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Alice: An Adaptation of Wonderland
a Stage Premiere
by Lewis Carroll

COMPANY : North Spings High School Drama Department
VENUE : North Springs High School Auditorium [WEBSITE]
ID# 1757

SHOWING : October 05, 2006 - October 14, 2006



The more you know about the Lewis Carroll classics "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass," the more you'll appreciate the North Spring High School Performing Arts Department's striking and eccentric presentation of Alice: An Adaptation of Wonderland. This is no Disneyfied, candy-colored world of funny animal characters. Instead, director Brian Kimmel paints a dark, unsettling and surreally incomprehensible world of grownups, with all their melancholic slavery to literalness and language and convention.

Oct 5 - 7pm
Oct 6 - 7pm
Oct 7 - 2pm and 7pm
Oct 8 - 2pm and 7pm
Oct 12 - 7pm
Oct 13 - 7pm
Oct 14 - 2pm and 7pm

Tickets: $5 Students, $8 Adults

Director Brian Kimmel
Technical Director Marty Aikens
Assistant Director Sarah Jones
Stage Manager Sarah May
Assistant Director David Olson
Asst. Stage Manager Lizzie Speaker
Props Manager Kelly Dye
Floor Crew Manager Andrew Gude
Costume Manager Shannon Kennedy
House & Box Office Mgr Meredith Kinsler
Sound Board Operator Emma Lipsitt
Asst. Costume Manager Aleisha McDowell
Light Board Operator Cody Richardson
Costumer Karen Rooker
Floor Crew Manager Zach Tittel
Costumer Rachel Wright
Asst. Props Manager Sam Anderson
Asst. Light Board Operator Alyssa Bernstein
Asst. Sound Board Operator Ryan Brown
Asst. House & Box Office Mgr Danielle Korman
Asst. Floor Crew Manager Xavier Lampkin
Asst. Sound Board Operator Mars Mescudi
White Rabbit Damon Bellmon
tweedledee Adam Benz
Alice Rebecca Bruder
dumpty Christian Conroy
ensemble Mackenzie Devlin
The executioner Justin Dykes
tHE kING Max Fine
Queen of Hearts Emily Gardner
White Queen Melissa Goodfellow
Even Whiter Queen Melissa Michele Goodfellow
Caterpillar Olivia Harlow
March Hare Stacia Hitt
ensemble Chris Humphrey
Mad Hatter Nils Jansson
The doormouse Paige Johnson
Knave Miriam Huie Jolly
humpty Greg Kamp
Duchess Mary Claire Klooster
Duchess Heidi Kloster
ensemble Nikki Leszczynski
The cook Cara Lewin
The mock turtle Noah Miller
ensemble Maureen O'Sullivan
The frog footman Melanie Oppenheimer
Gryphon Kate Pritchard
ensemble Lauren Profis
ensemble Ren Robinson
tweedledum Michael Rowland
ensemble Hannah Salberg
Cheshire Cat Eryka Sandridge
ensemble Rebecca Selwyn
Floor Crew John Bringmann
House & Box Office Crew Elizabeth Douglas
Floor Crew Leeron Ofer
House & Box Office Crew Claire Porter
Floor Crew Francisco Santamaria
Floor Crew Francisco Santamarina
House & Box Office Crew Bryan Smith
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by Deep Goat
Friday, November 10, 2006
You would think that North springs would have amore experienced cast for their show but the cast was largely comprised of underclassmen. They really weakened the show. Greg Kamp isn't a real actor, just a fruity dancer. The rest of the cast was pretty good, but it could have been better cast. I mean, Rebecca Bruder doesn't even have blonde hair for the role of Alice. The production was good though, because it seemed as though cast actually cared about the quality of the show, unlike in Ragtime. I must say that the emo techies need to step it up because they're kind of slacking off. They're probably too busy cutting their wrists backstage so they lose focus during performances. I definitely recommend that people attend shows at this wonderful theatre. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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