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Rocky Horror Show

a Musical
by Richard O' Brien

COMPANY : Dad's Garage Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Dad's Garage Theater [WEBSITE]
ID# 1382

SHOWING : September 16, 2005 - October 22, 2005



We’re taking off the rubber gloves (and almost everything else) as cult classic THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW hits the Dad’s Garage main stage for a whole new level of insane delight. We promise this dark & stormy night of singing, dancing, cross-dressing mayhem will have you up on your feet and begging for a little of Dr. Frank ‘n’ Furter’s special attention. You may have seen the movie, but there’s nothing like the live experience… especially at Dad’s Garage. Dammit, Janet! It’s time for some hot, sexy and seriously twisted fun!

Director Kate Warner
Stage Manager Leslye Kahn
Lighting Designer Karen Parsons
Frankenfurter Geoffrey M Brown
Usherette/Columbia Katy Carkuff
Janet Jessie Dougherty
Brad Joey Ellington
Magenta Steven Emanuelson
Narrator Doyle Reynolds
Eddie/Dr. Scott Travis Sharp
Riff Raff Cooper Shea
Rocky Horror chris skinner
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4 almost a 5
by mediahound
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
well i had had a dry spell with some pretty cheesy performances but this was truly refreshing. Sometimes when the actors don't take themselves too seriously but take their work quite seriously a good time can be had by all, both actors and audience. It was a good chuckle, and rousing good performances by the entire cast. The choreography was great and stage presence of each and every member was outstanding. I almost gave it a 5 but 4 gives it a nod with room for improvement. The only lackluster contribution was the lighting but it may have been my angle to the stage. Wow what a show!!!Thanks to all involved you all worked very hard. I am trying to get 3 more tickets to take my teenage son and daughter when they visit next week. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
3.5 Ah, the bygone days of my youth...
by mooniemcmoonster
Monday, September 26, 2005
Wow, long time, no review! I haven’t had a chance to see nearly as many shows this year as I had originally intended, however when I was lamenting the fact to a friend he said “Well, would you rather not be working so that you can see more shows and review them?” Point well taken. I'll try to keep this short and to the point. This is the first show I've ever seen at Dad's Garage, so I didn't really know what to expect. I've always respected the fact that they choose shows that no one else has the balls to attempt. I have deep affection for Rocky Horror dating back to 8th grade...and in high school I went to see RHPS every weekend...usually twice a weekend and eventually was Janet in a local cast for a while. That being That being said, this is the first time I've seen the actual stage version of the show. The campiness of the script can allow you to go two ways as far as casting depending on what kind of show you want. You can either have a fabulously talented cast or you can cast people who are really funny and passionate about the show and who are “balls-to-the wall” energy-wise who can compensate for the fact that they aren’t the best singers or dancers. At first I was convinced that Kate Warner had gone with the latter of the two directions in her casting, however the passion and the energy was severely lacking, so I was left scratching my head when I left. Maybe it was an off night (we were there Friday night), but energy was the main weakness of this show as far as I am concerned.

The standout of this show is without question Doyle Reynolds as the narrator…and his f*&^ing neck (that’s a shout out to all of you familiar with the movie and audience partici…pation). I absolutely loved watching him. He really seemed to understand the spirit of the show and was dead-on. His opening song for Act 2 was so much better than any of the other musical numbers in the show, all of which seemed lacking in commitment and energy. Two other honorable mentions for MVP go to Joey Ellington (Brad Majors, a$$hole) and Jessie Dougherty (Janet Weiss, slut). Both had a great energy about them and had good voices. It seemed that Jessie struggled a little with her upper register, but she has a great middle and chest voice. WOW! Rock on, girl. Chris Skinner (Rocky) was also pretty damn good as far as his energy and his voice is concerned. Almost a little too “with it” for the character though. He’s supposed to be as dumb as a brick and I never got that sense from him.

The usherette (Katy Carkuff) opens the show and I had a hard time hearing her song…which is odd, because the space is pretty small. Projection in a space that small shouldn’t be difficult. I thought her energy overall was pretty low and I wasn’t particularly impressed with her character choices for Columbia.

The decision to cast a woman as Riff Raff (Cooper Shea) and a man as Magenta (Steven Emanuelson) was interesting, but not effective. I wasn’t wowed by either of their performances (despite Cooper Shea’s impressive bio) and I thought that Magenta being so obviously a man in drag detracted from Frank being a sweet transvestite. Maybe other people weren’t bothered by it, but it just didn’t work for me. Geoffrey M Brown as Frank did an okay job, but he just didn’t have the charisma that Frank has to have in order for you to buy the fact that he convinces both Brad and Janet to give in to his advances. Travis Sharp’s Eddie was a little iffy, but he more than made up for that as Dr. Scott. He was HILLARIOUS! Just looking at him as Dr. Scott before he even said anything had me in hysterics and I could just tell he was going to rock it out…und he did.

All in all this is a FUN, FUN show despite some energy issues and despite a few weaknesses in vocals. Its so much fun! Please do yourself a favor and check it out.

***Okay, so that wasn't quite as brief as I had intended. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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