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The Wizard of Oz
a Musical

COMPANY : Blackwell Playhouse
VENUE : Blackwell Playhouse
ID# 2304

SHOWING : June 15, 2007 - June 30, 2007



Writer/Composer Frank Baum
Cast John Christian
Executive Producer and Artistic Director John Christian
Director Dean Balkwill
Assistant Director Karen Dedier
Stage Manager Chelsea Lincoln
Aunt Em/Glinda Karen Dedier
Dorothy Rachel Farley
Scarecrow Din Griffin
West Witch Anissa Jones
Dorothy Kayla Kucifer
Lion Steven Lincoln
Wizard/Marvel Tim Link
Tin Man Lee Sanders
West Witch Gloria Stanley
Administration Jennifer Christian
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Perfect show!
by showstopping
Sunday, July 1, 2007
I saw this show twice actually. I saw it last weekend with my friends and decided to bring my niece to see it since I knew she would love it! I cannot believe the difference a week makes. It was good last week but this week was even better.

The cast was so amazing this week that I had to come here and comment. There was so much more energy this week than the last time I saw it. I am not sure what made the difference considering it was the same cast. The only thing cast wise that was different was the Dorothy. The girl that was in it this week was much more believable in her acting and is really an amazing singer. Don't get me wrong, the other Dorothy was very very good as well. Nothing wrong at all with her performance just seemed that maybe the one this week had more experience and her voice was a bit stronger. Cute girls though and both very entertaining.

I loved the lion. He is really funny. I love the over-the-top cowardly act he has on stage. He gets lots of laughs! My niece loved him the most. I loved his singing. Not that he has a strong singing voice, but for the character he plays it was perfect. It made him more believable. He was great!

I also thought that the tin man was so talented. As many others said, the part where Dorothy meets him and he does his dance number is really a high point of the show. His singing voice was very nice as well.

The scarecrow was very good too. (I guess everyone is good in this show, but I don't want to leave anyone out). He does come across like the "real deal". Again, another good voice.

The witch was very good as well. There were a few times where I did not understand the words she said but over all she was excellent as well.

The munchkins were so cute! I loved the bright colors of their scene. Nothing was more colorful than the children themselves. They were truly precious and did a great job. I never understand how they can get a group of young children to take direction so well. I have to say these kids did very well.

The rest of the ensemble had many roles throughout from stumps to trees, you name it. As a previous poster stated, many costume changes. WOW! They had alot to do. They too were very entertaining.

I was pleasantly surprised by this show being in a community theatre. If you have not seen it yet, you should. I may even go again. I really loved it! I have family coming from out of town next weekend and if we don't have some type of activity planned before then, I may just bring them out to see The Wizard of Oz.

The cast seemed very nice. They were all outside after each show for pictures. Dorothy was very sweet to every child that came her way.

Kudos to the Blackwell Playhouse. I have not lived in the area for very long and I am glad to have a place to go and see performances like this. This show was the first I have seen at Blackwell Playhouse and the only theatre I have seen a show in other than the Fox. I did not expect so much from a community theatre.

I wanted to add to the person that posted last that you must have a wonderful group if it is true that so many are working together to make everything happen. Guessing that is why they really call it "community theatre".

Sorry so long...just had alot to say!
A note from Dorothy's mom... by broadwaycowgirlmom
First of all, thank you for reviewing the show and I am very glad that you liked it. I am the mom of one of the Dorothys. While I am glad that you liked the shows and that you were able to see each of the Dorothy's perform, I just want to ask that in the future you don't compare people that are double cast in a show. People in theatre become like family. In this show, the actors, and their true families become a team. This show has a very tight nit cast and we all support each other. I believe 100% that each girl and both witches for that matter give their part everything they have and each has something special to offer. They all go up there and make the show their own. No one is necessarily better, just different. We are so blessed to have such awesome people working together. Everyone of them very very talented and most importantly with heart.

Again, I am very glad you enjoyed the show and please tell your friends and family to come out and see it. The show is great! I hope that I am not making you feel bad with my response, I just want you to be aware that it would be best to not compare friends.

Hope to see you again this coming weekend!
comparing double cast shows by Okely Dokely
I don't see anything wrong with it. This site is called theaterreview, isn't it? I can understand how you, as a mother of one of the people being reviewed, might be sensitive to what is said, but I went back and read showstopping's paragraph about the two Dorothys, and I thought it was perfectly fairly expressed, perhaps even apologetic for not saying nothing but good stuff. And hey, they gave the show a 5, and saw it twice.
Fairness by bigfan
In all fairness i think this review is fair...again these reviews are personal opinions of the show, everyone is gonna have their favorites ;). As long as in the other Dorothy wasn't slandered, i think this review was lookin forward to seein this show again this weekend...Break a leg guys!
Dear Stage Mom by Showdog
From the audience side: The problem is not reviewers who compare double-cast shows, but the theatres who choose to double-cast. Theatres who double-cast productions that are offered to the paying public are inviting those audiences and reviewers to compare actors. They are putting their actors on display in a public audition and inviting the audience to choose the better one. If I'm buying a ticket to a double-cast show, I want to see the best cast--I want the most for my money. And if I realize, AFTER I've bought the ticket, that I'm attending a double-cast show, I wonder if I'm seeing the best cast. The reviewer made an honest, kindly and gently worded comparison--and made some positive comments about your daughter. The "family feeling" you refer to is great for your daughter--but, frankly, that is not the audience's responsibility. I'm this one of those productions in which actors/children are charged a fee for participating?
I understand what you are saying... by broadwaycowgirlmom
Okay, I totally understand what you mean. My "Dorothy" is the one that was in the show this week but not last week. I think it is wonderful that people are enjoying her shows. Of course everyone does have the right to state their real views. Being a mom, I just can't help being concerned for the feelings of the other girl and her mom. They have been great to work with and I am sure everyone can understand that it is different when you know them personally.

I agree with the person that was discussing the issue with double casting. We have been very lucky that my daughter was double cast with a girl that has alot of class and a very kind mom. Still, I must admit, it is always an awkward situation to be double cast. It is good for the theater because realisitically the bigger the cast the more friends and family that come to see the show and the more tickets they get to sell.

I know this site is to state opinions honestly and you are right that the comment was not said in an ugly way. I just want to be sure the other Dorothy knows she is doing a good job. It is just awkward but of course that really is no fault of the people making comments it really is just the situation itself.

I have no idea if anything I said made any sense! LOL!

Most importantly, keep coming to see the show and tell your friends about it. Regardless of which Dorothy is up there, you will be glad you came! It is an awesome show!
Forgot to answer the question... by broadwaycowgirlmom
No, this is not a show that you have to pay to participate. It is not a paid role however. There was a pretty big audition for the show and the performers do it purely for the love of theater. I am not sure pay was necessary either because the director was amazing to work with and the experience was so valuable! :)
Just so you know... by theatrehead
I just read this whole thread and I just HAD to say what was on my mind. I am in the cast of the show and the show you saw a week ago with the first Dorothy was her first run through of the entire show. Considering the fact that our audio and video was encountering difficulties [which is inevitable upon most first runs] and I personally forgot my lines when I was interacting with Dorothy... I feel that she was incredible at improv and vocals. Because of summer vacations, we have had many cast stand-ins and swapping out of roles. Every week we're getting more and more positive reviews in the newspapers as well as local morning television programs. I encourage you to come back and bring all of your friends and family to see our outstanding show once more. [minus most of the technical glitches]
Theatrehead by broadwaycowgirlmom
Thank you for pointing that out as well. I think our cast is amazing and they certainly have had to overcome many obsticles in the final weeks. I think we have an amazing group and I think both of our Dorothys and both Witches are wonderful!!!! I am so proud of this entire group for pulling it together without a full run through or dress rehearsal! These people are truly professionals to be able to pull that off. The show just keeps getting better. Just shows what people can do when they work together.

I am really going to miss everyone after this weekend. I am fully expecting tears.

Everyone that has not seen the show please come out and if you have as theaterhead said, come see it again. It has improved so much! It is truly a great show!
Over the top production
by just peachy
Sunday, July 1, 2007
This production was an incredible undertaking by the owner and his sacrifice to make sure it delivers shows in the reviews. It is great to see your appreciation for hard work, experience and professionalism.

My daughter is a Munchkin so I have seen the production 3 times - once each weekend. It gets better and better each weekend. The sound Saturday afternoon was dead on for almost the entire show - great job!!

To address one question about the costume changes for the "Ozians" - there are 9 costume changes! It is accomplished by having many dedicated volunteers making all of the costumes - most by hand - and by being back stage for EVERY production to help. Hats off to these people. They are doing a thankless job and I commend them for it.

There is one weekend left - come out and see the best show in Atlanta community theater. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by singer
Saturday, June 30, 2007
Just got home from WOZ at the Blackwell Playhouse tonight, and I have to concur with all of the other reviews. What a great show. It is clear there is experience behind this production. The show seems to perfectly cast.
Seems to still be a bit of an issue with sound, but I think that is a limitation of the venue from what I can tell. This show would be tremendous if they had more funding and better facilities. I agree, would love to see you take it on the road!
P.S. - What a cute little dog, and so well behaved. Is he really from a shelter?
They have extended the show through next weekend so if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.
I hope the quality of the shows at this venue remains this way, because I am sure to come back if that is the case. Well done!
What a trip to OZ!!! I want to go back!!!
by NYdramapro
Sunday, June 24, 2007
As a "New Yorker" and a huge fan of Theater I have seen many shows. I must say this production of the Wizard of Oz was outstanding. In my opinion, the production was only limited by its venue. The caliber of the performers and the director far exceeded my expectations. There were many humorous moments. The emotions the leads presented were very believable. Munchkins were very cute. Most vocals were quality but overshadowed by the sound equipment. The dancers/ensemble made the show. There were so many unexpected surprises that made this production one you could watch over and over and still get a good laugh! I love the modern twist the dancers provided. My only question is how they were able to make so many costume changes so quickly. The costumes were very clever. Great artistic creativity was given to every element of the show. The sets could have used a bit more glitz especially in Munchkin Land and Oz, but again that was probably because, as I understand it, a new playhouse (limited funds Iím sure). I heard about this show on Good Day Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and went because I was curious how the director would be able to modernize an old favorite. GREAT JOB keeping true to the story line but adding a breath of fresh air to the play! It would be fabulous to see this production in a larger better-equipped facility. You should take this show on the road!!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
my excellent Friday night date adventure
by redmarker
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Went with my brand new boyfriend, I thought he was brave for going to live theater instead of the movies but he liked it as much as I did. Someone in the cast gave me tickets and asked me to write a review on this site. So... here goes...good and bad...the music was too loud when the little bitty kids were singing and too loud when the scarecrow was singing but it was too soft on other songs. They really need a spotlight on some of the scenes when the lion was doing his thing. The witch was quite evil when she was in her castle but I couldn't hear her a couple of times. When they were dancing around in the poppy fields I heard someone singing faintly backstage (if this was for a special effect it didn't work that well) - why don't the main characters sing that song so the audience can hear it better? Now for the good. :) I thought the person who did the casting for the show was brilliant because the everyone seemed perfect for their own roles. The overall impression I got was very positive and they looked like they were having a good time. I have been in numerous shows at FSU and it made me want the guy directing Oz to work at my school.(is he available ya'll?) The scarecrow was obviously a great dancer, the tin man was a strong singer, the lion was totally funny, Dorothy was an excellent little actress, and the witch was scary. People, this was a great date night. (ps - loved the improv bucket at the end) [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
one more thing by redmarker
I submitted this and forgot to pay kudos to that dog. Great dog! Did he find his home yet?
Le Oz
by breakaleg
Saturday, June 23, 2007
I just saw the show and I was fabulously entertained! I apparently saw a different "Dorothy" than the previous reviews and although she struggled a little bit vocally, her acting was very believable and quite mature.

The Munchkins were pretty cute and they knew where they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to say.

My favorite scene was when the trees began to dance "hip-hop." I won't elaborate because I don't want to ruin it if you haven't seen it yet, but my little brother and sister really had a good time. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I saw this show on Saturday Night....
by showguy
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Good news to the person at the top. The sound was great on Saturday night, in fact the show was really awesome.

I loved Dorothy. Awesome performance. There were times in some of the sad scenes you just wanted to run up and give her a hug and tell her everything would be okay! She is quite the singer and actress. I think there are stars in that girls future! I think the person above said that she is only 12 years old. That really is amazing. She had this combination of maturity and innocence all rolled up in one. My daughter met her after the show and was thrilled. She talked about it the rest of the weekend and went home telling everyone how she met Dorothy.

The Scarecrow was really good as well. I loved the ensemble on stage with him in the cornfield as well. The costumes were so cool. The dance is not the same as the movie, in fact I found it even more entertaining.

The Tin Man...Wow! What an unexpected surprise that was. He did this awesome dance with the ensemble. He has a great voice too!

The Lion was really great as well. He was very funny. All I can really say is, no winkies! If you don't get it, go see the show and you will! My daughter was cracking up through his part.

The Witch must have gotten her stuff together or maybe it was the other witch since I noticed on the playbill that Dorothy and the Witch is double cast. Either way, the Witch had a great performance when I saw it. In fact at those points my daughter kept putting her face in my chest. So yes, she was believable!

The ensemble did great. There is so much going on in this show. I agree with the first post that you can tell there was some real experience behind this show.

They actually project alot of the background stuff on the set and they have alot of scene changes. More than I have typcially seen outside of Professional theatre.

This was my first time at this theatre. I am thinking I will have to come to more shows here if this is the quality of there shows. I was plesantly surprised.
Terrific Family Night by showstopper
This is IT! A great affordable night of family entertainment. The actors are amazing in this version of WOZ. The munchkins are so good and the way they are introduced is so unique. You actually feel as if you are in Munchkinland!! I am going to go this weekend so that I can see the other Dorothy and the other witch perform. Can they top last weekend? This is a MUST SEE for community theatre!
The Wizard of Oz was great, but needed to work out a few things...
by urbanchick
Sunday, June 17, 2007
I saw the Wizard of Oz on Friday night. The show itself was really good. The show would have probably gotten a 5 from me, however, the sound that night had some serious issues. The music was playing too loud so at times you could not hear the actors. One speaker repeatedly had static. I would not let that stop you from seeing the show since more than likely they will realize they had those problems and will get them fixed.

Now if you forget about the problems stated above and look at purely at the performance, it is really great show. Dorothy was great. I don't know where they found her but she was great! In fact there were moments I would have thought I was watching Judy Garland! I have rarely seen such a believable performance in community theatre. I spoke with her after the show. She was a very nice girl. Her name is Rachel Farley and amazingly enough, she is only 12 year old! That is crazy!

The Tin Man was amazing. He has a really nice voice and his dance in the show was one of the most impressive moments of the entire show. I will not give too much information away because some of you may be planning to see it. But seriously, it was very good.

The Lion and Scarecrow were great as well. The wicked witch of the west seemed to not know her lines. If she did, then some of them really did not make sense. The munchkins were adorable.

They have a real dog for the show too. At the beginning of the show they announced that they are looking for a home from Toto because he came from the shelter. He was so cute. At one point though he got away and was running up and down the isles. It was cute.

Apparently, this show was directed by a Broadway star. It really shows. I have never seen so many neat ideas for costumes etc. The dances were amazing. There were a huge number of scene changes, costume changes etc. It was obvious that someone with experience had to be behind this show because it was so complex for a community theatre.

I would definately recommend seeing the show. Hopefully the sound will get better. I am sure it will since the night I saw it was opening night. If you have little girls, definately go! They will love meeting Dorothy after the show! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
seems to be good... by banamana
It seems like all of the problems that were there on Friday night seemed to be fixed when I saw it on Saturday. I agree with everything else you said though! It was really, really good, though the witch seemed to be makeing some lines up and repeating many lines over and over. I thought over all though the whole cast was pretty amazing!


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