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Halloween Dreams
a Murder Mystery

COMPANY : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
ID# 3169

SHOWING : October 03, 2008 - October 25, 2008



Gram Doobie will argue with anyone at anytime. Don't cross her. Her obsession with Halloween has been passed on to her grandchildren, especially the oldest. It is of special interest this particular Halloween in Chestnut Hollow because there are gruesome axe murders occurring. The killer is still on the loose. The family, the church, the school, the police and the news all look to find a true suspect and end this gruesome situation. But, this is a Halloween show,'ll have to take the trip with the characters to find out who it is! Expect stage smoke, loud noises, scary costumes, uncomfortable situations - all in the spirit of the season.

Lighting/Sound Designer Gerard Foret
Mr. Brittle Michael Harris
Norma Becca Chism
Cast Amy Powers
Gram Doobie Chris Sawyer
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Good, old fashioned home-town theater
by pfkellogg
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
This is my second play to enjoy at Theater on Main. It is very refreshing to witness local talent put their hearts and souls into entertaining their audience for a couple of hours. "Halloween Dreams" was a "sit on the edge of your seat"(and all of the seats are good) drama/comedy that had me fooled until the end. The cast did a great job in keeping our attention and the young actors in the play have very good potential. My hat goes off to the theater for helping old folks live out their acting dreams and young folks to have the opportunity to see if acting is their thing. Keep those plays coming! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Come out to see Halloween Dreams!
by schadenfreude
Thursday, October 23, 2008
I thought I'd chime in here, even after the nasty reviews have been deleted.

Theatre on Main has significantly improved their quality of production over the past year. I have seen some great shows, including "Steel Magnolias" and "Charlie Brown". To me, "Halloween Dreams" doesn't reach these heights, but does it really have too? Come on folks! Its just a fun show done by a community theatre company for Halloween. Give me a break!

So is your family looking for something fun to do before Halloween? Come out to Theatre on Main and see Halloween Dreams! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
??? by MaxPrinceRules
Um...Thank you?
Something Wicked This Way Comes...and I like it!
by Mrsanderson10
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
I attended this production last Friday, October 10, 2008. This is the first production that I have seen at this company. Overall, I found it quite enjoyable. The cast was diverse and seemed well rehearsed and comfortable in their characters.

This play is quirky and different and to me that is what made it enjoyable. The actor that played Autumn was hysterical in the second act when she came out whining about her costume. It seemed sincere and I felt like I was watching a real family situation.

The grandmother was my favorite character and, I felt, very likable. I have debated over whether or not I thought the character should have been played with "an old lady voice" as it was played by a man. I have decided that I liked it so much as it was, why change a good thing.

The children in the cast deserve mentioning. They were all very well spoken and I believe they have a lot of potential in their craft.

In closing, thank you for an enjoyable performance. I believe the money was well worth the entertainment.

The "voice" by MaxPrinceRules
Why thank you for your kind words, Mrs. Anderson. I just wanted to let you know that I offered to do a character voice for this role but the director explicitly told me not to. She felt it would take away from the play. So...what you saw was the result. Thanks again.

Gram Doobie ;)
Children in the cast by thesingingactress01
wow this comment is really late, but I like to go back to my previous shows and read the comments the help improve.

I am one of the children that appeared in the show, I was also Carol Murphy, the reporter. I played that role about a year ago, and I am now a teenager who does very professional musical theatre at places like The Grand in Cartersville which is a strickly professional theatre. Also, the main boy child character,has moved on to television. But the moral to this long speech is thank you for encouraging the children actors and actresses that work just as hard as th adults in their art!
Professional? by MaxPrinceRules
I played the Grandmother in this play, and let me tell ya, in hindsight, I cringe. That role really needed to be played by a woman. Cant believe it has been a year almost. Time flies I spose.
Halloween Dreams made me smile.
by Ihaveseenitall
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Okay, I am not a pro reviewer, just your regular "joe six-pack" if you will and I was there on opening night for Halloween Dreams. I was in a pretty full room of audience members.

The first act did a great job of developing characters. I thought that grandma as a man a little weird at first, but it grew on me. He did a good job bringing the family together. The tenacious relationship between the mom (Autumn) and the oldest child (Norma) was very real. There was humor and seriousness and redemption in their relationship.

The second act was great. Autumn, obviously the brunt of family humor, came out in Frankenstein garb and stole the show. She had the entire audience in stitches. Shortly after that was the climax of the play (I will not reveal), but it was pretty good with real gun shots and some fight scenes.

It ended on a nice note where the Halloween Dream of Gram Doobie came to pass.

I don't know what else to say, except that I liked it. Plain and simple. There are few options for seasonal plays on Halloween and I think this was a good choice for Theater on Main. I recommend it and hope you will enjoy it too.

Thanks. by AmyPowers007
Hey, thanks so much.
Worth the gas or walking to, if you enjoy Halloween
by Atlatl
Sunday, October 5, 2008
I too was in the audience on opening night and would like to rebut the review by neilsimonfan. Except for him, the audience loved the show and gave exceptional applause at the end to Chris Sawyer as Gram Doobie. The reviewer has obviously never actually seen the play before because he appears to have been expecting a serious adult drama. Get real! The title alone should be enough to know that this is a light hearted show for families with kids. And in that light, the quality of the production was very good. The woman mentioned was laughing because she was with her two kids and they enjoyed the show! (She was also nominated for a MAT award and knows what she is doing.) In fact, any theatre lover who is young enough at heart to like the fun side of Halloween will enjoy the show. Of course dried up old prunes probably should save the gas - or not walk (or wake). The reviewer obviously has a hidden agenda, since at the very least the lights and music were perfect for the show. I especially enjoyed the subtle outdoor background sounds throughout the show. Gerard Foret is a seasoned professional who makes his living designing and running tech. He graciously agreed to do this, his first show at Theatre On Main, as a personal favor to Andrea Redd who has directed a lot of memorable well done plays and musicals at a lot of theatres. Her adaptation at the end involved no additions or changes to the dialog. It is merely a creative way of acting out the closing line that I found satisfying, was suitable for the intended audience, and was well within the rights of directorial interpretation. The only other major adaptation was actually minor and was absolutely necessary for this script to be produced in conservative Cobb county. BTW - Andrea was at the show and would have talked to anyone who asked for her. She simply doesn't have a need for the self-promoting speeches that some directors do pre-show.

Folks, if the review had been written by Brad Rudy, you could give it some credence since Brad at least has the courage to sign his name. The reviewer didn't, which has advantages and disadvantages at this web site. I just wanted to point out that in this case, it seems to indicate a personal axe to grind. (Sorry, but the phrase fits the show!)

Alan DeRocher
For the record, I am not a member of the cast or crew of Halloween Dreams, but I do occasionally direct shows and run tech at Theatre On Main, and I am married to their wonderful Artistic Director.
Suggestion by GTCDEB
It sounds to me like your company needs to do a production of "The Night They Knocked the Critic Dead" (also written by L. Don Swartz) where a despised theatre critic is found dead during a community theatre company's dress rehearsal...the cast gets to write HIS "final notice". Extremely funny!
We had audiences rolling with this one.
"The Night We Knocked the Critic Dead" is offered by Eldridge Publishing in Florida.


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