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Holiday Punch

a Holiday Show
by Katelin Wilcox, Martha Bolton, Barbara Lindsay, Steven Miller, Ron Burch, Daniel Guyton

COMPANY : Lionheart Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : College Street Playhouse
ID# 5188

SHOWING : November 30, 2017 - December 03, 2017



A Great adult night out or Christmas Party with friends!

This wonderful event returns to Lionheart Theatre! You will see Seven, 10-Minute Plays, enjoy an Artisan Crostini Bar by Sizzling Peach Catering, a beverage and a trip to the Dessert Table!

"Rosie, the Retired Rockette" Daniel Guyton
"Hot Air" Nancy Caldwell
"My Dad’s Advent Story" Douglas Isbecque
"The Great Parking Space" Marla Krohn
"Santa the Claus" Paul Milliken
"Santa’s Little Mrs." Carla Scruggs
"Rosie, the Retired Rockette" Bob Winstead
Millie Tanya G Caldwell
Sarah Erik Dillard
Father Paul Franchak
Rosie Glory Hanna
Narrator Justin Isbecque
Beetle the elf Heather Kapp
Kit Laura Lankford
CJ Alan Lankford
Mrs. Claus Holli Majors
WIlbur Joseph McLaughlin
Willadene Debbie McLaughlin
Store Clerk Cat Roche
Santa Claus Toby Smallwood
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No Punch, But Liquor Tickets Provided
by playgoer
Monday, December 4, 2017
On opening night, there’s bound to be a few jitters in the cast and a lack of fluidity in performance, as actors respond to their cues with momentary delays that affect the flow of the production. This was in full evidence at Lionheart Theatre’s "Holiday Punch," a collection of seven short, holiday-themed plays split by two intermissions, during which crostini from Sizzling Peach and then desserts (by Amy Szymanski and Pinching Loaves Bakery) are served. The food and the plays can supply equal amounts of enjoyment.

First up is "Hot Air" by Katelin Wilcox. Three Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade elf balloons gossip and kvetch on the day before the parade. It’s a cute concept, a bit long in execution, and leads to a sentimental ending. Director Nancy Caldwell has assembled terrific costumes and set pieces for this play, and gets good performances out of quirky Jason Bernardo and married couple Alan and Laura Lankford.

The second piece is the only one in which momentary delays in lines weren’t in evidence on opening night. That may be in part due to the structure of Martha Bolton’s "The Great Parking Space," in which a husband drives his wife around a mall parking lot in search of the perfect parking spot. Speaking while driving, of course, cannot be as fluid as a typical conversation. But then again married couple Joseph and Debbie McLaughlin elevate any material they perform. Marla Krohn has directed them to let this breezy, quirkily charming script come to sparkling life. Good costumes and props too!

After crostini, Martha Bolton’s "Store Wars" starts with a bang as Millie (Tanya Caldwell) comes to the customer complaint counter of a department store to complain about, well, a customer. Add in Sarah (Erik Dillard) coming in as a cross-complainer and Cat Roche trying to smooth the situation as a store clerk, and the entertainment factor jumps off the charts. Nona Johnson has directed the sharp script with equal sharpness, and the wigs and costumes add to the heightened enjoyability of this selection.

Next in the second act is Barbara Lindsay’s "Santa’s Little Mrs." Carla Scruggs has directed her husband Tim as Santa Claus, as he struggles to comprehend the dissatisfaction of Mrs. Claus (Holli Majors). The script goes on a bit long before the two come to an understanding. The good costuming continues in this play.

Last in the second act is Steven Miller’s "My Dad’s Advent Story." Under Doug Isbecque’s direction, youngster James Wood steals the show with his embarrassed reactions during Justin Isbecque’s narration of the time his drunken father (Paul Franchak) gave an inappropriate advent sex lecture to him when he was a boy. Props and costumes also impress in this selection.

After dessert, Ron Burch’s "Santa the Claus" takes us to a corporate office where a toy executive (Steven Cooper) is threatened by Santa (Toby Smallwood) and his hench-elf (Heather Kapp). Paul Milliken has directed it to have lots of energy, although blocking around the office desk can get a bit crowded. Ms. Kapp’s elf costume is a wonder to behold.

Last up is Daniel Guyton’s "Rosie, the Retired Rockette," in which a nursing home resident (Glory Hanna) relives her heyday as a Rockette, mistaking her daughter (Tina Barnhill) and granddaughters (Kendra Gilbert and Anna Leigh Spencer) as fellow dancers with whom she shares spicy gossip. Robert Winstead has directed Ms. Hanna to start the show with seated dance movements that clearly evoke the Rockettes, and the play moves toward its sentimental conclusion with numerous laughs along the way.

Carla Scruggs’ lights and Bob Peterson’s sound enhance the action. With a set decorated by giant candy canes and primitive Christmas tree cut-outs, there’s a holiday feel from start to finish. And when Martha Bolton’s strong scripts are enhanced by excellent direction and sterling performances, Lionheart’s "Holiday Punch" hits its heights of entertainment. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
The writer of “My Dad’s Advent Story” by Okely Dokely
Any relation to you-know-who?


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