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Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got the Will?
a Comedy
by Del Shores

COMPANY : The New Depot Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Center Street Arts [WEBSITE]
ID# 3171

SHOWING : October 16, 2008 - October 26, 2008



'... it's a fast, delicious, easy read with funny moments, tense moments, touching moments, and characters you care about.'-Hollywood Reporter

'A masterful comedy.'-Variety

'A well written piece of mainstream theatre that's consistently funny and occasionally touching.'-L.A. Times

'A knockout.'-L.A. Weekly

Come see The New Depot Players' production of this hilarious show!
October 16-18 at 8:00 pm
October 19 at 3:00 pm
October 23-25 at 8:00 pm

For more information please visit our website:
To order tickets please call 770-922-3143 OR you can order online at

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Director Jay Tryall
Sara Lee Turnover Connie Davis
Marlene Turnover Kim Fratesi
Evalita Turnover Amber Harris
Mama Wheelis Patty Maguire
Orville Turnover Scott Mills
Marlene Turnover Vanessa Outlaw
Harmony Rhodes Connor Pledger
Lurlene Turnover Rogers Amy Simerly
Buford "Daddy" Turnover Pat Telley
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Someone pandered to
by lowest common denominator
Monday, October 27, 2008
It is a shame that Rockdale Writer missed the entertaining and poignant story line of the play because of their over sensative values. All they heard was the language and totally missed the point of the play. This production made you laugh and cry at the same time and I would be willing to bet that that was the intention of Mr. Shores when he wrote it. This is community theater at its best and these "amateurs" as they were referred to did a marvelous job. Community theater by design is done not by professional actors but by people who have a passion to perform in their own hometown and this production was outstanding. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
If you didn't see this show, you MISSED OUT!
by dramaqueenjones
Saturday, October 25, 2008
Where to begin? First, I'd like to respond to Rockdale Writer. This person continues to bash every show the New Depot Players has ever done so I find it hard to give a review by this person any consideration. She is mean-spirited and hateful and peppers her reviews with personal judgements on things that have nothing to do with the performance, but rather with the perfomer. Shame on you for being so nasty. If all the shows are so bad, why do you continue to come see them?

As for this production...BRAVO!!!! I went last night with friends, knowing nothing about the show itself. The minute the lights went up, I was spellbound. Connie Davis is so much fun to watch. Her facial expressions are priceless! Patty Maquire was perfect and so funny! Scott Mills played mean Orville brilliantly and was well balanced by a charming performance from Vanessa Outlaw. Amy Simerly played Lurlene flawlessly. Connor Pledger was cute and mellow with just the right easy grin, and Pat Telley was so convincing as a man who is confused but still aware. Amber Harris owned her role of Evalita and I couldn't wait to hear what she would say next. My only regret is that I didn't get to see Kim Fratesi perfom, as I know she too would have been amazing. Everyone in this show was brilliant. It was hilarious, moving, sweet and raucous, and all of those things were balanced perfectly. As for language, I did not find it offensive or excessive. While it wasn't a show for young children, as mentioned on the poster, it certainly wasn't the foul-mouthed shocker that Rockdale Writer seems to want you to think it was. Jay Tryall did an unbelievably amazing job of pulling this show together under crazy circumstances. His talent as a Director is evident. His taste in shows is impeccable and his reputation as a wonderful man to work with is undeniable. I can't wait to work with him!

This show was a joy to watch. A friend of mine saw the show last week and said "I laughed, I cried, I laughed until I cried!" I think that sums it up the best.

Congratulations to Jay and his supremely talented cast! That standing ovation that Rockdale Writer so easily dismisses was well earned. (Maybe she ate the chili that Orville pee'd in and that's why she's so irate all the time!)

I thought they did very well, considering the lack of rehearsal time
by Rockdale Writer
Saturday, October 25, 2008
However, a potty-mouth play like this does not belong in Conyers. Hard to imagine a theatre troupe earning a reputation for high-quality work when it panders to the lowest common denominator. I have to admit, though, the night I saw it, it found its audience. They even gave the actors--who, it has been pointed out to me by one of their own, are amateurs--a standing ovation.

Oh PUH-LEASE by forgetmenot
As someone involved with the show, I find it disgusting that you would give this show such a low score due to language! Like the show says, "Come on... this is 1986!" I do believe, if you look at the poster, it has a pg-13 rating, anyone who can read would have known it has STRONG LANGUAGE AND ADULT SITUATIONS. It just baffles the mind that you continue to see theater in Conyers, when judging from all your past reviews, you hate everything the New Depot Players have done. I think Rockdale Writer... should become Newton Writer... or maybe even Madison Writer...

Awww what'sa matta?? by Richard Long
Were you offended by the foul language??? Did it make you upset??? Good, job well done to the cast for that one. I love it when someone is offended by show content.
Aww, Richie, whatsa matter? by Rockdale Writer
I love it when someone is offended by show reviews.
Offended is not the word I would use... try bored by forgetmenot
I do not think anyone was "offended" by your review Noreen. There was NO review. You did not review anything. You made a passing judgment on the script, and that is not what is about. It is about reviewing a show- not the writer.
Bored by your review I meant by forgetmenot
See above...
And vice versa by Richard Long
I love it when a bible hack is offended by language, yet they're dumb enough to pay for the ticket when the show was advertised that way.
Why limit yourself to one Web site? by Rockdale Writer
To reach a different audience, you may wish to post on This coming Thursday, choose your Rockdale Neighbor and click on my blog "People are passionate about the theatre."
Further clarification, please by Thesbo
Rockdale Writer, I was wondering if you could please expand upon your original review?
For instance, I noticed that you did not comment on your impressions of the set design, costuming or sound design or how these aspects contribute to or detract from the production as a whole.
Having read your review of this production I did go back and read your previous reviews and would be interested to know your impressions of some of the actors in this show in light of their previous work. For instance, you enjoyed Amy Simerly in Dearly Beloved and remarked upon her again in your review of Curious Savage. Did she continue to live up to your expectations in this production? I read your statement that Vanessa Outlaw portrayed only one emotion in Curious Savage. If she portrayed Marlene in the production you saw do you feel that she has grown as an actor? You enjoyed Connie Davis' facial expressions in Dearly Beloved. Did she bring the same energy to this performance?
Further, you had nothing to say of the pacing, direction or character development of this show.
Looking back on your previous reviews it occurs to me that maybe the people who commented so fiercely on this review did so partially because it was so out of character for you to be so short on actual production details.
So, again...could you please expand upon your review?
It's Astounding... by ontheboards
...that RockdaleWriter continues to post her drivel here (or anywhere else). Let's define the nature of a "review" shall we?

Critique (n.) - A critical review or commentary, especially one dealing with works of art or literature.

Critical (adj.) - (1) Inclined to judge severely and find fault. (2) Characterized by careful, exact evaluation and judgment; a critical reading.

Review (v.) - To write or give a critical report on (a new work or performance, for example).

For some reason RockdaleWriter has chosen to utilize the first meaning of critical, which as we potentially ALL know is the incorrect meaning to utilize in the case of a theatre review.

I'm not sure what qualifies RockdaleWriter to set herself forth to all as theatre expert extraordinaire. Perhaps she would care to enlighten us all, just exactly what her credentials are that enable her to make these judgments she sets forth here.

This review, as with all her others, has less substance relating to the production than personal attacks on actors, directors, etc.

The production did, indeed, contain adult language as was clearly advertised on the posters, flyers, etc. It did not appear that any of the audience members I saw at any of the performances I attended had any issues with the language.

Far better to read a review that's relevant to the aspects of a show that potential audience members might actually gain something from vs. RockdaleWriter's attempts to bash everything she sees.
No reply from Rockdale Writer by Thesbo
I re-posted my request for further clarification on her blog per her request but have yet to receive a reply anywhere. I can only surmise that she has no further detail to her review. Such a shame. Rockdale Writer - I can only suggest at this point that you find a theater you can more objectivly review.
To Thesbo by Rockdale Writer
For my reply to you, look on the same blog on where you posted the same request.
PS Can't wait for the next New Depot Players production! You bet I'll be reviewing it.


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