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COMPANY : Christian Youth Theatre -Atlanta [WEBSITE]
ID# 2622

SHOWING : May 01, 2008 - May 17, 2008



Musicalization of the Dickens novel about a young boy living in an orphanage who gets caught up with an unruly gang of thieves led by an evil old man.

Musical Director Leandro Coelho
Director Michelle Janien Evans
Cast Grant Brown
Mr. Bumble Colin D.
Oliver Caroline Dennard
Bumble Colin Dennard
Choreographer Sharon Druzbanski
Fagin Jonathan Christian Elmore
Mrs.Sowerberry Megan Hoag
Bet Rachael Love
Stealin’ Sal Reagan Matthews
Quick Fingers Quincy Morgan Matthews
Mr.Sowerberry Jackson Morgan
Lady Pimpernel Lauren Brooke Overton
Annie Ella Presley
Knife Grinder Chandeler R
Charley Bates Kayla Ragatz
Noah Claypole Sean Regan
The Artful Dodger Christina Semeria
Strawberry Seller Sarah Grace V.
Charlotte Sowerberry Hannah V.
Nancy Rachel Walls
Old Sally Sarah Kate Weeks
Mr.Brownlow Zach Williams
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by banginbob
Sunday, May 18, 2008
i personally thought this show was terrible, it was very dry & bland, and it was hard to understand half of what the actors were saying. i also found that there was very little movement or blocking in the show, for most scenes the only action that took place was the actors walking toward the area of the stage where they would stand for the rest of the scene to deliver their lines. the one redeeming quality was the music, the majority of the singers were very good, but with a few exceptions. i have seen previous CYT shows in the past & know what they are capable of putting on, so to see Oliver was a very big disappointment for me. I hope CYT raises the bar for their next show or else i have a feeling, that most people, like myself, will not return to see any future shows they put on. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Blown Away!
by actnow718
Sunday, May 18, 2008
So I had heard so many great things about this performance for different contacts that I decided to go and check it out for myself. Well I ended up coming to the last weekend so I expected to find a run down and tired cast and I can honestly tell you that my expectations were not that high. But after the first act I was blown away!
I found myself actually captivated by these performers and forgetting that I was at a children/youth theatre performance. The characters were believable, so much so that I forgot about them as actors and started to treat them as the actual characters they were portraying.
Now I have worked with child/teen actors for quite some time now and I was quite impressed with this cast. The level of professionalism speaks very highly of the director and the rest of the artistic team. After reflecting on this production I am continually amazed and look forward to attending CYT Atlanta’s shows next year.
Very nice
by Rosa simmons
Sunday, May 18, 2008
If I am not mistaken I have reviewed on of cytatlanta's shows before. This one was very well done,not as good as baeuty and the beast but still very well put together. These are very talented kids! There are only a few problems that I found regarding the show:

The first being that the some of the casting was akward, the casting that confused me the most were:
1.The police men- they are too young too play the role even though it was portrayed very well...maybe an older guy would've been better
2.Mrs.Bedwin-can act very,very well but her voice didn't fit the sond
3. The girl with the buckets selling milk- her voice didn't quite fit her part,but it was good

ur both right by trojans 4ever
Rosa, I agree with you, I don't think it was as good as Beauty and the Beast either..however I was in Beauty and the Beast so i favor that one a little more.
but TheaterColin, u are absolutely right; Beauty and the Beast has a WAY better script and much better music as well. I also feel that Beauty and the Beast had an overall stronger cast.
CYT Atlanta's best show yet!
by lisaport234
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
From the time I walked in and saw the set to the curtain call I was absolutely amazed. I have seen 4 or 5 different CYT Atlanta productions over the past year or two and never have they been performed to this caliber. Beauty and the Beast was very good but very “Disney” and Suessical was very entertaining but not that “deep” and didn’t call for a lot of character development. Oliver was performed with a much higher quality of acting (which in the past has been something lacking in CYT shows). I was never bored and looked forward to each scene. I have been in this business for a while as an actor and director and I can tell you that I had a hard time telling that those were kids and teens on that stage and not professionals. The director really used the stage and obviously pushed her actors to a new level. The choreography was amazing and by far some of the most fun and intricate dancing that I have seen at CYT or any High School performances I have been to this year.
I have seen some of these same actors in other CYT production and they just keep getting better and better. All I can say is that I can’t wait to CYT’s next show!!
by trojans 4ever
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
I am not a huge fan of the show Oliver...i don't like the script or the music. that being said, I was very impressed by CYT Atlanta's version of this show. The singing and the dancing were very good! The acting as a whole was about average, but there were certain characters who were just fantastic all around. my favorite characters were Fagin, Bill Sykes, Nancy, Mr. Sourberry, and Oliver. Fagin in my opinion stole that show! He was fantastic! Very funny and very believable. Bill Sykes was very good but there were times when his energy was down, therefore his acting was hard 2 believe. Nancy had a WONDERFUL voice, but her acting was kind of weak. Mr. Sourberry had a good voice and was very funny, but in Boy For Sale he did not sing even remotely close 2 his character voice which was kind of disappointing. Oliver was very good acting and singing and was very believable. It was certainly no Beauty and the Beast, but it was still a very good show! I would say that, next 2 Beauty and the Beast, this is the second best show CYT Atlanta has ever done. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
my apologies by trojans 4ever
excuse me...when i said mr. sowerberry, i meant mr. bumble
I am Mr. Bumble by TheaterColin
I just got on here and read your review. I understand what you mean that I didn't use a character voice in Boy For Sale. But, you have to understand that this song is a ballad. It would ruin the effect if I threw my comical character voice into it. I chose to use my regular voice because my voice hasn't fully changed yet, and it didn't have that rich tone that an adult would have, so I thought it would be better just to use my normal voice. I definitely know who wrote this review haha...
Agree somewhat by drama101
I agree that Oliver is a fantastic show. I did in fact see Beauty and the Beast and this one definitely is of the same quality, just very different. It is hard to compare these two since one is a happy story with a happy ending and the other
isn't. The young man who sang Boy for Sale was Mr. Bumble not Mr. Sourberry and he was fantastic. I would have loved to hear more of his voice instead of a character voice. I will certainly be attending more CYT performances but this show will be a hard one to follow!
by trojans 4ever
yea that was my bad i meant mr. bumble, not mr. sowerberry and he had a great voice! that certainly isn't what i was saying. what i meant is that it was kind of distracting how he went from a deep, crackly voice to a very pure voice. it sounded great and he made a great point about the character voice taking away from the song. so the only thing i don't agree with u about is this show being at the same level as beauty and the beast. it's close, just not quite as good. the thing is, beauty and the beast had better music and a better script. it's not necessarily that it was put on better, it was just a better show 2 begin with. and also the ensemble in beauty and the beast was a lot better than the ensemble in this.
kudos by theatreteach67
I have to agree that there is no comparison between Beauty and the Beast and Oliver. They are two totally different shows and require and completely different approach. The one thing that I would is that in Beauty and the Beast the actors seemed to "mock" the Disney versions of the show and did not really bring anything new to the role as where in Oliver I saw some different character choices that I have not seen before...I felt like the actors were taking more chances instead of just trying to "play the part". Personally I preferred Oliver more than Beauty and the Beast just because I prefer the story and style. Kudos to the cast and artistic team!
good show could have been better by joshuam1991
I have seen every CYT show since Narnia. i would have to say my top 3 shows
were Seusical, Oliver, and Beauty and the Beast. Oliver was a good show but not as good as Beauty and the Beast, or even possibly Seussical. some of the actors were good and others weren't. and I just still cant get over the fact that Oliver, and Dodger were girls. Oliver is one of my favorite shows but this one while still well put on did not come to life like other versions of Oliver I have seen. It was still a good show, but personally not CYT's best.
added comment to my last one by joshuam1991
i have just gotten home from school when i wrote that review, sorry if my comments offended anyone
I have to disagree... by TheaterColin
I agree that Beauty and the Beast was the best, but I definitely do not think Seussical was better than Oliver. In Seussical, there was absolutely NO depth to the acting. Everyone was just over the top, and one dimensional. In Oliver (like another user said), there was depth to most of the actors, and it was good that there were some different character choices. In Seussical, there were no new character choices. But that's just your opinion, and I respect it. The ONLY thing I thought was better about Seussical than Oliver was the ensemble singing. Only because Seussical was written with many harmonies, and Oliver has no harmonies. But The Oliver Musical Director did a great job with adding in harmonies. Everything else, in my opinion, was better in Oliver. The Dancing, Acting, Solo Singing, Sets, and Makeup.
The Most Talented Kids I have ever seen
by drama101
Monday, May 12, 2008
I was invited by a friend to see Oliver and truly wasn't expecting all I experienced. I find it hard to believe that every seat in this auditorium was not sold because the show was incredible. From the moment these kids walked onto the stage, they had my attention. The costumes were time-period appropriate, the sets were magnificent and the lighting and sound set the atmosphere for a show CYT can be very proud of. Young Oliver was wonderful with the voice of an angel. Dodger was spunky and so cute. The teens in the show did a great job portraying adults and were very believable. Every solo was sung with such professionalism and I am so impressed. Great job CYT Atlanta! You have produced a show your actor and your community can be proud of. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Thank You! by TheaterColin
Thank you for coming to see our show. We are very glad you enjoyed it. We put a lot of work into it. Once again, thanks!
Overall, a very good show, but in need of work.
by GAactor123
Saturday, May 10, 2008
The show as a whole was very well done. The set, and costumes were great, and the singing and dancing were very well done. However, there were some things that I think need to be reworked in the show.
1. The Story: Everyone knows the story of Oliver, the orphan who escapes his workplace for the poor, joins a band of thieves, gets caught by a rich an and is accused of burglary, and finds out that its his grandfather, and is adopted by him. The show failed to seamlessly deliver the story. It was confusing, though some parts i could recognize in the story.

2. Though the actors playing Nancy (Rachel Walls) and Bill Sikes (Grant Brown) were impressive singers, they failed to bring their characters totally to life. It seemed that Rachel focused too much on her singing, and barely enough on her characterization. It seemes to me that the character of nancy struggles with the decision to to stay with Bill, her brute of a husband, or risk her life and leave, even though she feels she loves him.

Grant was the same. He at first played the part well (his delivery of "My Name" actually scared me. But then all his energy just went out. He did pretty well in his line delivery, but he failed to use his body to show who his character really was. The scenes with Nancy and Bill argue were good, but when they got physical, they got corny. It may be because the director wanted to keep it kid friendly, but I think that Bill could have been played with a little more aggressiveness.

3. Some scenes were pointless, they could have been easily omitted from the show. They were the "Where is Love? (Reprise)", and the scene where the Artful Doger steals Mr. Brownlow's wallet. (That was explained during the bar scene!)
Besides that it was good.
One word....amazing!
by the8tergirl0308
Saturday, May 3, 2008
Oh my any of you that have never been to a CYT Atlanta show you are missing out. In my opinion this is the BEST CYT Atlanta show I have seen. Everything was great!! The acting was out of this world and the vocals and dancing were superb.Mr.Bumble and Fagin were absolutely hilarious and those orphans were just too cute!! Nancy had the most amazing voice I have ever heard come out of a 16 year old.But I can't forget the girl that played Oliver, she was by far the best Oliver I have ever seen.If you want to see what a great show looks like go see this one! Another round of applause for this cast and artistic team!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by theatreforlife21
Saturday, May 3, 2008
Wow! This show was so well put together that I forgot that the cast was made up of school age actors. There were no holes in the show...the singing, dancing and acting were all above average. Each character came to life before my eyes and never dropped character and the scenes were so well staged that i almost didn't notice that I was sitting in a theatre with other people. I was truly amazed at the advanced acting skills that these young actors have developed.A couple of characters that really standed out for me were Fagin, Nancy, Oliver and Mr.Bumble but I have to say that the whole cast was amazing.I have to be honest in saying that this show was one of the best that I have seen in a long time!
by marylee1102
Saturday, May 3, 2008
I saw this on opening night and I thought it was fantastic! You really blew me away. I thought Fagin was amazing, As were Bill Sykes and Nancy, Mr. Brownlow, Mr. Bumble and Widow Corny were fabulous, Oliver and Dodger were Amazing as were they adorable, Bet was very very good and I thought she did a wonderful job of taking her part and making it her own, Old Sally was very good! The Sowerberrys were very goood and I thought they all worked very well in their charecters. the pickpockets were adorable and also very talented children! The Ensemble was great. My favorite song was Oom-pa-pa, The dancing as well as the singing was wonderful! I thought that the singing sounded very good and the acting was great! In a few scenes the acting needs to be worked on a bit but nothing was really bad. I think this show was one of the best CYT shows I have seen yet. In Who will buy the Sellers were great, the rose seller had a very good voice and I really enjoyed listening to her sing. The Milk maid was very good, a little bit nasily but she still had a beautiful voice. The Strawberry Seller had a beautiful high voice and I loved listening to her. The knive grinder had a very nice tenor voice. All around the show was wonderful and I hope I will be able to see it again! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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