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Love's Labour's Lost

a Comedy
by William Shakespeare

COMPANY : North Fulton Drama Club [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Barrington Hall [WEBSITE]
ID# 1495

SHOWING : May 12, 2006 - May 20, 2006



Love’s Labour’s Lost has been called “a festival of language, an exuberant fireworks display in which Shakespeare seems to seek the limits of his verbal resources, and discovers there are none.”

Conveniently, it is also quite funny, which is good for a comedy ...

Love's Labour's Lost will run for two weeks, Friday and Saturday nights, starting on May 12, 2006.

Producer A. Nikki Strickland
Assistant Director Alyssa Jackson
Director Thomas L. Strickland
Costume Design Alyssa Jackson
Costume Design A. Nikki Strickland
Sound Design Thomas L. Strickland
Dumain Sean Anderson
Boyet Douglas Curlin
King Ferdinand of Navarre Michael Eshman
Katherine Elizabeth Fricke
Jaquenetta Alyssa Jackson
Longaville Patrick Lundy
The Princess of France Ilene Miller
Holofernes David Morgen
Moth Rachel Pendergrass
Berowne Matt Ramsey
Rosaline Anna Rich
Dull Claire Shavzin
Don Armado Thomas L. Strickland
Sir Nathaniel Tom Strong
Maria Wendy Tarpley
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The Bard in the Yard!
by line!
Sunday, May 21, 2006
As part of my non-performing duties in the Atlanta community theatre community, I frequently attend performances of shows in which I know someone in the cast, to show my support for their efforts (sort of like “AA” for actors recovering from performance anxiety).

On Friday night, I did just such a thing by catching a performance of “Love’s Labours Lost” by the North Fulton Drama Club, in which my friend Elizabeth Fricke had a supporting part.

The performance occurred outdoors in the yard in front of (or behind, I’m not really sure) historic Barrington Hall in Roswell (just why it is historic, I haven’t a clue). I was excited (yet again) by the prospect of a night under the stars hearing finely crafted dialogue delivered by well rehearsed and talented actors. My wife and I unpacked our lawn chairs, popped a bottle of bubbly (Diet Coke in my case) and lit a citronella candle like a Bic Lighter at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert to prepare for the show! There was a very nice vibe in the air similar to a concert at Chastain.

The idea of outdoor Shakespeare is not a new one, but it is in Roswell! I heartily commend the North Fulton Drama Club for having the courage, logistical skills and weather control to pull this ambitious undertaking off. There was a lot of risk with this production, but for the most part, it succeeded!

While the casting was a little bit uneven (some actors were considerably stronger than others) overall the performances came across very well. There can be a tendency toward delivering Shakespearean dialogue as a “speech” instead of as conversation in some productions, but that was in little evidence here. The cast was talented and had strong commitment to their characters, which made the show even more accessible for those not completely comfortable with the works of ‘ole Willy.

The early sixties “Kennedy” era costuming motif was inspired. It was a very simple, yet effective way to translate the characters to a more modern audience. It also added a bit of taste and elegance to the event without making it pretentious.

The only negative to the evening for me was the challenge of hearing the actors. Outdoor acoustics do not aid vocal projection and when combined with the ambient noises of a 21st century world (sirens, cars, jets, killer car stereos…) some of the dialogue got lost. I realize that dialogue is not the most important element of a Shakespeare play but…

I hope some method of providing sound reinforcement for the actors voices in future productions can be employed (body mics or shotgun mics would definitely help). It would make a good experience an even better one! Job well done and keep up the good work folks! I look forward to your next production.
amazing amazing amazing
by feather
Friday, May 19, 2006
wow what a fabolous show. shakesepare outdoors in beutiful roswell. the acting is fantastic and the show is very funny. very well staged by the talented thomas strickland. forget those downtown amatures - come out to see the best shakespeare in town right here in roswell! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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