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The Underpants

a Comedy
by Steve Martin

COMPANY : Alliance Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Woodruff Art Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 1629

SHOWING : May 24, 2006 - June 18, 2006



America’s comic genius puts a whoopee cushion beneath our fascination with fame! When a humble hausfrau accidentally drops her drawers in front of the king, she is catapulted into instant celebrity status and must resist unsavory suitors trying to woo her away from her humdrum life. Trying to keep her jealous husband in the dark about her situation, she begins enjoying the attention of a dashing, young poet, with hilarious and unpredictable consequences – as only Steve Martin can conceive.

The Visitor David DeVries
US Versati Matt Hamner
Gertrude Deuter Lori Larsen
Klinglehoff Eddie Levi Lee
US Theo Maske Jason Meinhardt
US Cohen, Klinglehoff, Visitor Eric Mendenhall
US Louise/ Gertrude Abby Parker
Theo Maske Jeff Portell
Versati Ariel Shafir
Cohen Todd Weeks
Louise Maske Elizabeth Diane Wells
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Pure Drivel
by Dedalus
Thursday, June 15, 2006
In building a critical construct, it is often sometimes sorta kinda helpful to mentally interview the object of one’s construct. It is of utmost importance that one remains judgmental, as actual engagement may cause the sudden deconstruction of the pedastal upon which one has placed oneself.

Accordingly, I recently sat down with Steve Martin’s “The Underpants” for a brief chat.

ME (The Pseudocritic): So, I understand you spent some time in Philadelphia before coming to Atlanta. How would you compare the two cities?

UNDERPANTS (The Play): Atlanta has better Lingerie. Philadelphia has better Cheesesteak.

ME: So, what are we, your hapless viewers, supposed to take away from our brief encounter with you?

UP: There is more to humor than tasteful Lingerie puns.

ME: So, Are you funny?

UP: Technically, no. I understand the laughter at the Alliance isn’t due to anything I do, but, because the audience let their minds wander and simultaneously remember the same Lingerie pun. I find it ironic in a separate, but uplifting sense. Cross my heart!

ME: So, your creater, the estimable Mr. Martin, has a reputation of burying pseudo-seriously intellectual bon mots underneath strata of silly surface stutterings. Is that the case here?

UP: Your IQ is 131, isn’t it?*

ME: So, how would you describe the actors who toil within you?

UP: Ms. Berkes is sweet and funny and has terribly attractive undergarments. Mr. Portell is a walking acting-lesson in stuffed shirt pomposity and has terribly unattractive undergarments. Mr. Shafir is so far over the top that we can see his undergarments even when he’s fully clothed – and I consider that a good thing. Ms. Larsen is a wild and crazy lady whose undergarments I wish I could see. Mr. Lee and Mr. Weeks and Mr. De Vries provide fully formed, filled out and funny support, rather like a teddy suffed with soccer balls rather than casabas.

ME: So, what are your plans?

UP: After I finish my run here, I plan on hooking up with a very lovely Sex Farce friend of mine. We plan on vacationing in the more irony-free areas of Dusseldorf.

And with that, the play left, over too soon. I wanted to run, run after it through the night, even though it was day, for my joy was bursting out of me, like a sock filled with one too many bocce balls. Too late, I wept with remembered laughter, the tears making a track down my alabaster skin like the trail of a snail creeping across white china.**

-- Brad Rudy (

* Allusion Note: In his short story "How I joined Mensa," Steve Martin writes: "I worried that the 132 cutoff point [for Mensa members] might be arbitrary until I met someone with an IQ of 131, and honestly, he was a bit slow on the uptake." The Pseudocritic hasn't been IQ-tested since the Eisenhower administation and will not reveal the results of that test.

** With apologies to Steve Martin’s short story “Drivel.”

Ha! by TheaterReview
What would we do without you? by JasonMeinhardt
It certainly would've been a dull trip to the site if it weren't for this review. I have the honor of being a part of this production (even if rehearsal is the closest I get to performing it) and thank you for the entertaining and positive review. I was hoping someone would post one before the show ran its course.
what a clever and wonderful reveiw! by feather
now that's very funny and wity, dedalus!


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