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Sleeping Beauty
a Play with music/dance
by adapted by Jennifer Bobbit

COMPANY : Kudzu Children's Theater [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 1277

SHOWING : June 02, 2005 - July 02, 2005



This is the wonderful story of a lovely Princess, who has been cursed by a wicked fairy. It was prophesied that she would fall into a deep sleep forever on her sixteenth birthday, after pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, only to be awoken by her true love. Within this story, lies dreams, swordfights, magic, love, and a heartwarming tale that will encapture those of all ages.

Director Jennifer Bobbitt
Costume Design Jennifer Bobbitt
Tech Anna Eitmann
Stage Manager Lindsay Olson
Costumer Karen Rooker
Stage Manager Theresa Sanson
Tech Samantha Schultz
Hyacinth Hally Ballard
Queen Cordelia Jerry Goodfellow
Sleeping Beauty/Princess Celeste Melissa Goodfellow
Queen Cordelia Jeri Goodfellow
Sleeping Beauty/Princess Celeste Melissa Michele Goodfellow
King William Wally Hinds
Daffodil Katerina Ioannids
Prince Alexander Cameron Kingsley
Violet Kimberly Maxwell
Clover Abigail McCracken
Announcer/Narrator/Court Jordan Prince
Rose Karen Rooker
Mordra Cheryl Rookwood
Daisy Jessica Thorne
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High in a tower, like yours was, but higher, a beauty asleep
by Okely Dokely
Saturday, July 9, 2005
This probably falls into the category of "I didn't like the show, but it wasn't the fault of anybody involved," like OSA's Sunday in the Concert and Aurora's 4 Guys Named Jose...

However, several aspects from this production distinguish it.

1. The hypnotically watchable choreography (was the music from Enya?), which I understand was done by Tyler Schaker, is something that definitely deserves kudos.

2. Cheryl Rockwood's performance as Mordra. She was a wonderful cartoonish villian with a great scratch to her voice, which I later was surprised to find out was not intentional but rather the result of being sick and losing her voice. If it causes her to sound like that, I'd say bring on the illness.

3. Melissa Goodfellow's performance as the title character. I didn't feel, though, that there was much to the character apart from your typical leading lady, so I get the feeling that this wasn't the best Melissa Goodfellow performance out there. I'd love to see her in a showier role someday. Her trance scene, where she is lured to the spinning wheel, was dead-on. Great blank eyes and face during that part.

4. Cameron Kingsley made for a worthy prince, and I quite enjoyed his look and performance.

I confess I was half-listening to the dialogue. It's hard to keep my attention for shows like this. My level of interest and investment into a children's show tends to fade in and out, but I say commendable job with what you had to work with. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Thanks Okley by tylers
The music was Loraina McKennit... I know I horribly misspelled that! Also Celtic Woman. Celtic is a group I got turned onto a few months ago and thought would be a great fit for the show. They are coming to Chastain in August should you like to see them. Thanks again for your thoughts!

Tyler Schaker
Hey Okely, a slight...mmhm...correction... by Cherwood
First, thanks again for taking the time to see our production and review it. Your comments are always well thought out. I have just one thing to point out; I wasn't sick during this performance nor during the run of the show (I'm not sure where that info came from other than the fact that using "the voice" was hard on my singing voice in rehearsals for Big River.) The Mordra voice/character was one I developed in reading a few fairy tales to my nieces..,where it came from, I may not want to know but it was obviously effective in bringing the character to life. I had a great time as Mordra and hope to be able to bring her out again!
You're the one who told me you weren't feeling well by Okely Dokely
Hi Cheryl,

When we spoke after the performance I saw, you said something about either having lost your voice or you were feeling a bit under the weather. Because of this, I thought the cool voice you used was just because of that. Good to know it was intentional, because I liked it a lot.
Nice reference . . . by cathead67
Love the "Into the Woods" reference! : )
Sorry, bad by Cherwood
You're right, I do remember saying something about feeling bad, but I didn't mean to imply that it caused my voice to sound the way it did, it just made me feel sluggish...not an unusual thing for a non-morning person. Sorry for being a "Drama girl" I'll keep my mouth closed (don't laugh Tyler)and thanks again for the review. I plan to see "I hate Hamlet" asap and I hope you'll come see "Big River" (at Big Top) too.
Laughing by tylers
Cheryl you know me so well! lol


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