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The Thing about Men
a Musical Comedy
by Joe DiPietro (words) and JImmy Roberts (music)

COMPANY : Wallace Buice Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : 7 Stages [WEBSITE]
ID# 5163

SHOWING : October 26, 2017 - October 29, 2017



Tom is cheating on his wife Lucy (with several women). Lucy is cheating on her husband Tom (with Sebastian). Tom moves out on Lucy and, in disguise, moves in with Sebastian. These are the circumstances that set the mood of hilarious intrigue in this often moving but always light hearted musical about men.

Director Taylor Buice
Woman Bonnie Harris
Lucy Bethany Irby
Tom Matthew Sidney Morris
Man J. Koby Parker
Sebastian Haden Rider
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For Adult(erer)s Only
by playgoer
Sunday, October 29, 2017
What a way to start a new theatre company! "The Thing about Men" produced by the Wallace Buice Theatre Company is a pleasure to behold. The story and songs are little more than cute, but they’re performed with such aplomb that you can’t help but leave with a broad smile on your face.

Zack Vandever’s ingenious set uses three flat gray walls (center, left, and right) with jigsaw cutout sections that get removed, pulled out, or rotated to function as set pieces or set dressing for the various locations in which the action takes place. The cast and the stage crew of Susan Hiltner, Taylor Coley, and Raine Hess speedily change the set between scenes, keeping the momentum moving throughout the show. D. Connor McVey’s lighting design nicely delineates the sections of the stage on which action is occurring.

George Deavours’ wigs and the cast’s costumes add visual appeal to the production. Two cast members (J. Koby Parker and Bonnie Harris) play numerous roles, and their various get-ups work together with their different voices and body language stances to bring hilarity to the forefront whenever they’re onstage. Their work is superb.

The three main characters are advertising art director Tom (Matthew Sidney Morris), the philandering husband of Lucy (Bethany Irby), who in turn has recently taken up with bohemian artist Sebastian (Haden Rider). All have costume changes that also impress. Mr. Morris has the most to do and Ms. Irby the least, but they all sing beautifully (as do Mr. Parker and Ms. Harris). Musical director Ed Thrower and his four-piece band create a thoroughly professional soundscape to accompany the singers. Somewhat unfortunately, Preston Goodson’s sound design over-amplifies the band, requiring the powerful singers to be miked.

Director Taylor Buice has created a production that brings Joe DiPietro’s story to vibrant life. Mr. DiPietro’s lyrics are clever and clear, and the cast gets them across cleverly and clearly. Mr. Morris does the most impressive job, showing real emotion as he realizes he wants to reunite with his wife and has actually bonded with his wife’s lover. Mr. Rider has the good looks and charisma for Sebastian, but Ms. Irby doesn’t have much chemistry with either of her leading men. Hers is a curiously detached performance, contrasting with the heartfelt sincerity of Mr. Morris and the cheery energy of Mr. Rider.

"The Thing about Men" speeds along, filled with song and action. The inaugural production of the Wallace Buice Theatre Company pays fine tribute to a man who loved performing and whose grandson, Taylor Buice, carries on the family tradition of delighting receptive audiences. What a way to start a new theatre company! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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