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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
by Mark Twain

COMPANY : Blackwell Playhouse
VENUE : Blackwell Playhouse
ID# 2475

SHOWING : September 08, 2007 - September 29, 2007



Paul Kester's adaptation of this literary classic comes to life. Showing Saturdays at 11:00am and 3:00pm. Tickets are $8 at the door.

Director Jennifer Loudermilk
Light/Sound Design Jennifer Loudermilk
Injun Joe John Dandy
Joe Harper Will Gordon
Becky (understudy) Allie Peterson
Amy Lawrence Katherine Peterson
Muff Potter Scott Peterson
Mary Rogers Melissa Tillery
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Pretty decent for Children's Theater
by theaterislife
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
I took my daughter to see this show this weekend at the 11:00 show. For children's theater i think it was well done. Typically when you go to a kid's show most of the kid's are just there to be cute and don't have a lot of talent but they are cute. In this show a lot of the kids were very talented and the quality surpassed what I am used to in this type of theater. I found the set to be well done with the exception of the church. It was painted an ugly yellow color and had a door that looked cartoonish. The theater itself hasn't improved much since the last time we went as far as seats were concerned. They really need to fix the cushions that are falling off with something stronger than duct tape. But it's community theater so I'm sure they do the best they can.

Overall I think this was a good attempt. The director seemed to pay attention to the little details and intricacies on this set which I appreciated as an audience member. I thought there were nice touches here and there of course there's always room for improvement. This was a rather large cast and most of the kids I felt were very talented and knew their lines. (By the way kudos to all the adults for working with so many kids) I imagine it was quite a feat for the little actors and actresses to undertake but they did well. My daughter certainly enjoyed herself as did I. Acting for the kids there were several stand outs and I won't name them all to be fair. Let's just say quite a few should keep doing theater as they have a knack for it. Sound effects was something I wasn't expecting. I really liked the campfire scene with the crickets and what looked like a real fire. The only thing that was distracting was the kids kept playing with it unnecessarily and it made me temporarily lose some focus. As for the adults my favorite was John Dandy as "Injun Joe". He was the dark sadistic twist that was needed in this show. I do wish there had been more chemistry between Tom and Becky something seemed to lack when they were on stage together. I wanted more chemistry between Muff and Walter as father and son it didn't seem very believable. The ladies had the most chemistry out of the bunch, they almost made me cry in their scene and it looked like they were really crying too.

Why the 3.5?? Because there haven't been many shows I feel deserve a 5. I took points off for the theater itself, the ugly church and some of the costuming was a bit off. But for a kids show it was worth the price and the show of decent quality. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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