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a Musical
by Rodgers and Hammerstein

COMPANY : The Twilight Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater [WEBSITE]
ID# 1683

SHOWING : October 06, 2006 - October 14, 2006



Director Beth Nicholson
Aunt Eller Kathy Anderson
Laurey Alison Chambers
Ike Skidmore Richard Cordobes
Virginia Alex Docalavich
Jud Fry Chuck Ekstedt
Mike Chuck Fister
Ellen Kelli Hall
Cord Elam Russ Harlow
Vivian Hannah Herndon
Will Parker Robbie Kirkland
Fred Eric Lindsey
Sylvia Jeannine Massengale
Ali Hakim Michael Morgan
Kate Ginny Nicholson
Joe Michael Reep
Armina Pauli Reep
Ado Annie Emma Stitt
Andrew Carnes Evan Stitt
Ado Annie Emma Stitt
Curly Rob Sylvester
Gertie Cummins Caitlin Wade
Slim Brain Walsh
Aggie Alicia Yates
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Very Good Show
by bact615
Saturday, December 2, 2006
I will Start by saying that this show had amazing voices, and everyone could sing very well!

This show started out very well, enough, I got there alone and met up with one my friends from my theatre, and we sat down to watch. The show started out with Curly standing in the audience literally feet from me, and I thought this was very cool to get the actors in the audience. Curly had an amazing voice, but I feel like that's what he was casted on. Not his acting ability. Now, I'm not saying that it was absolutely terrible I just feel it could have been better.

On Laurie's entrance, I found out from someone that she was taking medication, so she was not entirely on that night, but she was very good considering the circumstances. She had a beautiful voice, and acted decently enough.

Aunt Eller impressed me very much. She was very talented. Could sing, act, and just blew me away.

On Will Parker's entrance, I felt that he could sing decenlty, but the part was a tad out of his range. A little to high, and I also found that he rushed, and sounded kind of dumb, but he held the part well enough, and I actually found myself humming "Everything's Up To Date in Kansas City" when I left.

Ado Annie. She was very good, and had an amazing voice. VOICE OF AN ANGEL. But I've the seen the part overacted so many times, that I felt she was very subdued as an actress in the part. After the show I had the privelege of meeting Allison Chambers (Laurie). And after getting to know her feel that Anni and Laurie should have swapped parts for a better acting.

Ali Hakim. Stole the Show. Had an amazing accent, and he still had impecible enunciation, and you could understand every single word that left his mouth. I also felt that when Ali Hakim was on stage he stole the spot-light and got Ms. Stitt (Annie) out of her shell some, and she just got kind of blossomed a little more, and the Persian Good-bye was hilarious. No actor could've done better.

Jud Fry, very intense man, and acted out the part very well. He was very scary when he needed to be especially in the scene where him and Laurie have their little fight. I later learned that Laurie really did slap him across the face, and that it was not fake, but he bruised her arms anyways.

Gertie Cummings, Ms. Caitlin Wade was quite hilarious in her portrayal of Gertie. Her laugh was very clear, and you understood everysingle word that came out of her mouth as well, no one could've done it like her. FYI Go see Ms. Wade in May/June as Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors".

Male Ensemble - The entire Ensembel could sing, but I found myself not like the heavy-set younger man who made weird faces. I believe it was Brian Walsh. His casting needs to be more concise, and he needs character roles not ensemble roles.

Female Ensemble - Very good ensemble, but a little too quiet.

All in all I liked this show, though. But I really wish they had used a live orchestra instead of just piano.

But in a lighter aspect, the set was amazing. All scene changes were very quick except one took a little long for my liking, but then after seeing the set after that change I got over it. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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