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The Music Man
a Musical
by Meredith Willson

COMPANY : Fabrefaction Theater Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Fabrefaction Theater [WEBSITE]
ID# 3964

SHOWING : March 25, 2011 - April 10, 2011



Don’t miss FTC’s production of this classic Tony-Award winning musical! The Music Man is a lively show set in River City, Iowa, which tells the story of a con man (Professor Harold Hill) who poses as a boys’ band organizer and sells band instruments and uniforms to naive townsfolk before skipping town with the cash. But, what happens when Harold Hill finds romance?

Director Christina Hoff
Stage Manager Jono Davis
Assistant Director Lane Eisenburg
Assistant Stage Manager Liz Schad
Musical Director Nick Silvestri
Ensemble Emily Dixon
Mayor Shinn Mark Feldman
Harold Hill Trey Getz
Marian Paroo Jill Ginsberg
Alma Tatiana Godfrey
Maud Lisa Hatt
Ewart Marcus Hazzard
Eulalie Shinn Jaclyn Hofmann
Ensemble Chelsea Knost
Charley AJ Kuemmel
Ensemble Caleb Lawton
Marcellus Marc Megahee
Mrs. Paroo Nancy Riggs
Oliver John Stanier
Olin David Stephens
Ethel Jennifer Waldman
Ensemble Alessa Walle
Mrs. Squires Katie Wine
Jacey Eddie Zaboroskie
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by DanS
Saturday, April 2, 2011
Saw show last night and have to agree with all three reviews. Marion = Good, Eulalie = Good, Quartet = Good, Harold Hill = Trouble. Show started well, but after Getz noticeably lost the lyrics in "Trouble" and then again in "76 Trombones" the performance never seemed to get back on track. Valiant effort by some of the adult actors to get the energy back, but without a strong Hill you don't end up with a strong "Music Man". I didn't mind the costumes but I didn't like the sets. Not rating the show as so many children were involved and I think they should get a pass on ratings.
Overall enjoyable. Eulalie and Urns steal the show!
by TheatreLover
Saturday, April 2, 2011
After reading these last two reviews, I felt compelled to put in my two-sense.
Overall, I think this production is entertaining.
I was not impressed by the costumes or set, I liked the concept of black and white, but it was not executed well....
I had the most issues with Harold Hill. Trey Getz had a lot of energy but was not a believable Hill. He was too young and did not deliver his lines with any depth. The character of Hill is a con man- I didn't see that in Getz's interpretation! Also, I felt there was a lack of chemistry between him and Marion, who seemed much older than Hill, as Getz looks like he is barely legal. I applaud Getz for his effort, but I was not happy with the casting decision. I would have liked to see him tackle the role of Marcellus, if he ever did this show again.
Jill Ginsberg was a fine Marion. Her voice was beautiful and I enjoyed her interpretation of the character. Her rendition of goodnight, my someone was gorgeous! I had some small issues with her, mainly this: I couldn't see her face throughout a lot the scenes, she didn't turn towards the audience at certain points. I felt like I missed her reactions to key parts of the show. But overall, job well done! Also, my note about costumes can be disregarded for her- and only her. Her costumes were beautiful!
Mrs. Paroo. Fantastic! She was a breath of fresh air. The accent was very good.
Winthrop. I know he is only a child, but why did the musical director not work with him to get on pitch? Every time he sang, he was flat or sharp, or something! Also, when he sang, his lisp went away. I don't want to be too harsh, as he is only a child, but why was this not addressed by the musical director? I blame him, not the child. And I must say, the acting was fine, the singing was the only real issue.
Eulalie Shinn. What a comedic gem! Along with her grecian urn ladies, she stole the show! I absolutely loved every choice she made! Laughed out loud every time! Brava! From the moment she enters with her solo, she wins over the audience, right up until she is told to sit down by her husband at the end of the show. Her performance alone is worth the ticket price! My favorite moment was when she leapt across the stage during the grecian urn scene. Hilarious!
The Mayor. The night I saw the show, it appeared he forgot a lot of his lines. I know he is supposed to be tongue-tied, but something was off. I wasn't his biggest fan.
Marcellus. Overall, good job. He played off of certain individuals very well- like Harold and Ethel. Very fun to watch during Shipoopi (especially when he danced with Ethel!) I think his microphone was having some issues, the night I saw him, as I couldn't hear him that well during his duet with Harold.
Charlie Cowell. He was very upset over Hill not knowing the territory and I enjoyed him in the opening number; but I was not satisfied with the bit about him coming on to Marion. He just seemed out of place in that scene... It was odd.
The Quartet. Awesome! I especially enjoyed the tall man. I do not remember his character name, but he was fun to watch and a standout. The men really shined during "Lida Rose". It was a great number and their comedic timing was wonderful! The other members of the quartet are great, but I have some issues hearing them deliver their actual lines throughout the show...
Grecian Urns. Eulalie and her urns stole the show! (They are also worth the ticket price!) The standouts (aside from Mrs. Shinn) were Ethel and Mrs. Squires. Ethel delivers such amazing facial expressions and a crazy, contagious laugh that has the audience cracking up all throughout the show. Look for her "pianola playing". It is outrageously funny! Mrs. Squires has such amazing energy and facial expressions -especially during the pick a little scene. Look for her fantastic pose during the "2 Grecian Urn" moment. The other urn ladies are fabulous, but not up to par, comedically, with Eulalie, Ethel, and Squires.
The children. There are so many of them! I applaud Fabrefaction for their efforts- as I am sure it was a tedious rehearsal process with all of those kids! Great job!

As I previously stated, the show is enjoyable! I would recommend certain people and scenes to many people! If you see this show, go for Eulalie, Marion, Ethel, Mrs. Squires, the urn ladies, and the quartet. They are the clear standouts. The Music Man has its moments, the dancing is fun, the energy of the cast is great, and the overall show is a delight. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
um.. by bellsplayer
Agreed by I love musical theater
I completely agree. I was not fond of Harold Hill. He was too young and like the other reviews mentioned, he didn't know his lyrics and didn't have much depth. I never considered him as Marcellus, but that is an interesting idea...
Marion had a great voice and was very believable, as previously mentioned by others.
Everyone else is correct: Eulalie and the urns stole the show. I loved her interpretation of the character. Also, I completely agree about Ethel- she was hysterical, especially when she laughed! Mrs. Squires was not my favorite, but I can see why she was favored by others.
I do agree with the other reviewers, the show is enjoyable, just not completely solid because of Harold Hill. If only this show was called "The Grecian Urns" instead of "The Music Man". Then the show would have been solid. Unfortunately, Getz is not up to par in the role.
The trouble with TROUBLE
by Stages4me
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
We don’t usually make the trek from Northern OTP down to Midtown for theater, but my husband is a foodie and wanted to try the restaurant MILLER UNION, so … two birds, one stone. Dinner was great, show just OK.

My biggest issue with this production was Harold Hill (not an easy role to pull off). While Trey Gertz had a good singing voice and lots of energy, I just couldn’t buy him as the legendary con man. He didn’t seem confident in lyrics for “Trouble” and “76 Trombones” and his characterization / affectations didn’t suggest a leading man. Sorry if I sound harsh. I do think Mr. Gertz has talent … I just don’t think this is the right role for him.

Choreography was iffy. Some folks on stage really sold it, most seemed tentative. “Marion the Librarian” was very stilted … seemed to go on forever.
For costumes and sets, I understood the theme of black and white and adding color as the show goes on, but the set painting seemed like they ran our of time, slapped on a coat white primer and trimmed the edges in black … I expect more from “professional” theater.

We did like some things. Jill Ginsberg has a beautiful voice and made a believable Marion.
Really enjoyed the quartet (“Lyda Rose” always plucks the strings of my heart).
There were lots of adorable kids (with triple casting of youth roles). Kudos to all the youngsters for getting out on that stage and giving it their all!

Maybe I’ve seen MUSIC MAN too many times and am comparing too much to past productions … so I suggest you go and form your own opinion.
Good Show for Fabrefaction
by chelsnell28
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
There was a lot of imagination that went into Fabrefaction's The Music Man. I was at the Saturday night performance and I left with a smile on my face. I saw their production of Rent and I was not impressed. The quality, the acting, and the overall performance was a terrible letdown. The Music Man was much better and probably the best product to come from this company. Still, the space is cluttered with a cast of nearly 40 actors and a weak technical design.

For a show like The Music Man, you must have a strong Harold Hill. Trey Getz is all song and dance. Unfortunately, his Hill lacks any sort of depth. Getz's performance is very high energy throughout the entire show, but there is no volume to his acting. The dialogue sounds as if he's reciting it from the script and the subtleties of his transformation from conman to band leader have gone out the window. Getz's performance is one of the only negative comments I have with this show. But since he is The Music Man, that's a fairly large comment.

Jill Ginsberg does a fine job as Marian Paroo and Nancy Riggs is stellar as Mrs. Paroo. Jaclyn Hoffman steals the show as Eulalie. These three actresses are worth the price of admission alone.

Aside from Hill, the ensemble does a fine job filling up the stage. Each actor has made their character really stand out (particularly the gossip ladies and the barbershop quartet.) The children cast as Winthrop and Amaryllis were interesting choices, but their performances were overshadowed by the adults.

The sound was a thousand times better than Rent. There was a great balance between the live band and the singers. The set design was an interesting concept. I really enjoyed the transition from black and white to color. My only criticism is the grade school-esqe quality of the scenery. Cheaply painted flats became an eyesore and the lighting design was very uninspired. There were many focusing issues and dead spots on the stage which became a distraction.

Each time I see a show at Fabrefaction, it gets better.

I so agree! by Stages4me
Wow, we saw the same performance and felt the same way! Posting my review shortly and wrote it before I read yours ... please don't think I'm a copycat.


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