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COMPANY : North Spings High School Drama Department
VENUE : North Springs High School Auditorium [WEBSITE]
ID# 3162

SHOWING : September 25, 2008 - October 04, 2008



Technical Director Marty Aikens
Stage Manager Sam Anderson
Costume Manager, Prop Manager Rosie DiVincenzo
Lighting Technician Holly Anna Emmons
Fight Captain Stacia Hitt
Director Brian Kimmel
Floor Manager Zack Lampkin
Lighting Technician Mars Mescudi
Assistant Director Kailee Morgan
Assistant Director Julia Shavzin
Assistant Director Kayla Sklar
Sound Manager Bryan Smith
Assistant Stage Manager Katie Tull
Ghost Marty Aikens
Player, u/s 1st Player Haley Ballard
Player Tess Baudry
Polonius Adam Benz
Priest, Player Caty Bergmark
u/s Ophelia Drew Carlos
Other Gravedigger, u/s Polonius, u/s Gra Ben Coff
Lucianus Noah Coop
Player, u/s Horatio Mallory Daniel
Laertes Justin Dykes
Marcellus Elizabeth Engquist
Player Cara Fortuna
Rosencrantz Joel Guttman
1st Player Olivia Harlow
Ophelia Stacia Hitt
Hamlet Greg Kamp
Claudius Brian Kimmel
Player, u/s Bernardo Thaddeus H. Kolwicz III
Player Queen Sara Loden
u/s Gertrude Gabby Melnick
Player Catherine Meyer
Player King Michael Minnen
Player Monica Misiura
Lady to Ophelia, u/s Rosencrantz Georgia Northcutt
Horatio Lindsay Olson
Player Jennifer Peterson
Player Claire Porter
Guildenstern Kate Pritchard
Gertrude Ren Robinson
Francisco, Osric, u/s Laertes William Stanley
Bernardo, Gravedigger, u/s Hamlet Kristian Young
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by pie
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
I recently had the pleasure of attending the Saturday, September 27th 7 pm performance of "Hamlet"
at North Springs High School. I went in expecting a slightly better than normal high school show -- it is,
after all, a performing arts high school -- and went away in awe of a director, cast and crew who tackled one of Shakespeare's more difficult plays and did it EXTREMELY WELL in what I am told was a 6 week casting and rehearsal window!

This was by far, my best bang for a $10 entertainment buck -- and I fully intend to look into further productions at this amazing school!

The role of "Hamlet" was exceptionally well played by a young man who normally is featured in a more musical theatre type genre. That he could portray the very complex character of Hamlet this convincingly attests to this kid's talent. Other stand-out performances - and their were many in this show -- included the newly crowned King Claudius (though it should be mentioned that this was not a student performance), his young and lovely queen, Gertrude, Laertes, Horatio and Player 1.

Most of this production, from sets to music, is exceptional - but for me one of the scenes that rang truest was the highly charged confrontation between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude. The raw emotions, anger, and passion in this scene (not to mention a hint of underlying incestuous sexual tension), as well as the violent physicality of the performance -- complete with hair-pulling - shows two actors with a commitment to do whatever it takes, no matter how personally painful, to make the scene work. Very strong performances by both. Another brilliant piece of work was the scene with young Laertes reacting to the news of his sister, Ophelia's death -- the young actor displayed extreme emotion without being over the top, something even veteran performers have problems with!

And the choreography of the very real feeling sword fighting scene in itself is worth the admission.
This performance is a must to see -- and the window to see it is closing.

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised that this "Hamlet" was no ordinary high school fare!
This was a performance that I would except from a very seasoned Shakespeare troupe, not a group
of high schoolers. Bravo! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
From the folks who brought you Bat Boy... Hamlet, updated!
by Di
Sunday, September 28, 2008
From the folks who brought you Bat Boy... Hamlet, updated! Both plays share cast members- indeed, Bat Boy is now Hamlet, and very convincingly, at that. Teen angst has much in common, then and now, it seems.

This North Springs production brings Hamlet to recent, more tech-oriented times, but is otherwise a traditional telling of The Bard's great work. The staging -from sets to sound effects- is on a professional level, with creative use of modern instrumental music and wall-mounted monitors (King Hamlet appears a la a Ghost in the Machine). Several student performances - from the play to the play-within-a-play - are remarkably strong.

This viewer attended, looking for local entertainment in the midst of a fuel shortage keeping us all close to home, and was more than pleasantly surprised. Occasionally a bit difficult to hear as voices blend with music, it's nonetheless a fine production. Highly recommended for those ready to enjoy a fresh perspective on a timeless tale.

The theater, by the way, offers comfortable viewing (and light concessions). Tickets are $5 students, $10 adults. The play continues this weekend on Sunday, Sept. 28, at 7PM. It resumes for three performances next weekend- Friday at 7, Saturday at 2 and 7.


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