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Shrek the Musical

a Musical Comedy
by Jeanine Tesori (music) & David Lindsay-Abaire (words)

COMPANY : Atlanta Lyric Theatre
VENUE : Jennie T. Anderson Theatre-Cobb Civic Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 4945

SHOWING : August 19, 2016 - September 04, 2016



Set in a mythical "once upon a time" sort of land, "Shrek The Musical" is the story of a hulking green ogre who, after being mocked and feared his entire life, retreats to an unsightly green swamp to exist in happy isolation. Suddenly, a gang of homeless fairy-tale characters (Pinocchio, Cinderella, the Three Pigs, you name it!) raid his sanctuary, saying they’ve been evicted by the vertically challenged Lord Farquaad. So Shrek strikes a deal: "I’ll get your homes back, if you leave me in peace." But when Shrek and Farquaad meet, the Lord strikes a deal of his own: He’ll give the fairy-tale characters their homes back, if Shrek rescues Princess Fiona. This is, where they say, the plot thickens. Happily, there’s more to this story than meets the ears. "Shrek The Musical," with its positive message about acceptance and non-conformity, is this year’s must-see show for younger ones and ogre ones alike!

Director Chase Todd
Papa Bear/Ensemble Jared Brodie
Donkey Quentin Avery Brown
Straw Pig/Ensemble Chase Davidson
Sugar Plum Fairy/Teen Fiona/Blind Mouse/ Brittany Ellis
Fiona Randi Garza
Mama Bear/Dragon/Ennsemble Kayce Grogan-Wallace
Fairy Godmother/Ensemble Bonnie Harris
Wood Pig/Thelonius/Ensemble Andrew Klopach
Lord Farquaad Vatican Lokey
Brick Pig/Ensemble Nathan Lubeck
Witch/Gingy/Ensemble Marcie Millard
Elf/Blind Mouse/Ensemble Hayley Platt
Peter Pan/Ensemble Tyler Sarkis
Wolf/Ensemble Jordan Snead
Pinocchio/Ensemble Austin Tijerina
Shrek Ryan Everett Wood
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Shrek the Soundtrack
by playgoer
Wednesday, August 24, 2016
I understand why "Shrek the Musical" requires vocals to go through a sound system: there are recorded roars and sounds of bodily functions that need to blend seamlessly with the onstage dialogue. Still, it’s a bit disconcerting to see live action occurring across the stage while hearing the entire score amplified through a set of stationary speakers. At the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, sound designer Daniel Patillo blends the sounds nicely, but the resulting over-amplification tends to muddy snappy speech patterns, such as those of Quentin Avery Brown as the sassy Donkey.

Atlanta Lyric Theatre’s production looks good, as it should with scenery (designed by Tom Buderwitz) and costumes (designed by Kate Bergh) that appear to have been rented from previous West Coast productions. George Deavours’ wigs add to the visual appeal of the production. Choreography by director Chase Todd keeps the action flowing in delightful ways.

The cast onstage is filled with triple threats whose singing voices do full justice to the songs (with the exception of Bonnie Harris as the Fairy Godmother, whose duties as dance captain perhaps make up for the weakness of her voice). Everyone dances well, including lead players Ryan Everett Wood (Shrek) and Randi Garza (Fiona), with special kudos to Vatican Lokey (Lord Farquaad), who dances primarily on his knees. Fine acting performances are found across the board, with the cast jumping with both feet into their oversized (or undersized) fairy tale characters. Every audience member is likely to have his or her favorite(s) in the ensemble; my favorite was Randi Garza, who shows the true sparkle of a star.

Atlanta Lyric Theatre’s production of "Shrek the Musical" is thoroughly professional. David Lindsay-Abaire’s script and lyrics tell an irreverent fairy tale story, and this production puts it across with all its qualities on full display. Jeanine Tesori’s music puts a sprightly spin on the action, and this production gives it its full due. Is it unexpectedly wonderful? No. But it packs a wallop of fun into its two and a half tune-filled hours. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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