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Steel Magnolias

COMPANY : Cobb Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Little General Playhouse
ID# 681

SHOWING : January 10, 2003 - February 14, 2003



Cast Michael Andrew Dillson
Cast Emily Dillson
Cast Alexander Dillson
Cast Andy Leach
Costumes Lani Leach Brooks
Truvy Jones Wendy Daniels
Clairee Belcher Zanny Leach Dillson
Ouiser Boudreaux Lani Leach Brooks
Clairee Belcher Zanny Leach Dillson
Costumes, Props Zanny Leach Dillson
M'Lynn Eatenton Denyea Swartz
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Steel Magnolias...a chick show you'll dig (1-18-03)
by Travesty
Monday, February 10, 2003
I saw Steel Magnolias the other night and rather
enjoyed it. Now, I'm not one to automatically cheer
at a "chick flic" (yes, I know this isn't the
movie...which I didn't see either), but the cast did a
great job. I didn't know the whole play took place
inside a beauty salon, but the cast did a great job of
taking us to different places in our minds, making us
laugh hard, and touching our hearts. Hats off to
them, and I highly recommend you catch this show.

by ArtsPatron
Monday, February 3, 2003
This theater has made such improvements in so many aspects. Their musicals are top-notch, the children's theater is very popular, and the quality of the plays gets better with each production. Since I live in Cobb County, I often attend performances at Cobb Venues. But I rarely review, an oversight for which I will try to make amends.
I will admit the "interest" that this play has stemmed on this website is stimulating. If it gets more people in the seats, so much the better. But be warned--the play is much different than the movie that everybody is so familiar with.
The play is one stationary set, and all the action is in that one arena. The sight lines were good from where I sat. The sound was fine except when the heater turned on. The set looked well-constructed and believable. It did not shake when doors were slammed, a definite plus.
There are only six characters in the play, a large divergance from the movie. I think the story was much better without the extra characters and scenes. The actresses had to bring the men in their lives into the audiences minds with their words. They succeeded well, because I feel that I would know Drum, Jackson, Lloyd, Bunky, and all the rest if I met them at a party.
The play was wonderful! All the actresses did a very credible job in bringing their characters to life. Each character displayed all the emotions proper to her scene. And, boy, they ran the gamut! The characters all meshed and intermeshed with each other effortlessly.
I am going to try and go back again before it closes. It is not often that I see something more than once--but I will make an exception in this case. Great job, ladies!!

Another Thank You by Galore
Just as Denyea (my lovely and talented M'Lynn) commented on these reviews, I (Clairee) also wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all the reviewers for taking the time to write their heartfelt opinions. It brings us down to read the bad ones, but it really elates our spirits to read the good ones. Here's hoping for a few more good reviews for our last two weeks. Thanks again.
Its Ok...
by Funkytheater
Saturday, February 1, 2003
THis is from a girls point of view but I liked the show and it was well worth my 14 dollars.and the mother daughter pair,M'LYNN & SHELBY,where awsome!CLAIREE & OUWEEZER got me laughing with there friendly fude. TRUVY & ANNELL'S Partnership was exelent and if it where MY weding day I would have the girl who played TRUVY do my hair.IM NOT IN THIS SHOW!!!And Theaterreview,I could also see the pictures on the wall!Get some Glasses [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Funny Review....
by Thesbian Dan
Saturday, February 1, 2003
Now that last review was funny, but pretty much true in my opinion Saw this play last week, but never commented on it. It was a great show. Took my girlfriend. She cried. All of the actresses on stage did a great job.

I told all of my office staff to come and see this one. I think they are going tomorrow night....

If I were going to give a play "zeros", I would not hide behind the auspices of a fake login name - seems to me if TheatreCritic is right - someone has a grudge. Hope this does not effect this shows score or anything....

Can We All Just Get Along? Read This...
by TheatreCritic
Saturday, February 1, 2003
Seems to me as if some little itty-bitty theatrical production up in Cobb County is causing a little ruckus on this rarely-used message board. Well, praise the Box Office Messiah cause this little sabre-duel caused me to open up the venetian blinds and go and watch this peep show tonight at the Cobb Playhouse in Marietta.

After re-reading these ridiculously contrary reviews and additional rebuttal commentary wider apart than any all-color or no-color placement on the spectrum, I didn't know what to expect. Was I going to see a Speilberg stage production or consuming an appetizer for sleep medicine? So, with a full belly from a tasty Buckhead diner and a few extra bottled waters, I eagerly trucked it on up to see the raging battle of comments originating from the performance of the play, "Steel Magnolias".

Now, I saw the movie - yes, I know it was a chick-flick. Rated "S" for sap. One doesn't have to inform me of this. How in the world any male could sit through THAT with a sign of real content and gratification on their face is way beyond me, but I am man enough to admit I have seen the film - well, maybe twice. So I went into this little project with a sense of keen intelect and mass knowledge and expressed familiarity synonomous with that of reading the Hulk growing up and frantically awaiting the comedic farce of this Marvel comic book hero on the big screen this coming summer. Well, enough banter - here is the real poop on the scoop.

First, I will steadfastly admit that the first five minutes of the production had me mesmorized - well, one of the actresses did. Wendy Daniels. How she fit into that blouse must have involved some quantum physics, but nonetheless, she caught my attention. She is beautiful. Did I mention she looked good? Anyway, I hastily downed four bottled waters and moved on. I will say that for a chick-play, I was actually amazed by the performance. Yes, there was the occasional dropped line or three, and in some minute cases it was kind of noticable, but overall these elite women kept it real. The looked like close family up there. They appeared to have known each other for several years. They didn't really act like drama queens or amateur actors: they acted like the characters I saw in the movie. I wish they had used a real dog, and maybe a milkman to add some spice to the show, but overall I was impressed. The show was not a total loss like one of the commentors had stated earlier, but I actually found myself watching the show. Well, except getting used to the first five minutes, but I won't climb that mountain again.

The end of the play did NOT have my crying, but EVERY female in the audience sure was. Seems to me if that was going on, someone was doing their job - both in acting and in directing. The wet aurora emitting from that audience was enough to saturate a 12.45 acre plot of farmland.

Anyway, I paid $14 and I enjoyed it. Now, this isn't gonna make me want to run out and watch more chick-plays, but I will say that I was thoroughly entertained by this cast. Anji Roe was very VERY cute and had great, subtle facial expressions. Lani Brooks was hillarious in those funky-blue-whatever-the-heck-those-things-were on her legs (loose the hat, girl). Zanny Dillson WAS Clairee. Leslie Lowe (spelling?) as Shelby - had me thinking of that "Feelings" song - a superb actress with lots of potential. Wendy Daniels - woops, back to the mountain again. Amazing what four cans of hair spray can do to a head full of hair! She was sassy, spunky, and caught my attention. And no - I was NOT thinking "Dolly Pardon". Well, maybe in some places. But she walked the walk and talked the talk as her character. But stop the press - the Tony is about to be given.

Denyea Swartz (spelling?). I can not put into words my thoughts about her portrayal of M'Lynn. Her unbridled passion, her careful use of her voice and body language, her full range of emotion, and her ability to bring an audience to tears - all I can say is, "Wow". Move over Halle Berry. Wait for her speech at eleven.


Seriously, setting aside all the above sarcasm and attempt to get a few cheap laughs in a mini-speech, as an accomplished actor in the metro-Atlanta area, there are things we notice that others do not. The carefull attention to detail. Enough knowledge of the arts to know that this is a COMMUNITY PLAY and not a multi-million dollar budget film. The actresses on that stage gave a great performance and actually made me come out of the woodwork and into Cobb Playhouse to see this show. I do not know much about the director's style or what all he (or she) did to bring this out of these characters, but the emotion and the colorful texture and the richness of expression were all there. In some cases, and in some of the acresses, like Denyea Swartz, Leslie Lowe, and Anji Roe, the tonal intonation and proper annunication allowed me to clearly hear every word uttered.

I would recommend this play to anyone who would not care for this kind of play, but wants an evening of consuming and enveloping entertainment. And if this type of play is your cup of tea - shame on you for not already seeing it.

These are just my opinions, and NO - I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SHOW.

I will probably go again just to see Wendy Daniels....;) [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
If I die tonight, they'll find me with a smile on my face in the morning! by Denyea
On behalf of the director and entire cast, a heartfelt thank you for your words of praise. Like all artists, we put our hearts and souls into that show, and we appreciate being appreciated. And speaking strictly for myself, I'm tickled pink! Bless you.
STEEL a bad rating
by theaterreviewer
Tuesday, January 28, 2003
I am still rating this show a 0.
The person who rated the show a 4 was in my mind in the show.
There was never anything stating that Ouiser and Clairee were mother and daughter. And the photos on the wall could not be seen that well from the front row. Only someone in the show would have known that the photos were cast members.
Please do not waste your time and money seeing this show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Clarification by ArtsPatron
Ouiser and Clairee are not mother and daughter. They are best friends. The "mother-daughter" dramatic foil referred to in the review was that of Shelby and M'Lynn. I don't know about the pictures. I am seeing the show this week and I will look for the cast members pictures. Sounds fun.
I also don't know that the reviewer was someone in the show; nor do you. It could be, perhaps, someone who saw the show and liked it better than you, and wanted to counter the low rating. Two zero ratings from one reviewer seems a little overboard to me.
Correct. by demosthenes
I was, of course, referring to M'Lynn and Shelby as the mother/daughter pair.
exuse me.... by breezy7890
I am not trying to be rude but I have sat in that theater many times and I can see every detail of the stage( including small pictures in frames on shelves) from as far back as the third row. Perhaps theatercritic just has better eye sight than you.
Good show.....
by demosthenes
Sunday, January 26, 2003
Performance Date: Sat 01-25-2003

Annelle Dupuy-Desoto:
Anji Roe

Truvy Jones:
Wendy Daniels

Clairee Belcher:
Zanny Dillson

Shelby Eatonton-Latcherie:
Amber Paul (Understudy)

M'Lynn Eatonton:
Denyea Swartz

Ouiser Boudreaux:
Lani Brooks

I went back to see this show again after the truly horrible review that theaterreviewer gave this show. I did not remember any of the problems that he mentioned and I wanted to check if I had missed something.

I did agree with him on one thing: the acoustics in this particular theater are *very* bad. Whenever the heating system comes on, it is very loud and, if someone goes to the bathroom, the flushing commode is very distracting.

That being out of the way, I must disagree with almost everything else he said. First, we need to talk about the acting in the play. M'Lynn and Shelby were very, very good. But, so were the rest of the actresses. Ouiser and Clairee's comic timing were very good and acted as a very good foil to the dramatic action presented by the mother/daughter pair. Annelle provided an interesting variety of characters, since her character is basically different from scene to scene, ranging from a lost ingénue in the first scene through all of her personality changes. My only problems was with the Truvy character. Her delivery seemed a little slow and stilted and I'm not certain that she really understood what she was saying and how it related to the play.

I'm not certain what theaterreviewer's point of view was concerning the direction of this show. I could see that the characters understood their positioning in the show and the blocking seemed fine.

As far as I could tell, there were no dropped lines, or, if there were, they were covered well.

As far as the set was concerned, it was delightful. The set is supposed to be a converted carport that is now a beauty parlor. That's what it looks like. The set decoration was great. They had even gone so far as to create the typical beauty parlor b&w posters using the characters from the movie, "Steel Magnolias" in 80's hair. It also looked like some of the cast had their pictures in "big-hair" pictures to complete the effect. I was disappointed that they did not have real beauty chairs and had to use what looked like office furniture, but beauty parlor chairs are probably not easily "borrowed". As far as props, I have never seen so much beauty parlor stuff in my life. Looks like they had all the bases covered there. The costuming was contemporary and I did not see anything that didn't fit in with the 80's time period that the play was set.

The play was approximately two and a half hours long. I did notice that the scene changes seemed to take a long time, but this may have just been my perception.
You must of been in the show. by theaterreviewer
You just told on yourself!
You were obviously in this show.
first of all. It was not stated that Ouiser and Clairee were mother and daughter. Then you state that the black and white pictures on the wall were cast members. I sat in the front row and you can not tell that those are the cast members. Only someone in the play would know who the pictures are of.
I do not understand why people think it is right to review the show there in to get good ratings. Please do not waste anyone's time telling them it is a wonderful show, when in fact it is not. I spoke to many people in the audience and they all agree that the show was not worth the money spent.
Grammar is always good... by Okely Dokely
This message is intended for theaterreviewer: I don't mean to be annoying or start anything, but correct grammar is always good when trying to make an argument or a point and be taken seriously.
Steel Magnolias doesn't STEEL the show
by theaterreviewer
Friday, January 24, 2003
What can I say about this classic that most everyone loves. Honestly speaking, if Shelby say this production, she would be rolling over in her grave.
This is one of the worst productions I have seen in a long time.
The acting was horrible, the sound was terrible, and the "direction" of the show was non-existent.
The actors that played M'Lynn and Annelle were the best ones in the show. I feel sorry for them, because you could tell they put everything into the show while the others didn't.
There were dropped lines left and right, the costuming and set design looked like something that come from a pawn shop, and I hope the director of this show gets more training on the subject.
The show is almost 3 hours and if you do decide to venture out and see this show, please bring a pillow. You will fall asleep as I did.
I wouldn't waste $14.00 on this show. You can rent the movie for $3.99 and spend the rest on popcorn and junior mints.

Huh? by demosthenes
I'm not certain which night you saw this production, but I don't think you saw the same one I did. The sets were quite good. In fact, the lady I was sitting next to worked in the beauty parlor next door and she said they were wonderful.

The show I saw was quite good and I laughed out loud many times.

Well worth my $14.00.


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