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The Butterfly Scroll
a World Premiere
by Book by Misty Simmons, Lyrics by Jennifer Simmons, Music by Scott simmons

COMPANY : Non-Atlanta Equity Theater Company
VENUE : Class Act Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 1336

SHOWING : July 08, 2005 - July 17, 2005



"The Butterfly Scroll" is a musical fairy tale in which a regular family trying to take a vacation gets caught up in an adventure after stumbling upon an enchanted scroll.

Writer/Composer Scott Simmons
Book Misty Simmons
Lyricist Jennifer Simmons
Cast Diana G Schwartz
Director Rob Hardie
Tech Director Michael Andrew Dillson
Costumes Lani Leach Brooks
Costumes, Props Zanny Leach Dillson
Stage Manager Donna Racer
Choreographer Maureen Sampson
Pianist Joseph Camillo
Percussionist Mark Lee
Ensemble Mandy Cook
Cameo Elena DeBease
Leah Emily Dillson
Ensemble Katie Halick
Serving Wench Katie Halick
Jack Andy Leach
Queen Sophia Lani Leach Brooks
Grizelda Zanny Leach Dillson
Jared Nicholas Massouti
Chloe Ashley Nelson
Featured Dancer Maureen Sampson
Jordan Jordan Schwartz
Alexandra Jennifer Simmons
Marianna Misty Simmons
Prince Adam Scott Simmons
Ensemble Michael Simmons
Cameo Jared Simmons
Mother Allison Simpson
Edward Michael Strelecki
Father Thomas C. Wilson
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very entertaining
by fan-of-theater
Friday, July 22, 2005
I debated whether or not to actually write a review of this show, because I do know a lot of the actors involved, and have for several years. But even though the house was full when I went, I don't think enough people saw this show, and I wanted people to know what they missed.
While I agree the story was very weak, there were moments of true comedic brilliance, especially if one knows the actors and/or writers personally... and the music was incredible! While some of the songs are a little longer than a typical musical, they are so well done and so entertaining, it's not an issue. I will have to agree with "Molly" that the chemistry between Edward and Alexandra (played by Michael Strelecki and Jennifer Simmons) was stunning! Both actors lead the show captivating and stunning the audience with their performances, leaving you wanting more. Their final exit should probably be the ending of the show, because the energy and interest drops dramatically when they leave.
Lani Leach is hilarious as the queen, as well as Andy Leach as Jack- again both of who have been mentioned in other review(s). One notable performance that has not been commented on however is Alli Simpson as the mother. While I agreed that the family was a distracting presence in the show, Ms. Simpson's performance is hysterical and provides the over-the-top, comic relief when the queen is not onstage.
"I Want It All" beautifully sung by Michael Strelecki, was probably my favorite song in the show, especially when coupled with the farcical interplay of the bar wenches and sidekick, Jack. However, never in my life have I heard a vocal talent like that of Scott Simmons, who played Prince Adam. The control that man has of his voice, and the range, are unbelievable unless heard for one's self. "Something's Gotta Give" gives chills and brings tears to your eyes simply from the clarity and richness of the notes he achieves. There were no bad singers in this show. The talent gathered on this one stage was remarkable!
The sets and props were virtually non-existent, childish almost, in direct contrast to the costumes and performances. This is where the show needs the most work. But when I go to a show, one that I have never seen and know nothing about, and walk out singing songs from the show wishing I knew the words better because "I just can't stop singing them;" I know I've been entertained. Kudos to the writers and performers for putting together a truly wonderful, entertaining experience. I wish the run had lasted longer, so more of you would have the opportunity to see this.
boy were you right about the sets by mediahound
it looked like the director did not give any thought to the sets. a simple color block would have worked better than bulky contrived pieces that did not move well. it took away from the magic created with the costumes. also good job goes to choreographer! too sad about the director's lack of vision for movement as to exits and entrances it looked as if the director did not plan but all in all the songs, voices and of course lani were yahoo!licious.
hope the show comes back, the family was cute but needs more working in but here again i don't think it was the story but how the director worked them in, maybe they should have had some dialoge during court scene. this show needs to be seen ITP!
Thanks so much! by trinobe
I appriciate the Yahoolicious compliment, in addition to all the other compliments. This show was intensely fun to do because of the people I got to work with, and because I was given such an incredible part. Thanks for coming to see the show and for your kind words, and here's to hoping we make it ITP!

sets and props by mark
didn't see show, but i bet sets and props are not directors fault. i'd point to the producers. what was the budget?
3.5, Great Music, Some Exceptional Performances, Weak Script
by Molly
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Overall, this was a cute show. I'd give it a 3.5 on the 5.0 scale. The score was well done. The contemporary style of the music contrasting the medieval staging of the story worked for me. The costumes were incredible. Stealing the show was Lani Brooks as the visually-challenged queen, one of the funniest performances on stage I've seen this year. Other exceptional performances in this show were Andy Leach as Jack, Michael Strelecki as Prince Edward, and Jennifer Simmons as Alexandra. I found myself oddly rooting for Prince Edward and Alexandra as their characters seemed much more developed than the actual "heroes" of the story Prince Adam and Princess Marianna. Edward and Alexandra had great stage chemistry. Adam and Marianna had none (Just because you're married in real life, doesn't mean that it translates well to the stage). The script was weak, but I think workable. The premise of the story is good. Some characters need better development, especially Adam and Marianna, to convince the audience to pull for them and care about them. The story just didn't flow well. Maybe some more plot twists are needed and possibly foreshadowing of the plot twists. The "twists" that there were, were really not all that exciting or surprising and we're uninterestingly worked into the story. The purpose of the family from present day was sort of silly. Their tie-in to the story seemed forced. And what purpose did the talking cat serve? Other than to be distracting during an otherwise good song performed by Prince Adam. I'm not saying that the cat wasn't performed well; it's just that it didn't have any real relevance to the story. I think that this show has the potential to be good if performed again. The script just needs some tweaking. Also, sorry, but I absolutely hated, hated, hated the program rolled into a scroll. Clever idea in theory, but doesn't come close to working in practice. It made it much too difficult to read as well as to save with a collection of other programs. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Relevance of the Cat by cobbler

While I agree with several of your comments, I have a different opinion on the cat. First of all, I found the cat hilarious!! The role was played very well indeed. Besides, talking about relevance, I thought she represented the spiritual side of Prince Adam. This man was so simple and full of love, that he could talk to animals, and they could completely chill out in his company. I thought it was remarkable insight on the part of the playwright to have thought about representing such an intangible thing through the character of a cat.
The Butterfly Scroll: A rolling comedy
by cobbler
Wednesday, July 13, 2005
This play is just too good. It is hilarious, uplifting, simple, and beautiful. It is amazing what life the artists can breath into the play despite a simple stage and very few props.

The play is woven around familiar themes; princesses and princes, witches and magic, and jealousy and trickery. But, the way they have combined a period design with modern elements to weave an intense drama around basic human emotions is fabulous. Also, as it is a musical, several of these characters are required to sing and the richness and control of their voices amazed me. The musician playing backstage did a geat job, and I heard later that the drummer who was not able to make it to the show that evening is really good too.

I found at least one singing part a bit drawn out towards the beginning, and there were a couple of times when I thought the comedy was overdone. But, when the play was done, I felt myself almost wanting to stand up and clap. And that speaks a lot, for I don't like to get up in a hurry.
thanks :) by Nettie
I was a tad nervous before that particular show, worried about the drummer who was in a car accident that day. (which is why he didn't make it.) So it means alot to know that someone liked the show on that particular night. thanks for the review. :)
mandy03 by Nettie
thanks. :)


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