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Smoke on the Mountain
a Musical Comedy

COMPANY : Medallion Performing Arts Center [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Cumming Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 1665

SHOWING : July 13, 2006 - August 20, 2006



Writer/Composer Quint Von Canon
Cast Alisa Kay Sloan
Cast Glen Sloan
Producer Alisa Kay Sloan
Producer Glen Sloan
Director Debbie Walker
Technical Director Ansley Segraves
Fiddle/Mandolin Tim Higgins
Mandolin/Guitar Jay Moore
Bass Mike Shelter
Burl Sanders Doug Allen
Vera Sanders Jen Carrozza
Dennis Sanders Jared B. Davis
Dennis Sanders Jared B. Davis
June Sanders Kelly Fletcher
Stanley Sanders David Payton
Maude/Myrtle Ronda Phillips
Rev. Mervin Oglethorpe Barry Piacente
Maude/Myrtle Cheryl Rogers
Maude/Myrtle Heather Rose
Denise Sanders Susanna Smith
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Smoke on the Mountain
by shfortman
Tuesday, August 8, 2006
Although my husband and I try to get out to the theater whenever we can, we have never been to a religious themed play before and all I can is, Wow, what a great religious experience! I did not realize how much fun a religious show could be. The audience participating as the parishioners was a wonderful concept. There were valuable lessons taught to all throughout the performance that each actor delivered beautifully. The musicians were amazing, the gospel hymns were wonderful and the actors extremely talented. The Aunt stole the show and was an absolute pleasure to watch. It was hard to watch what the other actors were doing sometimes because you couldn't take your eyes off her. Maude and Myrtle were hysterical and the son (twin) was also extremely funny. However, my hat is off to the Reverend and Mrs. Sanders. How they remembered all those scriptures, chapter, verse and all is just amazing. If only every Sunday morning service was this much fun! The only negatives were that the show was quite long and the lights were left on during the performance. I understand why (because the lights are on when you are in church), but sometimes I was distracted by the other audience members. Otherwise, a great experience!

grfeat music
by feather
Monday, August 7, 2006
wow this is a classy and fun show. musiclally it is the best ive seen outside atlanta. the theater is very nice and compfortable, in an old schoolhouse that is remodeled. now what about the show? very funny, verry touching, and very very good musically. most of all i liked june, plus i liked maude and myrtle. my big complant is the actors came off more like actors than like real people. they have good entgery but they are over the top. but because they sing so well and the music is so good it doesnt matter. wow the music is great here. very electrical and very entertaining. doesnt get better than this otuside atlanta. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
sorry by feather
i meant to type great music in my title. $%@# computer.
Smoke - You're Good for the Soul
by sbowron
Sunday, August 6, 2006
Sometimes, when reviewing a play, turn your back on the stage and look closely at the audience. Observing the audience may be key to how well the performance is going. Look for eyes forward and close listening to every word. See if the audience is straining to catch nuances on stage as if they are the first to notice something going on in the background. Look for a nudge between companions and a knowing glance that confirms a private moment ringing true on the stage. Watch hands patting in time to the music, fly up to the face in surprise, or clap wildly in delight. See toes keeping beat and legs outstretched to take in a good belly laugh. Notice the expressions on faces that smile, shake their heads in disbelief and even weep with laughter.

Lean in to catch a whispered observation between friends pointing at a character. Listen to comments of patrons taking a break during intermission. Watch them promptly return to their seats expectant for more of a magical time. Feel the electricity in the room as the audience’s energy reverberates back to the stage players in a volley of enthusiastic acceptance and grateful appreciation. Measuring the audience is art at its finest. If they have entered a world of wonder and openly express their reactions, the artists have achieved their goal.

The cast of Medallion Performing Arts' Smoke on the Mountain has achieved all these things. They started with a perfect performance and built exponentially to a superb performance. How do we know? Check with the box office for 26 consecutive sold-out performances and then stand at the door listening to the hysterical laughter. And while you’re out in the hallway, let the happiness of the music fly you away. Be sure to sing along, tap your feet and get lost in the moment.
Didn't you already review this? by Okely Dokely
I'm not meaning to bash or anything, I'm just very puzzled that you're submitting your second review of the same production. You're a good writer and I enjoy reading your stuff and all, but why review again? If you wanted to say more, you could have either edited your first review to include this extra bit or put a comment under your first review.

Just a little confused is all.
Second Look by sbowron
Dear Confused,

I did review this before - and I've seen this production a couple of times since then. During my last visit, I began to look at the impact the play was having on the audience and that was something I thought was worth writing. We can always say how wonderful the players are (and in Smoke they certainly are), but I was fascinated with the reaction and energy coming from the audience. That's why I didn't edit; there's two sides to every story - the players and the audience.

The Best "Smoke" EVER!
by DHolmes
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I have seen 3 other productions of Smoke On The Mountain, and this one done by Medallion at the Cumming Playhouse is by far the best!

From the minute Rev. Oglethorpe (Barry Piacente) nervously opens his office door, to the foot-stomping, roof-raising "I'll Fly Away-When The Roll Is Called Up Yander-I Saw The Light Medley"; you'll be captured in an always-hilarious, often touching time-warp...

It's 1938 in the North Carolina mountains. You're at the first Saturday night sing at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. The nervous new pastor (Piacente, who deftly blends Don Knotts' nervousness and Andy Griffith's homespun confidence) is trying hard to balance pleasing the old guard (and money) Maude & Myrtle, and the need for "progress... into the modern world" by bringing in the unpredictable Sanders Family.

The Singing Sanders Family is doing their first concert after a 5-year hiatus.
You have:
-Burl, the dad who barely has control over the group and often doesn't(warmly and firmly played by Doug Allen);
-Vera, the scripture-spouting, firm-handed mom who has something to add to everything (played with power and grace by Jen Corrozza)
-June, the unmarried aunt whose hilarious (made up)"sign language" during the songs literally steals the show (brilliantly played by Kellie Fletcher)
-Stanley, the worldly-wise black sheep who has spent part of his 5 years off in the pokey, apparently they had no anger management programs back then. His irritation with the Reverend builds to a hilarious climax. (tenderly and believably done by David "Cotton" Payton)
-Dennis, one of the twins "the boy" whose painful shyness is confronted by his desire to be a preacher (convincingly and deftly done by Jared Davis)
-Denise, the starry-eyed twin sister, whose desire to be a "star" proves a believable mix of innocence and flirtation are a stark contrast with her twin brother (effortlessly portrayed by Susanna Smith)

Mix in the two spinsters, Maude & Myrtle (Heather Rose, Cheryl Rogers & Ronda Phillips)and it proves to be a rousing non-stop singing, laughing, dancing (gasp!) and even tear jerking production that keeps you wondering where to look!

The vocal abilities and musicianship of the actors was stunning! Add in 3 bluegrass virtuoso "cousins" on fiddle bass and mandolin (who also do their parts surprisingly well as actors) and you have a rip-roaring bluegrass-gospel fest to beat the band!

This production the best thing I have ever seen this side of Broadway! BRAVO! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A Great show + great director and actors+WORK= Great Show! by GAactor
Yes the show is a definate hit! I would recommend coming to see it two times b/c so much goes on on stage. Neways, this show wouldn't be a success without the talented director Debbie Walker. I have had the privilage of working with her in two different shows. She did such a fine job with both of those shows that I must say she has the "Midas Touch" on every theatrical production she does.Some of the actors that are in the show she has had the privelage to have already worked with them on other shows. I must say that every one of thease actors is TALENTED. But I must say if you think that Doug Allaen and Kelly Fletcher are great in this show, just wait till you see them in THe Lion, the Whitch and the Wardrobe. It is a show that will be done this Christmas at Dunwoody Baptist Church. I must say that last years production was FABULOUS even though they had a small cast b/c of the small stage space that they had. Allen plays Aslan, and Fletcher playsthe White Witch Jadis. THease two are wonderfull in these roles. (P.S. This production is also done by Debbie Walker.) Allen was also in the show I was in called Bradway Showcase 2006 where he did an ASTONISHING JOB as the Phantom of the Opera. When I first saw the vingette in rehersals, I almost cried. EVERYONE IN THE CAST AGREED that he DEFINATLEY needs to go to Broadway and play the Phantom somehow. Ok i am getting way off track now. I think that the show has had such a success is b/c of what the actors did to get to know the characters theyportray. THey (and the director) put a lot of work into making their characters as believable as possible. I have seen this show three times +some of the rehearsels (I am the son of Barry), and I still get a laugh out of the show! It definatley is a five star quality one!
Sorry typo (Oops!) by GaActor1
Hey I am the same person that did that review from yesterday. I kinda got that church's name wrong. Their name actually is Dunwoody Community Church.
Smoke On The Mountain
by sbowron
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Medallion Performing Arts Center presents the ever popular sell-out production Smoke On The Mountain at The Cumming Playhouse. This all professional cast acts, plays and sings their way through one of the most comical triangles a small country church can handle. Barry Piacente is the nervous, ingratiating Reverend Olgethorpe, pastor of Mount Pleasant church. As he tries to placate Miss Maude and Miss Myrtle, the resident church ladies, the Sanders Family comes in like a whirlwind pickin' and singin' their gospel truths. Jen Carrozza is the formidable matriarch of the Sanders clan in personality and voice. Kelly Fletcher, as June Sanders, explains, “I don’t sing, I sign,” with a spin of her white-gloved hands and a sashay in her hips. The sweet flirtatiousness of not-so-innocent ingénue Susanna Joy Smith as Denise Sanders resounds perfectly against her clumsy, dull twin brother Dennis played by Jared Davis.

The music is as much a cast member as any of the actors. With solid favorites like The Church in the Wildwood, I’ll Fly Away and Rock of Ages, you wonder whether you went to Sunday School at all when twins Dennis and Denise climb up and ride the piano singing Christian Cowboy. Ex-con, Stanley Sanders (David “Cotton” Payton) pours his reluctantly repentant heart out singing Meet Mother in the Skies and Everyone Home But Me.

Smoke strikes familiar musical and experiential chords in all of us. The cast are so comfortable in their roles and are such unique blended musicians; it is hard to believe they have only worked together during this one production. Medallion Performing Arts Center has a crowning achievement in Smoke on the Mountain. Don’t miss this hilarious, fun-filled, knee-slapping and toe-tapping production. Y’all come now – your pew’s awaitin’.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord . . . Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. – Vera Sanders (Psalms 100).
Smoke on the Mountain
by L.Fletcher
Monday, July 17, 2006
FANTASTIC! This show is a must-see - some of the most talented actors in Atlanta! Brilliantly directed. Fun for the entire family! This show should go on the road or open on Broadway! Not a weak-link in the bunch! You will want to see it again and again! LOVED IT! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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