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Titanic: A New Musical
a Musical
by Maury Yeston and Peter Stone

COMPANY : Stage Two Productions
VENUE : Kingswood United Methodist [WEBSITE]
ID# 1770

SHOWING : October 12, 2006 - October 22, 2006



Maury Yeston and Peter Stone's dramatic musical about the greatest tragedy ever to occur on the open sea.

Musical Director Dennis Lewallen
Director Bill Mahlandt
Set construction Bryan Blackmon
Etches Charlie Miller
Isador Strauss Ben Bailey
John B. Thayer Bryan Blackmon
Jack Thayer Greer Blackmon
Ruth Thayer Avery Blackmon
Dorothy Sage Nancy Blackmon
Mme. Aubert Lee Carp
3rd Officer Lightoller Marcus Cox
Harold Bride Mike Cuellar
Kate McGowan Katie Ferrell
Charles Clarke Ryan Flanders
Kate Mullins Heather M Furlong
Marion Thayer Marie Gant
Mary Thayer Erin Gant
Bruce J. Ismay Rob Hardie
Alice Beane Stephanie Harp
Edgar Beane Parke Kallenberg
Captain Edward J. Smith Dennis Lewallen
Quartermaster Hitchens Tim Link
1st Class Steward Jennifer Loudermilk
Thomas Andrews Bill Mahlandt
David Barton Andrew McKeown
Frederick Fleet Brian Meyer
Frederick Barrett Nicholas Morrett
Caroline Neville Amanda Leigh Pickard
Mrs. Robinson Katie Rouse
Jim Farrell Alan Thiemann
Kate Murphy Lisa M. Williams
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This production does NOT sink!!!
by woahfred
Sunday, October 15, 2006
STAGE II’s production of TITANIC has both high and low points to consider. Before I discuss my opinion of the show, let me say that TITANIC is a huge undertaking for any community theatre. The score is epic and hard to sing. It’s also a very hard show to stage. So taking all of these factors into consideration, I think STAGE II did a very admirable job with their production.

The entire opening sequence was staged well. As the passengers walked down the aisle towards the stage they would stop and look up over the house at the “ship.” I chuckled to myself as I recalled the FORBIDDEN BROADWAY of the show and how they sang “ship of air.” Really, how else could this be staged? Once everyone was on stage and began singing, the house was filled with a huge choral sound. Granted, there were nearly 60 people in this production, so if it hadn’t sounded so good, I would’ve been very surprised.

The set and costumes were very nice and worked well for all of the characters. It was very easy to tell the difference between the classes of passengers. The only technical element that I felt was VERY lacking was the lighting. It was pretty bad and there were MANY dark spots all over the stage. The cues were slow to be picked up and the follow spots could use some work. Now, I do realize that this company is just starting out and lighting is expensive, so for this, I was easily able to forgive them.

Now, how were the performances you may ask? There were several stand-outs in this show. Most notably, Nicholas Morett as “Barrett” really blew me away vocally. He had by far the best singing voice of any of the cast and knew how to deliver a song without being “too much.” Believe me, there was A LOT of “amateurish musical theatre mugging” by many in the cast throughout the show. It often, but not always, came from the younger cast members, so I was also able to look past this element and enjoy the show. It was really unfortunate that Morett had to sing his duet of “The Proposal/The Night was Alive” with such a terrible singer. Michael Cuellar as “Harold Bride” was wretched. He sang off pitch throughout the entire song. His acting was also below expectations for such a considerable part. He delivered his lines SO fast I couldn’t understand a word of what he said.

Other stand out performances go to Charlie Miller as “Etches,” William Mahlandt as “Andrews,” Rob Hardie as “Ismay,” Dennis Lewallen as “Captain Smith,” and Stephanie Harp as “Alice Beane.” I felt they all portrayed their characters exquisitely and were a joy to watch throughout the show.

Charlie Miller as “Etches” really shined during “Dressed in your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon.” He was totally on the verge of freaking out, and it was really almost quite humorous. Hardie, Mahlandt and Lewallen impressed me vocally during the song “The Blame.” It’s a hard song to sing and they pulled it off marvelously. The only complaint I had about this song was the staging. This should be one of the most tense moments in the show and it was SO boring to watch. They stood in a straight line and delivered the song straight out to the audience. This was definitely a wrong directing choice.

The other number in the show which is one of my favorites that disappointed me a little was “Lady’s Maid.” This number was FAR too overdone. There shouldn’t be a thousand people on stage for this number. I think it works better with just a few. The cast was also directed to move their arms unnecessarily on several words at the end of the number. It was too much and very distracting. I should also mention that the main soloist in this number, "Kate McGowan" played by Katie Ferrell, did a wonderful job with her acting and dialect. It was fabulous. Her singing voice left a little to be desired however.

The BEST staged number in the show was “We’ll Meet Tomorrow.” This is by far the most emotional song in the score and it nearly brought a tear to my eye. It was amazing. The moment I nearly lost it was when Ryan Flanders as “Charles Clarke” sang to his fiancée “Caroline Neville” played by Amanda Pickard from the deck while she was in the lifeboat. They emoted the shit out of this section, and really captured what the song was all about. It was VERY moving.

Overrall, Stage II’s production of TITANIC was a good show and was very entertaining. They only have one more weekend of performances, so be sure to check it out. Bravo on a job well done.


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