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a Musical
by John Michael Tebelah

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 427

SHOWING : August 09, 2002 - September 21, 2002



One of the biggest successes, on Broadway and off Broadway, of all time! Based on the gospel of St. Mathew and featuring a sparkling score by Stephen Schwartz, Godspell boasts a string of well-loved songs led by the international hit Day by Day. Godspell is a ground breaking and unique reflection on the life of Jesus with a message of kindness, tolerance and love.

Cathy H. Burroughs R.P. Foster
Director Andy Meeks
Stage Manager Richard Harrison Underwood
Self/Jeffery Tyler Minton Calkins
Jesus Keith Dykes
Disciple Kelly Elizabeth Grady
Ensemble Kristen Keating
John the Baptist/Judas Kyle Price
Ensemble Mark W. Schroeder
Self/Herb chris skinner
Self/Jeffery T. Keith Waldrop
taylor. Everyone knows this by now. R.P. Foster
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Not Bad
by Gatsby
Wednesday, September 25, 2002
I have seen this show done by many theatres before in the past. This is not the best version I have seen, but it is not the worst version I have seen. My daughter and I enjoyed the show very much. The presentation of it, was a delight, considering that it was done in a small space. The only reason that I do give it an average score is because it is nothing new. I saw the show about 7 months ago at another theatre, and it was just as good. Don't get me wrong, the show was nice, but there was nothing different or orginal as far as the artistic value of the show (such as the set and the direction). Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable evening of music and entertainment. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Written by Friend of Mine
by GaTallOne
Friday, September 20, 2002
Don't miss this amazing, hip hop, hilarious, moving and uplifting new take
of the 70's
musical Godspell in its final weeks at the Kudzu Playhouse in Roswell.
and hiply directed by Andy Meeks with witty, brilliant and beguiling musical
direction by Nathan Hughes, this profoundly moving and often outrageously
funny production is lead by a masterful ensemble cast with more than a few
flashes of genius throughout. At the heart of this big hearted musical
based on the uplifting Gospel According to Mathew, is a powerfully acted
Jesus performed by the versatile and convincing with an exceptional
emotional range - Keith Dykes. The cast is chock full of brilliance, whimsey
and exceptional talent with stand out performances by all. Their singing,
dancing, hi jinks, vaudevilliant slap stick, energy and depth of performance
is rarely seen in this town...never mind the streets off and on Broadway and
beyond. Expect for a number of these shooting stars to go far.....Special
mention to the hip and powerful Kyle Price as Judas/John the Baptist; the
sexy and marvellous Robyn Gurin - her dancing, singing, finesse and prowess
were awesome; the absolutely roll in the ailes comedy and humanity of Chris
Skinner; the endearing and self effacing charm of Keith Waldrop; the lovely
singing and wild take and mirth as a physically-challenged joker of Kelly
Grady, the beauty and spiritual purity of Kristen Keating and more! The
singing, the dancing, the emotionaly roller coaster! This Godspell takes you
on a a wild and bawdy hip and happening journey that is full of heart and
soul! Not to miss!

Cathy H. Burroughs

WHat a SPELL they Cast
by GaTallOne
Monday, September 16, 2002
What can I say but WOW!

On Sunday I had the privilege of watching Kudzu Playhouse’s production of “Godspell”. Quite frankly I was astounded. IT WAS THEATER AT ITS BEST.A true ensemble production a stellar talent.

I first saw “Godspell” in 1974 and was blown away by the concept and the music. It stuck with me all these years. I was looking forward to seeing it again. I wanted to see just what this intimate theater would do with this production.

From the causal way in which the actors enter the stage and begin to interact with each other, the audience is slowly drawn into the action. We see the common person on stage’ from the slightly drunken street person to the street vendor, shop owner, customers policeman, and waitress. All walks of life can be seen mirrored in front of us. As “John the Baptist’ (Kyle Price) admonishes us to “Prepare ye the way of the Lord”, in a very warm and rich baritone voice, we are introduced to a young man that had not been seen earlier. In some ways he didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the people. He appeared to be at first and observer and then leader.

Keith Dykes displayed a remarkable ability to both be a part of the group and yet still maintain a certain air of difference, yes, a paternal feel about his demeanor. His “Jesus” was compassionate, as well as, strong willed. You saw the “man” in the Son of Man. He seemed to let himself get caught up in the moment with his fellow men, but at the end would always return to the vision of inner peace.

By in large, to me, the most notable performance was by Kristen Keating. Her performance of “By My Side” was hauntingly beautiful. Her voice filled the theater and reached down into your very soul and made you feel her emotion. I am still haunted by her voice.

Andy Meeks is to applauded for his skillful direction and careful updating for this timeless story.

All that I can say is that if you can find someway to get yourself to see this show. It shouldn’t be missed
Good God Almighty!
by Rwalker52
Monday, August 19, 2002
Having never been to the Kudzu Playhouse before, I was unsure of what to expect and frankly, more than a little apprehensive. However, the cast of "Godspell" won me over within the first ten minutes of the production. The songs were well done and the acting was excellent. The music was a little too loud but that in no way diminished my enjoyment of this musical. "Day by Day," "Turn Back Oh Man," and "We Beseech Thee" were stand-outs that I will be singing in my head for weeks. Each member of the cast contributed perfectly to create a pleasing performance that I will definitely see again. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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