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The Sound of Music

a Musical
by Rodgers and Hammerstein

COMPANY : The Towne Lake Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : The Towne Lake Arts Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 2774

SHOWING : May 16, 2008 - June 01, 2008



Maria, a nun who is causing the Abbey trouble is sent off to be governess to Captain Von Trapp's seven troublesome children. Maria teaches them to sing and they become close. Soon Maria and Captain Von Trapp fall in love and are married, but when the Nazis invade Austria, the whole family is forced to flee over the alps to safety.
Come see this beloved musical and take a journey along with the Von Trapp family as you hear such classic songs as "Do-Re-Mi" "Edelweiss" and "The Sound of Music". This heart filled musical is a classic for the entire family and you're sure to have a great evening at the theatre!

Artistic Director Gay Grooms
Max Detweiler (Mountain) Andrew Berardi
Captain Von Trapp (Mountain) Mike Butler
Frau Schmidt (Mountain) Sister Sopia (Ed Jessica Chancey
Sister Sophia (Mountain) Siobhan Collins
Brigitta (Mountain) Gina DeLise
Rolf (Edelweiss) Matt Forbes
Mother Abbess (Edelweiss) Nina Frankle
Brigitta (Edelweiss) Amanda Fritsch
Max Detweiler (Edelweiss) Eric Fritsch
Rolfe (Mountain) Elliot Grenier
Franz Stephen Hardin
Kurt (Edelweiss) Daniel Hendrickson
Sister Sophia (Mountain) Christine Hill
Marta (Mountain) Victoria Hill
Kurt (Mountain) Michael Izzo
Novice Gertrude/Festival Contestant Lauren LaRicci
Nun/Baroness Elberfield/Frau Schweiger Leslie LaRicci
Sister Berthe (Mountain) Pam Lehman
Friedrich (Mountain) Brett Leverette
Captain Von Trapp (Edelweiss) Luke Livingston
Frau Schmidt (Edelweiss) Joanne Livingston
Louisa (Edelweiss) Layne Livingston
Sister Berthe (Edelweiss) Jaybee Martin
Maria (Mountain) Kami Mathews
Maria (Edelweiss) Jillian Melko
Gretl (Edelweiss) Brooklynn Milone
Louisa (Mountain) Madison O\'Brien
Gretl (Mountain) Alyssa Payne
Mother Abbess (Mountain) Kimberly Rollbuhler
Liesl (Edelweiss) Brooke Ruiz
Sister Margaretta (Edelweiss) Jayme Schulyer
Friedrich (Edelweiss) Parker Wall
Elsa Schraeder (Edelweiss) Paula Watson
Novice Loralei Alexandra Watson
Liesl (Mountain) Natalie Weinberg
Elsa Schraeder (Mountain) Amanda Wilborn
Marta (Edelweiss) Desiree Wilkins
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5 stars
by SandyC
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
I too saw this production and was amazed. Never before had I seen such amazing songs and preformers. I would give anything to see this again. I now hear that this theater is attempting to run The Wizard of Oz. It will take a show like that to top the Sound of Music. I will return to see the Town Lake Players soon. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Foolishness is next to ... well you know ... by BenAround
Mr. Moderator, is there some way to "close" the opportunity to post a review within a few weeks after a show closes in order to curtail these hijinks?

As usual, my two cents is spent.
Cast Mountain and Kami Mathews
by bobert
Monday, May 19, 2008
Disclaimer: I am not related to or am friends with any of those in the cast or am affiliated with Towne Lake Arts Center in any way. I therefore have no biased interest in promoting this show, this theater or any of the actors. This feedback pertains to the 3:00 PM show, May 17th, Cast Mountain and, having not seen the other cast, Cast Edelweiss, this review is not intended to slight them in any way.
Overall, very well done . . . a lot of singing talent, most everyone acted very well. Remarkably professional show. A few standouts are listed below having saved the best for last:

Music was incredible, two accompaniests worked together flawlessly, never missed a beat, well done.

Nuns singing together was wonderful. Reverend Mother solos rivalled the movie.

Kudos to Liesl and Elsa (played by Amanda Wilborn) for shouldering arguably the two most challenging supporting roles.

Standout youth performance goes to Louisa (played by Madison O'Brien).

And now, the best for last, the highlight of the show . . . Maria (played by Kami Mathews). After taking into account:
* the high expectations often associated with a lead role for being the strongest performer to begin with and
* having seen Julie Andrews in the movie many times,
even after all that . . . WOW! She blew me away. She made The Sound of Music a brand new experience for me. Frankly, I was (and still am) overwhelmed by just how much she drew me in.
* impeccable singing
* very confident, very comfortable on stage and in and amongst the audience
* consistently conveyed Maria's joy, love for life, and enthusiasm
* excellent staying in character
Even as I write this, I still marvel at how taken I am with Kami's portrayal of Maria. I'll say it again . . . WOW! I'd gladly pay to watch this cast and Kami again if I could.
Sweet Sounds by
I attended the same show. I agree with all you stated in your review. I was not expecting the professionalism and creativity of this production. I mean to put the whole of the Austrian Alps into a little theatre like TLAC is incredible. Because that is what the director Gay Grooms essentially had to convey. That ism the feel and setting of the movice, by which all productions are judged.
A play should be judged on its own merits but this movie is so ingrained in our culture it is impossible not to make the comparison.
Amd that is the magic of this production it does stand up and reflects the power and possibilites of good community theatre. Kurt


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