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The Music Man
a Musical
by Book, Music & Lyrics: Meredith Willson

COMPANY : The Twilight Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater [WEBSITE]
ID# 2768

SHOWING : July 11, 2008 - July 19, 2008



Based on a Story by:
Franklin Lacey (and Meredith Willson)

The Music Man is the story of a fast-talking traveling salesman trying to Con a small town in Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a "band" he is forming to "save their children" from degradation. Little do they know that he doesn’t truly know anything about music. In the midst of the scheme, he falls for his adversary. Does she change him of his ways? Does she return the love he feels for her? It's a classic musical, so, of course. BUT, the story along the way is what makes this show so magical. Full of standards from the annals of classical musical theatre and a staged using a solidly constructed script, how could you not love this musical?

Director Dana Spears
Director Jared Wright
Ensemble Mallory Hu
Ensemble Maria McCranie
Ensemble Maggie Spears
Ethel Toffelmier Nora Wilfong
Eulalie Shinn Diane Wilfong
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Music man, he's a music man!
by sayIamYou
Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My review was posted on the wrong page, oops.

Once again, Twilight doesn't disappoint with a wonderful production of Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man". After having seen Les Miserables and Broadway By Candlelight, I must say this theatre is a melting pot of talent.

The lighting, costumes, set were all top-notch.

The cast was incredible as well, and they all looked like they were having so much fun onstage. The ensemble was a pleasure to watch, & constantly brought a smile to my face.

The two leads, Eric Lindsey and Laura Bradley, were so great together in their respected roles, both an absolute delight to watch and hear as Harold Hill and Marion the Librarian.

Everyone did an amazing job, congrats everyone on a fantastic show! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Poor work
by FranklySpeaking
Sunday, August 3, 2008
I am very disappointed in this production. It seems like most of the parts were cast by visibly too young actors/actresses. Harold Hill and Charlie Cowell were the two that really came across as entirely too young to be involved in their parts. What was with the fake moustache? The acting was weak, except for a couple of people and I felt like the costumes weren't even close to 1912. The suits on some of them looked like a cheap 1970's movie. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Can't help noticing... by DramaticFanatic
Do you have some problem with Twilight? In a comment about "Into the Woods" you say that you attend a lot of their shows, but other than that I haven't seen your comments on other shows. Just curious.

In your comment under "Into the Woods", you complain that they use old people in the organization, but in this one you complain that they use young people. Do you have a better plan? Or perhaps you'd like to direct? I know that Twilight has some big shows planned for next season and is accepting applications for directors.

Again, I should state for the record that I am not involved in this production (and do not have children involved in this show). I am, however, someone who has seen Twilight since the beginning.

Also, while not Twilight's best production, I enjoyed the show. It still beat the pants off of the other community theatre I have seen this summer. Plus, "Music Man" is really not my type of show, so I'm probably a bit biased.
Correction by FranklySpeaking
I never said that there were too old people cast in "Into the Woods". I said that the problem was with the Artistic Director and the Director of the show casting themselves. It was an ethical issue that I raised. As far as directing for this theatre company, I haven't seen their next season lineup. I have no experience in directing, but certainly know quality theatre when I see it. I ask that if they are having an issue finding the right age group to do a production, then they stick to doing after school programs for the time being until they can acquire the age group to fit the production. Perhaps this is the reason the Artistic Director and past Director cast themselves? Maybe that was the best they could get, given the turnout of the auditionees. I'm not trying to attack Twilight. I'm merely giving my opinion on what I considered to be a mediocre production.
I would think... by DramaticFanatic
that after being Fox 5's Best Theatre last year, Twilight would be far from doing after school programs.

As is the case with most theatre, it is hard to find adult and male talent, which has been a problem with Twilight as well as every other theatre I have worked with.

I was simply pointing out that you had stated that new people should be given a chance in your Into the Woods review, and when new people were given a chance in Music Man, you complained. Which do you prefer?

Also, you claim to see all of Twilight shows, but you only comment about two of them. Is there a reason for that? You must have seen at least one that you liked or you must have someone involved in the theatre or you wouldn't keep coming back.

As I stated before, this wasn't my favorite of Twilight's shows either, but I thought it was great to see some new blood on stage. I'm looking forward to their next season. It hasn't been announced yet, but from what I hear from the committee, they have some good shows in mind.

Well by FranklySpeaking
I would just assume that this theatre would have the talent of all age groups attending their auditions, not just one particular age group and the board of operations to round out their cast. I don't see this as an issue at other locations. I haven't commented until recently on their productions because I only found this site during the "Into the Woods" show. I don't have any person tied to this theatre group as you ask. I'm just someone who lives close by and wants quality theatre. I have enjoyed other venues, such as Legacy and Southside Theatre Guild. However, Twilight has been a hit or miss for me. I will point out that I enjoyed the production of "Into the Woods". It wasn't a show I thought was poorly performed. I just get a bit concerned when the same ole faces appear on stage and happen to be also directing the show. "The Music Man" was, in my opinion, not worth the money that was spent. Take it or leave it, it's only an opinion.
Having worked... by DramaticFanatic
with local and regional theatres myself and having children who have performed in all of the local theatres, I've always seen that it's definitely a problem finding men, but it seems it's always been that way. A lot of adults will join casts if their children are in it, but not otherwise. I'm one of the few that likes to do my own thing. I'll even cart my kids off to one theatre, then go to a rehearsal at another one myself.

I've also been to Southside, Legacy, Coweta Fayette, Newnan, and a lot of the theatres in Atlanta, and Twilight is the only theatre I have been a part of that has consistently treated its actors well and that means a lot to me. When you're volunteering your time for something you want it not to be wasted.

In my opinion and those of many of my friends from the good old days (friends from professional days of theatre that have come to see me in community theatre), Twilight's sets, people, costumes, music, and the overall quality of their shows are heads above anything we've seen. I'm not trying to diminish your opinion - you're certainly welcome to it. I just wondered why the only two posts I see of yours are negative. I know a lot of people on here tend to be negative, but personally, I only post positive comments.

Again, I have performed at places where the set and costumes were better, sure. The Fox Theatre has a much higher budget than Twilight, which is just a community theatre. However, Twilight is the only community theatre I have ever seen that has extremely high quality sets and shows. "Les Miz" was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

I think it bears mentioning that the majority of the people in Music Man were onstage for the first time or playing their first major role. I think they did a great job!


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