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Fiddler on the Roof
a Musical
by Joseph Stein

ID# 1348

SHOWING : July 29, 2005 - August 20, 2005



In the little village of Anatevka, Tevye, a poor dairyman, tries to instill in his five daughters the traditions of his tight-knit Jewish community in the face of changing social mores and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia.

Music Director Kelly Marino
Director Moira Callaghan Thornett
Stage Manager Rebecca Coffee
Set Design Gayley Crockett
Light and Sound Design Murray Mann
Set Construction Rich Vandever
Costume Manager Anne Voller
Hodel Sawyer Armstrong
Fruma-Sarah Martha Benson
Sasha a Russian David J Benson
Cast David J Benson
Innkeeper David Booth
The Constable Hugh Chapman
Grandma Tzietel Cynthia Cobb
Mendel Ben Coffee
The Fiddler Savannah Cookson
Villager Bobby Cookson
The Rabbi Jerry Harlow
Tevye Marshall Hitch
Motel Brian Kahl
Nahum Paul Komorner
Perchik Paul Linney
Bielke Lindsey Marcus
Choreography Kelly Marino
Rifka Lisa Matchen
Tzietel Amanda Leigh Pickard
Choreographer Amanda Leigh Pickard
Shprintze Stacey Serowitz
Lazar Wolf Stephen Sheerer
Avram Rich Vandever
Fyedka Zack Vandever
Shandel Kelly Vandever
Yente Anne Voller
Chava Emily Voller
Golde Karen Walsh
Publicity Barbara McFann
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disappointed in director
by mediahound
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Fiddler is a long standing staple around town, and has been recently done at other venues and is usually good, but this time as 3 hour show I was surprised.
The gentleman that played the lead was good but he did not seem to fit with the cast. After reading that he has done this role 5 times I was not surprised but I think this review falls all on the director. It seems that she cast who ever was available and not who fit the role or who's voices blended well. The fruma costume was last minute, or it looked like it and what was with the mardi gras beads. I had heard some nice things about Act 1 and the most disappointing was that for $15 they put on a high school play not quality community theatre.
The show was fine but overpriced for a few dollars more people in Atlanta can see professional work or at least work where the director worked to match characters. Motel was too old and too many of the cast were not acting they were just delivering lines and that is not theatre.
Waiting for Something Positive by Ben Peeler
No doubt you attend a lot of plays. However, I am still waiting for something positive from you. If you want to see something professional you should pay your $15.00 for a professional play. If you think amateur theater has any place in our communities you should consider your money a a good investment. By the way, I don't agree with your acidic critiques.
Why God Why? by SCrowder04
Why can people not just take the review???? As someone who is OBVIOUSLY with the cast (despite an alias difference), this review had details and gave you a 3. They said it was not a horrible show, just not what was expected from this level of community theatre. Acidic? Far from it. I strongly doubt that this person was trying to offset the 5 ratings of the other reviews. If someone wanted to be nasty, believe me, they can be. I've seen it on here too many times. I'll admit, lately this site has gotten better, but its things like this that start things all up again and made me lose interest in the site to begin with. ---SC
I have something positive to say... by Parrott65
I cannot comment on this show, for reasons that I think everyone knows at this stage. However, I would like to mention this one thing. It really doesn't matter, at the end of the day, what one person's opinions are about a show that is being reviewed by a judging panel for an award. The fact is, the nominations will tell the tale about what was good and what was bad in those shows. Don't let reviews like this shake your feelings. They won't sway the judge's opinions and everything is still on track. You could be right in saying that this is someone who is in one of the submitted shows and wants to trash other shows, but it doesn't really matter does it? Just let it go and enjoy the hobby (or profession). I, for one, like hearing positive and negative comments on a show. It can be construed as constructive criticism.
My positive statement is this. I have been impressed with many aspects of ALL of the shows thus far. I won't go into it any further than that. So, don't let your hearts be troubled my friends. We are all still perfectly focused on our end.
positively confused by mark
am i missing something? what do judging panels, judges, and nominations have to do with all of this?
well... by Parrott65
My point was, since this is one of the submitted shows in the MAT Awards, that one person's opinion about a show is, rightfully so, their opinion. However, when the nominations come down for the musical panel in May, that will speak for itself on who gets credit for a job well done and who doesn't. Sure, judges are voting based on opinion themselves, but atleast it's a GROUP opinion and not a single person's opinion. That was why I made the statement I did. It was to reassure the individuals that were bothered by this particular review to not worry about it. Take it for what it is, constructive criticism.
eureka by mark
now i get it.
Woops... by Parrott65
I made an incorrect statement. Actually, the nominations for the musical panel will be announced in mid-October of this year!! All of the submitted musicals will be completed by the end of September, so we will be doing the nomination process shortly thereafter, since it's fresh in the judge's minds. The Play Category won't be announced until mid-May of 2006. My bad....
few things by suthrnboy88
i think this comes from someone that didnt get a part and is dissapointed in thet. i dont even think you saw the show for a few reasone. first i did see the show and though they did great for the space provided, they even brought some of the set out into the audience. and second, the man playing motel was not old at all, from wut i say i would say he was in his mid 20s. thats all i have to say and if u dissagree, i dont care.
Why? by Ellexim
Why can't people just take criticism and move on with life? They still gave the show a 3!!!

Get over it, please, for the sake of us all and theaterreview!
Fiddler on the Roof
by Brode Tuwall
Sunday, July 31, 2005
Fiddler on the Roof
A Production of
A.C.T. 1

In my 60 years of movie going Fiddler on the Roof the movie version of Fiddler leads the pack in favorite movies. I hold that movies' overall standard so high that I consider anyone who tries a stage production of it to be courting disaster. My expectations, therefore, are very high.

This play has a large cast. It has numerous changes of scenery. It requires dancing, singing, superb acting, direction and musical background. Did A.C.T. 1 rise to the challenge? In my opinion they exceeded the subjective handicap I gave them.

The cast was strong with a few who showed some need for improvement as the play wears on. I have every confidence they will, considering how well they performed in only their second public performance.

The sets were superbly fitted to a very small stage. They were artistically rendered, demonstrated the output of engineering skills, and worked well. The fact that part of the set extends beyond the stage into the audience area adds to the intimacy created by the actors who come stage forward many times to deliver their lines.

The dancing not only held up but was ingenuously choreographed to fit a small area with more than two dozen dancers. In time the dancing will do more than “hold up.” It is very close to being a well oiled production for an amateur performance.

What can we say about direction? It is apparent MoiraThornett and Rebecca Coffee have produced a high standard for A.C.T. 1 that will be the marker for future productions. It is also clear that they have collected a talented and hardworking support team including Murray Mann, the man on the technical board.

Musically, Kelly Marino is her usual talented self, playing keyboard with nuances that made this small production a play with an orchestra, howbeit, simulated. The “Fiddler”, Savannah Cookson, is very talented, hardly missed a note and is all over the set playing her fiddle with the aplomb of a musician with stage presence. Strong and talented singers in the production include Karen Walsh, as Golde; Sawyer Armstrong, a 16 year old, as Hodel and Stephen Scheerer as Lazar Wolf. I regret I have missed others but these are the names I wrote on my program while watching.

What can you expect from the actors? An excellent performance! Marshall Hitch, playing Tevye, is playing that role for the fifth time. He does it in such a way that his lines come without hesitation and as if they are emerging from his own personality. Now, that is acting! And, it sets a pace the others have followed with varying degrees of skill. Some, admittedly, are acting at acting. However, more of the performers seem to have found their characters with feeling, skill and authenticity than in most amateur productions of this magnitude.

Should you go to see this production? Who am I to tell you what to view? However, if you love the movie you won’t be disappointed. If you like to support talent you will support this theater by going. If you like good family entertainment you won’t regret keeping the kids up for this three hour performance. And, if you like the intimacy of small theater you will have a cast that will connect with you. They will bring their characters and the old Russian countryside to life as holograph in your living room.

Derrel E. Emmerson (Brode Tuwall)
by houndog
Sunday, July 31, 2005
I've seen 4 or 5 shows at ACT1 and they're always able to amaze me with the use of a small space. Fiddler on the Roof is one show I would have never imagined would work on a small stage. But work it does - and wonderfully! In this show, they've compensated for lack of stage space by bringing the set out into the house, as a barn extension, and putting the musicians in it. How much more involving for the audience to be in the midst of all the action!
The sets were wonderfully designed. Tevye's house rotated to see the inside, or to become part of the village street. Costumes were excellent and seemed to be consistent with the period and setting. They were somewhat more colorful than they really would have been in a poor village, but certainly much better than the drab ones I've seen elsewhere.
Director Moira Thornette has put together an ideal cast. Marshall Hitch as Tevye was outstanding! His warmth and humor came across very clearly. According to the program, he has played the role of Tevye several times, and he obviously knows his character. There are too many wonderful actors to name, but several stand-outs deserve mention. Sawyer Armstrong portrayed Hodel with depth and realism. Beautiful voice! When Emily Voller, as Chava, begged for her father's acceptance, her tears caused the audience to cry with her. Steven Sheerer plays Lazar Wolf admirably and is very convincing as the rejected groom.
I've seen "Fiddler" several times, including the recent one at Jewish Theater of the South. ACT1's production is the best I've seen! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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