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Steel Magnolias

a Comedy/Drama
by Robert Harling

COMPANY : Big Top Productions
VENUE : The Dozier Centre for the Performing Arts [WEBSITE]
ID# 2200

SHOWING : March 09, 2007 - April 01, 2007



How can you live in the South and not love this show? We all know Truvy’s beauty salon, where everybody who is anybody comes to have their hair done. This wonderful script is one of the few that will have you literally laughing and crying at the same time, for, as Truvy says, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

Director Robert Hadaway
Lighting Design Gerard Foret
Prop Design Jeri Hadaway
Stage Manager Gloria Mann
Sound Design David Short
Ouiser Eloise Maxey Cunningham
Annelle Eileen M Fulford
M'Lynn Kathy Kuczka
Truvy Anna Lichtenwalner
Clairee Michelle Vollmer
Shelby Christina Lowry Waldrep
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Mixed emotions
by Parrott65
Friday, March 30, 2007
Well, I went to see this show last night. I must say that I was blown away the second I walked in the door at the Dozier Center. I recently went to see the new Legacy Theatre in Tyrone and was deeply impressed with that facility and how much private funded money went into it. However, I am now in awe with, what I feel, is the nicest place that any community theater group has ever been in as far as I can remember or have seen thus far, especially on the north end of town. Have you taken the time to go see this, one time, show?? If you haven't, then you have seriously missed out on a perfect example of what a blackbox theatre SHOULD look and feel like. I had no idea that a blackbox could be this nice. Let's start with the seats. How many of you would say that you won't go see a show at some places because of a little thing like lacking arm rests?? I know I would say that. I would also say that there is another thing called a cushion that actually hugs your posterior that makes all the worthwhile. Now, keep in mind. We were in the blackbox theatre, not the main theatre. I was given a tour of the main theatre and GOOD GOD IT WAS AWESOME. It had roughly 300-400 seats, with some in a balcony, an enclosed state of the art sound/lighting booth. However, we're not talking about the main theatre. We're talking about the little blackbox theatre. OK, so let's talk about it. This blackbox theatre had a FOR REAL enclosed state of the art sound/lighting booth, seats that were some of the most comfortable I've ever sat in, beautiful hardwood floors, a walkaround rafter that is used to secure lighting, acoustic tile, and just a completely amazing feeling when you walked in. It was clean!!! It smelled nice!!! All theatre groups should take some time to see this place, because it would give you an example of what you can accomplish with a blackbox theatre. It isn't all about good directing and acting. It's about atmosphere that brings in the patrons and keeps them coming back. Give them some comfortable seats WITH ARM RESTS, a clean facility, excellent lighting and sound, and all of the other things will fall into place. Trust me on this. If those things are there and their patronage is greatly increased due to good marketing and comfort, the good directing and good actors will flock to that place in droves. It's the nature of the business. I am very saddened to see this place close its doors. I would've certainly made it one of my top choices for auditioning at, because it would've felt worth the time to put 3 months into. Oh well, enough about the facility.

The show was great!!! The set design was nice, not as detailed as I would've preferred, but very nice. I can't say enough about the lighting and sound. It was perfect. The costumes were great, especially Truvy's. The acting and directing? Great job. Truvy and Weezer were my favs of the show, because when they spoke, you knew it and actually looked forward to hearing from them again. I became very warmed up to M'Lynn in the 2nd half. She sure grabbed me at the end of the show. I heard a couple of "flubbed up" lines from the cast, but thought they recovered well. I did take some issue with a couple of individuals having a problem of looking out into the audience on occasion. I'm not talking about staring out into "oblivion" or playing TO the audience, which are both acceptable forms of "audience viewing". I've been in this business long enough to know the difference. I'm talking about the kind of looking out into the audience to see who's out there for the night in hopes that "Frank" made it out. That, to me, bugs the hell out of me. Yet, I forgave that very quickly, because I must say that this is the first performance of Steel Magnolias that this man could stomach to the very end. This is clearly a show for women, but it was heartening for the first time, out of the three other times I've seen it. They even had some tears welling up in my eyes at the end, so that's a great plus. Good job ladies!!!

Well, I've spoken long enough on this, but just wanted to convey that I was pleased with the show, VERY impressed with the theatre, and saddened all at the same time due to the show content and the fact that the theatre is closing its doors. Please Big Top, don't go back to what you had before. Keep the standard up there and buy those seats from Dozier since they won't use them any longer!!!



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