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The Music Man
a Musical
by Meredith Willson

COMPANY : Blackwell Playhouse
VENUE : Blackwell Playhouse
ID# 2851

SHOWING : June 20, 2008 - July 20, 2008



This is a story of a con man, Harold Hill, who travels to the small town of River City, Iowa, to earn his fortune. Harold claims to be a professor of music, and decides to convince the townspeople they need a boys' band, and then plans on running away once the boys have paid for their instruments and uniforms. His scheme is working perfectly until he falls in love with Marian Paroo, the town piano teacher. Whill smooth talking Hill win over the townspeople of River City and make his fortune? March on out to the Blackwell Playhouse to find out! This is a must see for the entire family.

Show times:
June 20-July 20
Friday & Saturday nights at 8:00 pm
Saturday Matinees at 2:00 pm

Director Amanda Leigh Pickard
Music Director Annie Cook
Stage Manager Jennifer Loudermilk
Choreographer Jennifer Smiles
producer John Christian
Marcellus Washburn Joey Cochran
Alma Hix Greta Glenn
Charlie Rob Hardie
Mrs. Paroo Rebecca Hardy
Winthrop Paroo Cooper Hines
Amaryllis Parker Hines
Winthrop Paroo Andrew Hudson
Pickalittle Lady Jennifer Loudermilk
Marian Paroo Megan McPherson
Maud Dunlop Ann Murphine
Zaneeta Shinn Katie O'Neill
Amaryllis Riley O\'Neill
Townsperson Lindsey O\'Neill
Harold Hill Matt Pino
Mayor Shinn Murray Sarkin
Townsperson Krystle Simmons
Townsperson Ryan Smith
Mrs. Squires Stephanie Taylor
Conductor Glenn Varnado
Eulalie MacKenie Shinn Rene' Voige
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76 Trombones
by theaterislife
Monday, July 21, 2008
My family and I attended the Saturday evening show this past weekend. I felt this was a rather strong production with weak moments here and there but overall pretty solid. The band was really good and I felt there was a nice blend between voices and instruments. The one thing I did not understand was why the actor playing Marcellus was miked and no one else was. The lighting was off quite a bit but still it's an improvement over other shows I have seen there. The set was quite nice and a bit more than I expected.

I am glad to see Blackwell now has two stages unfortunately once again the seats were falling apart.... I will not go in to that tirade again. Anyways, I was extremely impressed with the Quartet, Harold Hill, Marian and Mrs. Paroo. As often seen in theater with young children (and an adult or two) there was obviously some "mugging" going on.

Vocally as a whole there were some strong moments in the ensemble. Their diction was quite good. One thing that always stands out for me when I see Music Man is Eulalie and her "crew". To sing Pickalittle, Talkalittle you have to have diction that is spot on and the ladies impressed me. I felt that Marian and Harold were a good match physically and vocally though there were some missed notes here and there. The actor portraying Marcellus was comedic but at times he was a little too over the top for me.

The choreography was well executed especially by those that appeared to be the stronger dancers. I did not like the cast members coming into the aisles during 76 Trombones because it made it difficult for us to see the dancers on stage. We had to slightly stand up at our seats. Another thing I did not like was the fact that Shipoopi seemed to be overcrowded on stage. There really were too many people.

Overall this was a really good show with a pretty solid cast. I was teetering between a 3.5 and a 4.0 so I decided to go all out and give a 4.0. Congrats on a great job. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I Feel Good Now!
by g8grrl
Monday, July 21, 2008
I had a fun attending The Music Man at Blackwell. The leads are fabulous. Harold Hill and Winthrop are, like, the best ever. Not exagerating here. Harold carrys the show and Withrop is so cute he made me cry. Rest of the cast arent in the same league, but I did like Marcelleus, the Mayor and his wife. And I cant forget Marion. She was good too. On the down side, the set and lightening was rough and not consistant, but this was all made up by the acting and singing. And the keyboardist was fantastic too. It all made me Feel Good. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by Nettie
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
This was my first time to see the location at Blackwell Theatre. The place used to be a movie theatre -- they have a marquee outside, paintings in the lobby and a pretty stage area with nice seating. Friends were in the play so because of that I chose not to give an actual rating to this, and yet at the same time the show is very much so worth mentioning. I am a tough customer when it comes to the Music Man, as a little girl the movie was a favorite, and Robert Preston my hero-- (as a child he was right up there with the Incredible Hulk, Superman, and Bowser from Sha Na Na but in those days that was truly saying something in my book! ) This show captured my attention and held it even though I know every word almost by heart. It was staged with constant movement-- characters came up from the isles and onto and off of platforms on stage-- River City literally came to life before your eyes with the hustle and bustle of proud Iowans. The cast from the ensemble to the main characters from the conductor at the first line to the band playing at the end-- were lively, energetic, and entertaining. Marcellus was delightfully over the top and added volumes to the energy of the show. Eulalie Shinn was indignant and comical and brilliant in her role. Marian was a joy to watch on stage and was very convincing and fun as the skeptical piano teacher. I would have liked to have seen her a little bit more twitterpated at the social scene,i like it when marian lets her hair down a little in that scene and shows that she is in love, she kept a lot of the school ma'arm charm throughout, but it did make me rethink perhaps how marian might could be played as such and she did honor to her character in the charming firey spunk she brought to the piano teacher. Harold was flawless with his pizazz as a smooth talking travelling salesman. Winthrop-- what a voice from such a young man!! The anvil salesman was delighfully cranky, the train scene was laugh out loud funny-- The timing was quick and upbeat the music well done and not surprisingly, the pickalittle ladies just stole the show :)

Thank you Blackwell for a lovely show experience. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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