was so there. His direction was top-notch, and only further proves why he is one of the busiest actor/directors in town. Bobby Smith's music was awe-inspiring. Skinner and Smith are hands-down the most winning combination I've seen since the teaming up of Robert Egizio and Linda Uzelac.

This is going to be a short review, as the ADD side of me creeped in and tuned out the plot, as it did for the LOTR and Harry Potter movies, which I wasn't a big fan of. But I will say that I vastly appreciated the production, with my favorite performances coming from Patrick Lundy and the Jennifer formerly known as Borden. I now have an issue with Kudzu - that they have such a wonderful actress in her, yet they've hardly every used her in any shows. Quit keeping her under wraps so much.

There was just one thing that I didn't care for which inspired bad laughs - from me, at least. It was the odd placement of Jennifer's wig when she played her second character. What was up with it draping over her face? Was that an attempt to cover up the fact that one performer was playing dual roles? Other than that, this was a very professionally executed production. Thanks for the unexpected hit. I may have to check out your children's shows more often. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Hair by Ellexim
Jennifer's hair was first confusing to me too, but then I remembered from what I read in the Magician's Nephew, that she is basically "thrown" into Narnia from her world, so she is a bit confused and displaced when she first arrives. That's why her hair was all wonky. : )
Hope that helped.
First production in Atlanta and what a standard it set!
by theatreluvr
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta and have always been one for the theatre scene. I enjoyed numerous productions at Chicago's finest and used to work for Chicago's Breadline theatre.

I finally found a website that showed me all of what Atlanta had to offer and I came across Atlanta Performs and saw that a theatre was doing the Magician's Nephew- one of my favorite books as a child and one I read my son when he was very young. So, I decided to take him (now 14) and his friend to Kudzu Playhouse. I walked in and the theatre seemed a little trashy and unorganized, but as any good artist knows- we're not known for being organized and running on time. I met Jeannie Hinds and then walked down to the theatre- a small black box seating roughly 100 seats. The theatre wasn't filled, but there was a nice size crowd.

On the stage was this gigantic set made of hundreds of boards crookedly nailed together creating thin peep holes between one another- which I later read that Christopher Skinner himself designed.

The lights then dimmed awkwardly, no music- nothing and the show began and when the first scene began in which the two children are walking behind the set- I knew that I was in for a treat. Christopher Skinner and his directing is all about creating these wonderful tableaus and feelings for the audience. The first scene making the audience feel very anxious by using no music and only the children talking behind the set with just one candle lit. Throughout the production he sets a mood for each land he takes the audience too. Creating eerie places and magical places. Each moment in the show looks as if it was handpainted and if you snapped a picture- would be beautiful. BUT, at times the show did begin to drag and was exactly suited for young children.

As for the performers, standouts include Theresa Sanson as Queen Jadis- all I can say is she scared me more than my 14 year old son. Again, we do not see her at first, but only hear her voice echoing throughout the theatre and she finally bursts through some sort of trap door in the wall and appears. At moments she loses audibility, but her emotions are so driven- the rollercoaster of emotions she takes the audience through, loving her, hating her, laughing with her, laughing at her.

Also, Charles LaBrosse as Aslan- very strong and very powerful. He demands the stage his and takes attention, yet softens his character when needed. Also, Jackson Henry- this young man will go quite far, really feeling the character and what the character is going through.

As for the costumes, they cleverly and subtley fit each world. I enjoyed Aslan's costume the best- shying away from the "painted face" and furry tail, but a more traditional look of a lion, exuding royalty.

Another really wonderful thing about this production is that it is entirely underscored by original music composed by Robert Smith- it's very apparent that it is all done electronically- but the arrangements are beautiful and like everything else set the mood for each land.

I would suggest going and seeing THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW- I think it runs until the end of April. The show is strong, the direction is strong and the performances are wonderful. I look forward to seeing Christopher Skinner and Robert Smith team up to do another show and I am looking for strong theatre to view- so, if you have any suggestions email me at [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Run of the Show by Ellexim
The Magician's Nephew actually runs until April 10th, after that, is Anne of Green Gables, which starts on the 16th!
~Ellexim : )
oh wow! by Nettie
CS Lewis and then Anne of Green Gables!!! I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!!!!

y'all have a great run!
by andy
one more minor correction :), Kudzu is very intimate holding 120 seats.
Thanks by Miran
Thanks for a thoughroughly enjoyable review. That cast worked for a long time on blocking and such like slaves under the hard eye of Chris Skinner I can truly say that he is the most dedicated directer I have ever worked with. Bobby and he were up for almost 24 hours straight before openning day. We had such fun in that dressing room.


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