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Fiddler on the Roof
a Musical
by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock

COMPANY : Towne Lake Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Towne Lake Arts Center (TLAC) [WEBSITE]
ID# 2228

SHOWING : May 18, 2007 - June 03, 2007



Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock's look at the life of Tevye the dairyman and his family, as well as several of the townspeople in the small Russian village of Anatevka.

A moving look at the challenges of maintaining the old traditions even as life marches into the future.

Director Gay Grooms
Director/Choreographer Nicholas Morrett
Lazar Wolf (Sunrise)/Rabbi (Sunset) Roy Barbier
Hodel (Sunrise) Mary Raines Battle
Sasha the Russian (Sunrise Cast)/Motel t Andrew Berardi
Reb Nachum the Beggar Brian Busi
Golde (Sunset) Taryn Chidebelu-Eze
Fyedka Mike Cuellar
Hodel (Sunset) Erin Fielding
Mendel David Goering
Perchik (Sunset) Scott Graham
Avram Elliot Grenier
Motel (Sunrise) Ali Gutierrez
Rabbi (Sunrise Cast)/Lazar Wolf (Sunset Mike Jenks
Chava (Sunset) Cortney Lopez
Tzeitel (Sunrise) Jillian Melko
Tevye (Sunset) Tom Milley
Perchik (Sunrise)/Nicholas (Sunset) Weston Mosher
Tevye (Sunrise) Mark Pirman
Grandma Tzeitel Emily Robinson
Tzeitel (Sunset) Kelly Rogers
Golde (Sunrise) Jamie Schuyler
Yente (Sunset) Ginny Slifcak
Chava (Sunrise) Kristin Storla
Fyedka (Sunrise) Chris Watson
Constable Daniel Whitney
Fruma-Sarah Rebekah Wilkerson
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by dramamajor
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I came to see the sunset cast last weekend, and found the singing and acting to be VERY mediocre. I was a little suprised at the casting of this show the only decent singers were Tevye and Motel. The 3 older daughters were all on pitch but the tones of their voices were like fingernails on a chalkboard, also, the couples looked ridiculous together.The woman who played Golde had ZERO personality, she could have tried an accent or something. It didnt seem like she tried to become the character, it was bizzare.

One positive, the sets were nice and so was the costuming, very period. The score wasnt half bad either, and i liked the costumed musicians. VERY nice touch.

I can def. give a round of applause to the man who played Tevye-he rose above and BEYOND his mediocre castmates and COMPLETELY captured his character. I was VERY impressed by his acting and singing abilities(bravo. I also liked Motel, though his choreography didnt quite seem to fit( a little too much "jazzhands")he had a good voice and gave it his all. The girl who played Tzeitel was very bland and not memorable.

I think the people who were in this show that want to do theatre as a career-please do something else.
This was a poor excuse for a show if i've ever seen one (which i have) [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Very entertaining considering........
by Mystereeviewer
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I'm not normally one to leave reviews but thought these guys deserved a little more credit than some of the other reviews left on here. I saw the sunrise cast and thought they did excellent. Maybe that's because my expectations of going into these things isn't what I would have going to see a major production somewhere or a Broadway show. These are community actors, most of whom are kids and college kids trying to make a name for themselves anywhere they can and get experience. I'm sure these kind of small community theaters are where many kids discover a love for acting and singing. I don't come to these expecting some New York production but I do expect to be entertained and these actors did just that. I'm sure they all have school and work schedules to work around as they are not paid for this from what I hear, so I'm sure they do the best they can with the time they have. Also, it seems space is an issue, obviously the stage was way too crowded, but with all the revenue they should be bringing in with the double casting(which I hate, but I know they need the extra income) they should hopefully move to a bigger venue at a better location soon. I think that will make the experience more enjoyable and bring in more actors. As for the acting itself I think the entire cast did great. Remember people.. these are not paid professonal actors, just regualr people pursuing their passions and some pursuing a possible career. I think Tevye.. hold on let me scroll down and find his name....... Mark did an awesome job. He was very believable and had a great voice. The lady who played his wife.... Jamie I think... did great as well; how ever she needed to attempt the accent somewhat. She sounded like a New Yorker to me, nice voice though. As for the 3 oldest daughters, um...... the girl that played Tzeitel... Jillian Melko did an excellent job. She has a great broadway voice(one of the few there with an actual voice I could see on broadway.. she has the projection), the acting is almost there, but I see potential in her. I especially liked her part in Matchmaker, she did that perfectly and I was very entertained. As for the other sisters umm.. Hodel and Chava I think they did well also. Hodel played by.... Mary Battle has a very nice voice, not sure if it's a broadway voice, as I didn't get to hear her project her voice at all, it seems more sweet than the loud voice you need for broadway, but none the less she has a great voice that she can do many things with if she chooses. The other sister, played by Kristin Storla did well too, nice voice, not quite as nice as Mary or Jillian but she still has a nice voice and I enjoyed her role in the play. I feel the same about her though as Mary, not quite a broadway voice but will do for plays and solos and such. As for the other characters I think they all did wonderful... Weston Mosher (Perchik) and Chris Watson(Fyedika) did well also. One thing I didn't like was the matching of the couples. I know it would seem... I guess cliche to have the perfect looking couples but some of the matches were ridiculous, they didn't look right at all and it was awkward. I'm not saying anything against the actors at all, but putting certain matches together looked... all I can say is ridiculous and not realistic. However, I do understand they had to becuase they had to use the tallent that they had and male actors are hard to find in community theaters. It just took a little away from me cause I kept thinking wow... they look really uncomfortable (to me) and weird together. But that just may be my opinion. Overall for this just being a small community theater and and huge famous production I think they served the purpose to entertain and put on a good performance. Kudos to the cast and crew I was amused and entertained and that's all I ask for! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Great Review by jillianmelko
Thanks for noticing all the hard work and effort we put into the production. I and the rest of the cast really appreciate the useful review. I'm glad you realize that this is community theatre and NOT a Broadway show, like the other reviewers were expecting apparently. I appreciate your honesty and realistic mind set. Thanks!
I second that! by rifttraveler
I'm in the show, albeit not in that cast. Probably the most memorable thing I did is the opening part of the "To Life" dance. I was the Russian dancing with Tevye.

ANYWAY. Yes, thank you for a review that is actually a review (and not just random insulting of the theater). One thing I might point out is that the show was double cast not because of the income issue.

The show would have sold out every weekend regardless of whether or not it was double cast. It was D-C'ed because, as you said, people do have lives. We don't get paid for our performance. We do it because we love acting. So, we all have jobs outside the theater, which, of course, takes up the majority of our time. As a result, sometimes, we come in to do the show already tired from a long day/night of work. This is a three hour show, and doing four shows a weekend on top of working full time can be quite the drain. Then the cast would have no energy, and then the show really would be no good.

Secondly, TLAC is a nonprofit organization, which, by definition, means they aren't getting any money for themselves. So, income really had nothing to do with the decision to double cast.

Anyway, once again, thank you for the kind words. We of the cast do appreciate it.

rift by mooniemcmoonster
I did this show last fall and ran it for three weeks, thursdays through sundays. We didn't double-cast the show and none of us died from exhaustion. It can be done. And it was community theatre as well and we had about 40-50 people in the cast (lots of kids too). To say that a show is double-cast to prevent burnout or exhaustion seems a bit of a cop-out. Maybe that's just me.
It is a cop out by BeccaKing
Why does community theatre have to have some level of degradation? Why do we have to accept that a show isn't up to standards and have the theater actually think we are going to buy a ticket to see it? Moonie was right, double casting is a cop out. It's a way for the theatre to bring in more cast members so their families will buy tickets to see the show. More kids = More money. If you think that double casting a show and doubling the performances isn't a way for them to make money, you're sadly mistaken.
Double Casting & College Kids by Molly
My last comment concerning double casting got deleted because, I guess, I dared to also include my
opinion how another previous production was unbelievable because of the appearance of the actors. So, I will restate me opinion of double casting once again in agreement with becca and moonie.

I have seen too many casts lose unity because of competitions that develop between casts or those playing the same character. Its bad for the audience who has to figure out who is who on a particular night. Or if you know people in each cast, you have to choose who you will see, or you'll have to go see it twice. Although I do believe that it is often a question of money, I also believe that if a theatre is more concerned with the integrity of a project they will single cast with understudies, and the payoff will be in the reputation of the theatre in the long run. I've also seen times when double casting was done so that someone's feeling don't get hurt because they weren't the best choice, so let's have two. Reality Check! This is theatre and it is competitive by nature, and sometimes you'll get the part and sometimes you won't, and the sooner you learn that, the better.

Also, in the review there was mention that we have to remember that these are kids and college kids. OK, the kids I'll give you, but hopefully these "college kids" doing this type of theatre are not theatre majors, or I would be greatly questioning the level of the program in which that student is in. Most reputable college programs that are worth your time and money will have their students doing their own ample number of productions, and in the summer months, they encourage and help the students get summer stock productions, internships, apprenticeships, or college/professional level training programs. If you are a theatre student and are doing low level community theatre productions, church shows, camp shows, etc. I think you better question your program. I was recently at a production at an out of state college who had their bulletin boards full of opportunities for college students for the summer months. I know that there is at least one in-state school that I will not mention (for fear that I hurt someone's feelings and get my post deleted) who cranks out dozens of theatre students a year with very few performance opportunities for them. You don't have to audition to get in so they end up with both the talented and the not so much so. I have to question whether a program like this is worth the money and time. We all know some extremely talented people who don't have degrees that are working professionally in New York and regionally. Is a program that doesn't give you the opportunities to advance your craft worth it? What are you accomplishing if you if you resort to mediocre community theatre as a theatre major?

Both of these subjects might be better served being moved to the "forum" page as I would be very much interested in the thoughts of some of the well-experienced actors who frequent this page.
Fiddler Review from a Musical Theater Actor's Perspective
by TheaterLover21
Monday, June 4, 2007
I saw Fiddler on the Roof at the towne lake arts center. I also saw the production on Broadway a few years ago. I think it's foolish to say that shows at TLAC are better than shows on broadway. They are not. People that don't know theater say that.


The shows at TLAC have a lot of heart. People are their giving of their own time away from jobs as a hobby. That should be kept in mind when seeing a community theater production.

Tom Milley did a fantastic job as Tevye. Andrew Berarti sang very well as Motel. I thought that most of the men in the show outshone the women. Very impressed. Because usually...the men are scarce and not so good in community theater productions.

Not to say that the girls did poorly. Pretty harmonies, which show musical direction and the ability to read their music. Cute characters mostly. Blind casting, which is always refreshing to see.

I thought that Mike Cueller seemed a bit old to be pursuing Courtney Lopez, and it made me uncomfortable, but maybe that's normal in Jewish culture? The whole point of Lazer Wolf being old was just kind of ignored when Fyedka was so much older than Chava.

The dancing was fun, and hands down my favorite scene was "To Life". Tevye shone in that piece. Fantastic.

I understand the double casting because the theater does need to pull in audiences. I think it would be silly to say that it is because the show is so long and actor's can't handle it. Tell that to professional actors on Broadway who do twelve shows a week! But, it's totally understandable for TLAC, and I didn't have a problem with it.

The production was nice. There were great moments in it. It was definately worth the ticket price. I enjoyed it very much.

12 shows a week? by Okely Dokely
Since when do actors on Broadway do 12 shows a week? I've only ever heard of 9 a week at the most. Was the number you gave just an estimate or an intentional hyperbole?
I've added some gray hair over this one
by BeccaKing
Sunday, June 3, 2007
First of all, I went to see this show because a couple of people are in it I know. I told one of them that if they wanted me to come out they needed to be prepared for the comments I would make. They've heard my opinions before and they're not always nice, but they are fair. This will be my first posted review on here, but not sure if it should be posted for what's coming. I know this is a review of the show, but let me start by giving you my whole experience from the beginning. I go to their website to find tickets and when the page opens, this guy starts talking, "There is a place...". It was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Get that off of your website Towne Lake!! It annoys more than it markets. It just reaffirms to me that Towne Lake Players is nothing more than a haven for kiddies. They try to acquire as many children to that theatre as possible, because it's obvious they are more interested in money than quality. If you're a grown woman, or man, and you have any experience as an actor, you would never perform at this location. Their shows are mediocre at best and you feel like you're watching an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. The scenic designs? Pure crap. Their costumes are a mixture of old day jewish style along with hip hop. The lights were completely boring and unorginal. Don't get me going on the music. I can't rip on the actors though. They gave it their best, given the horrid directing they were provided. Gay Grooms needs to step aside and let an experienced director deal with shows of this stature and stick to the kiddie shows that she's good at. She does need to quit taking existing shows and changing one or two scenes just so she can have her name on the cover and claim she's a writer, but that's another review for another day. Be original for crying out loud! Tevye was excellent and rose above the pile of cow dung that was produced. He gave it his best and he was good. The remaining actors were trying very hard and it's obvious they have some talent there, but they just needed the direction to get them to their destination. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Someone at that theatre decided to cop out and double cast the show so they can bring in more money. If you want an understudy, that's one thing, but they decided to double cast because they probably thought they could retire off the performances. Well, I really hope they do retire, because we can't handle this kind of quality much longer or those hard working performers in that show will move on to other things and give this wonderful theatre life a warranted adios. I went to their lost and found department and tried to recover my time but they couldn't find it. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]

by who'sthat
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I got to see the Sunset cast of this show. Tevye was absolutely fabulous!! I had trouble with the lack of character in Golde. This is my biggest hangup with community theatre, study your character, become your character! She could have at least tried an accent. I also do not understand these small venues trying to do these big productions. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I don't completely understand... by rifttraveler
What about the show did you not like? You mentioned Golde's performance, but surely that alone is not enough to drop three points off of the rating. What else did you not like about the performance?

by who'sthat
I actually forgot to finish this reveiw. I think it was hard for the rest of the cast to rise to the Tevye bar. He was far better than the rest of the cast. I would like to see directors try to match talent in community theatre. The music was surprisingly good. I actually don't like to give a number score to a show. That means nothing to me. Sorry for the miss typed rating.
by TheaterReview

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