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Les Miserables
a Musical
by Boublil & Shoenberg

COMPANY : North Spings High School Drama Department
VENUE : Outside Atl. (other cities)
ID# 853

SHOWING : January 15, 2004 - January 25, 2004



The hit Broadway show that lasted 10+ years on the Great White Way. The story of Jean Valjean, Javert, Eponine, Cosette, and the students comes alive at North Springs High School.

Floor crew Jen Krider
Eponine Paige Anderson
Marius Brian Cook
Cosette Sarah Elizabeth Davidson
Val Jean Andrew Durand
Val Jean Alex Engquist
Little Cosette Kayla Victoria Fikis
Enjolras (A Cast) Max Flick
Fantine Stephanie Friedman
Javert Jimi Kocina
Cosette Rebecca Kuck
Gavroche Phil Kuck
Eponine Jessica Marks
Madame Thenardier Amber Moorer
Enjolras Daniel Joseph O'Brien
Foreman, Lesgles David Olson
Marius Zach Safford
Fighting Factory Worker Gwendolyn Eve Stembridge
Thenardier Michael Isaac Wolmer
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I realize its been a while
by neherenia77
Thursday, February 12, 2004
Like my title says I realize it has been a while and Les Mes has been closed for a long time but I still feel the need to review and clear the air. People we are all (or our friends/ family members) profesional, what is with the snotty and snide comments about either cast. While constructive criticism is appreciated being flat out rude is disrespectful to both casts! One you make the cast you are bashing feel totally incompetant and two the other school is probably embarassed about the way we are acting! I say bravo t Brookwood for a fantastic job and the same goes to NSHS! You are all superb actors and actresses and I simply can not wait to work with all of you when the time comes! Just remember if we dont support each other we will go no where. This can be a cruel buisness but its the friends you make along the way that make it worth sticking it out. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Les MIs was amazing at NSHS!
by freshmanrule07
Monday, February 2, 2004
WOW, i was amazed at both casts. i just have to say if u missed it it sux for u. i loved the portrayal of all the characters. a couple standouts were Andrew durand as Jean val Jean, kevin feinberg as gavroche and also phil kuck as gavroche, both had amazing skizills!, paige anderson and jessica marks as eponine,daniel obrien and max flick as enjolras, alex enquistas val jean, and both cosettes and thenardiers!

by Theaterlover
Saturday, January 31, 2004
As a non-partial patron of this wonderful production, I can't imagine how this dispute between Brookwood and North Springs got so out of control. I won't care to state which I thought was a better production though, as that would probably just feed the fire of this already ridiculous feud.

However, I did view the North Springs show last Sunday and was thoroughly impressed. I thought I'd give some compliments to the few standouts that I saw, because there were a couple who really impressed me. First of all, I'd like to congradulate Sandy Adams on taking on this gargantuan project, the staging was excellent and the actors obviously had a lot of acting coaching and side work to helo them succeed. I havent seen you complimented enough.

Alex Enquist as ValJean, though without the vocal strength usually associated with that character, was superb. He brought a new side to the character, one with a real sense of tenderness and an attention to Valjean's fatherly nature. This SOPHOMORE (unbelievable) had a kind of vulnerability on stage that is hard to come by in an actor. A few voice lessons and this boy could do some serious damage in the Georgia theater scene.

Madame Thenardier (Amber Moorer) was also excellent, showing a different side to the madame than I've ever seen.Her beautiful voice actually played second fiddle to her understated portrayal of the character, one that echoed of Olivier and other great naturalistic actors. The little extras she added were side splittingly hilarious, and her prescence was unmistakable. Brilliant.

Eponine played by the extremely talented Jessica Marks was undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking performances I've ever seen of a high school student.I was immediately taken with her striking stage prescence, and was a little worried that this girl's stunning looks would overtake her role as the gritty and tomboyish Eponine. But her acting shined through, incoorperating in her physical movements the ruggedness of the character which definitely came through. Her voice was beautiful, and obviously classically trained. At first
I thought she was overdoing the poppy aspects, but actually ended up thinking that it added alot to her character. Her rendition of On My Own made me cry even harder than my wife.

Becca Kuck (Cosette) had an amazing voice, and another beautiful girl. She brought a giddy girlish kind of characteristic into her love which made it very enjoyable to watch. She was a different kind of Cosette than I had seen. Zack Safford as Marius was very good, and progressively got better with every song. Empty Chairs was phenomonal, punctuating the very emotional side of the song while still singing it beautifully. Stephanie Freedman as Fantine was also fantastic, a wonderful actress in about the same boat as Mr. Enquist. A few voice lessons and watch out, Atlanta.

All in all a wonderful job, keep up the good work everyone! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Small request by TotalEclipse595
You seem to be a very objective reviewer, and I appreciate that. I agree that this feud was ridiculous and unnecessary. However, I have one request. You said that you've seen both the Brookwood and North Springs shows. As a Brookwood parent, I would love it if you could review our show as well. I finally figured out how to get it up on this site, and I know the kids would really appreciate a review as honest and unbiased as this one. Don't be afraid to be brutal, they want to know what they need to improve on so that they can make the next show even better. But the kids are truly eager for some feedback in criticism, so please put as much detail as you can.

Thank you for your time.
High Schoolers like it when you grade on a curve
by Okely Dokely
Thursday, January 29, 2004
In my opinion, this production really deserves about a 2, but I’m curving the grade a little bit for various reasons. Firstly, I’ll admit I was supremely disappointed with this show for a very selfish reason, and that was that I “came on the wrong night”, so to speak – i.e. Most of the friends I came to see were playing very prominent roles that I didn’t get to see, other than in the background singing with the ensemble. Since this might have somewhat crippled my ability to write a fair and constructive review, I gave the grade a little boost. Also, I adjusted the rating because this was just high school, and not a “normal” theatre, which brings me to my next point: either I’m getting old, or high school shows are getting worse. If I’m just getting old, and they’ve always been this same quality, then I apologize profusely to my parents, close friends, and everyone who kept coming back to see me in all those HS shows that I was really proud of. Reading this over, it sounds like I’m bashing HS shows, and I don’t mean to. They are not bad, but in my experience they’ve been either okay or good, but haven’t surpassed good.

A recurring motif in my reviews, I’ve noticed, is that I mention a “real star” a lot, and for me, Les Mis’s real star was the orchestra. Aside from a fiddle being out of tune for a little while, they sounded phenomenal. On to the performances, while Jean Valjean, Marius, and Javert all had fairly good presence acting-wise, their singing sometimes could be painful to listen to. Javert slid off his pitch many times, and I’ll just say that I’d rather “Bring Him Home” had been cut from the show then attempted by this actor at all. I could elaborate, but I’ll restrain. I have so many “great” comments, but I’ll be a good boy. I unfortunately didn’t get to see Paige play Eponine, but the one I saw was one of the few bright spots amid this cast. Her voice sounded a little on the poppy side, but I’ve always thought that kinda fit the character. She was a pretty good actress, too. My favorite performance came from Amber Moorer as Madam Thenardier, and as she (and her stage husband) got the most applause the night I attended, it seems that several people agree with me. I’m not sure if she is the best M. Thenard. I’ve ever seen, but she is certainly the most memorable. All her “short penis” jokes she made during Master of the House was a nice touch, and she has got one hell of a powerful voice. Ever since I first heard North Springs was doing Les Mis as one of their musicals, I was hoping Amber would get this part. As for Gavroche, I will simply state that I thought this actor was just as good as the one I saw at the Fox last fall. You can interpret for yourself what I mean by that comment.

The set was very well done, and I liked the “minimal-ness” of it. Finally, was there anyone paying an ounce of attention to the body mics? Whole songs would go by where I couldn’t hear a word that was sung, and I have never felt worse for anyone when I’ve seen a show than the sympathy I felt for Eponine during On My Own. The body mic situation was so atrocious, that she went through the song sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher. The show had by far the worst microphone sound I have ever heard, even at a high school. Maybe the classics should be left for Broadway and National Tours, or at least be tried out at regional theatres, then community, then work its way toward schools. As much as I love Rent, I pray that they never create a School Edition, but I’m afraid that’s next. I salute everyone involved in succeeding in presenting such an ambitious show (“succeeding”, meaning the show didn’t get cancelled, or the theatre didn’t blow up), but to quote Inspector Javert, North Springs reached, but they fell (sort of).

P.S. – Why does this site say that Tad Wilson was the director? [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Don't speak too soon... by TotalEclipse595
I like the way you put the comment about Gavroche, and I know exactly what you mean. I thought North Springs' Gavroche was very talented, despite the slight unbelievability of his death because the barricade didn't turn. I had to suspend my belief of reality a little, but I thought they handled the handicap well. The boy at the Fox was simply attrocious. I have seen better acting from a rock. He had no feeling whatsoever, and he looked like he was directing traffic during One Day More.

However, I have to disagree that the "classics" should only be left to the professionals. I encourage you to try and come to see Brookwood's Les Mis. I won't compare the two shows, everyone can decide that for himself, but I honestly think Brookwood did a phenomenal job with the show. You might be surprised. It's this Friday and Saturday, at 7 PM. Technically they are sold out, but they are putting extra chairs in the audience and selling them on a first come first serve basis starting at 6:30 both nights. Tickets are $5 for students and $6 for adults. I am sorry to have to shamelessly advertise here, but Brookwood's performance is not on this site and I honestly don't know how to put it here.

For anyone who enjoys Les Mis, it's worth coming to see Brookwood's production, just as it was worth going to see North Springs. It is really neat to see how High Schools will deal with "the classics".

I also really hope that some of the North Springs actors will be attending. I enjoyed seeing their show with my child, and I think they'll enjoy seeing how another high school handles the challenge as well.

And if you don't like it, well feel free to come back here and trash it all you want. Or at least let us know what we could improve on. The Brookwood cast loves feedback, and isn't that what this site is for anyway?

P.S. If anyone knows how I can get Brookwood's production up here separately please let me know.
About Brookwoods by johncalaway
You say that you aren't going to say anything negative, but then you do. Brookwood's production really wasn't near as good as North Springs. I look forward to seeing it again tomorrow night, but the only people in the cast I was impressed with was Galen Crawley and who ever played Enjolras. The rest were not good. I look forward to seeing it again, and please, prove me wrong.
Comment on the comment about my comment by TotalEclipse595
Hold on a second, I don't understand. When did I say negative things? All I said was that the Gavroche at North Springs was BETTER than the professional one at the Fox. I thought the pro was atrocious, while North Springs' was very talented and cute as a button. There was nothing negative about North Springs in my review, and I am saddened that you believe I was.
Let's settle the question, once and for all
by Cadenza
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
You could debate all day about which show, Brookwood's or North Springs, was better. Obviously cast members will cast their ballot with their own show. But the answer is easily found - let's examine the facts.

Both the Brookwood and North Springs theatres are approximately the same size. Just ask the general public: North Springs has around 560 seats or so, and Brookwood is just over 500. Brookwood did 5 shows in December, each of which was COMPLETELY sold out, with 40 or so EXTRA chairs set up in the aisles and back of the theatre. Brookwood is doing an Encore production of the show this Friday and Saturday, and these shows are also sold out. Despite the fact that North Springs' cast is twice as large as Brookwoods - it's double casted - plus they are playing with an entire live orchestra which Brookwood lacks, one would expect the friends and family of the cast to fill up the theatres even faster than Brookwood's show. However, when I attended last Saturday the theatre was not even at half capacity. Doesn't that say it all?

Oy by laurie3
I honestly didn't mean to start the great Brookwood vs. North Springs rivalry, here. If I'd known things would have progressed into a huge catfight between the schools, I would have stayed out. Both shows were high quality, and I'm sorry my opinion was so controversial. My apologies to all *bows out*
Why does there have to be an "answer"? by Okely Dokely
Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Maybe someone preferred one production, and someone else preferred another. Neither person is wrong.
This is ridiculous by onstagediva211
When I posted this show, I was hoping people would come and feel uplifted from such an inspirational show. I would have never ever wanted any of this negative comparison between the two schools. We may not of had the biggest crowd, but we kids were having a ton of fun, and we did something that we love to do, to express ourselves and perform. People need to respect us and Brookwood for performing and they need to realize that we don't care about the audience, or who was better than who. We were just glad we had a successful show, where at least we felt uplifted if not more people did. I feel horrible about the comparison between the two schools. I hope people realize that all of us, Brookwood and North Springs, were all just doing what we love to do.
by JasonShepard
Monday, January 26, 2004
This Was a wonderful show on Sunday! The actors were Great! At first I was a little skeptical of Valjean(alex Enquist) but he proved to me that fantistic skills can come in small packages. Valjean and Javert's(NIck Harper) chemistry was magnificent. My favorite character was Gavroche (Phil Kuck). He was such a great actor and I loved his cockney accent, that boy is going to go far. I also thought That Stephanie Friedman did a great job percieving her role. Her death actualy made me cry. Another great actor was the radiant Rebecca Kuck who played Cosette. I was in awe that she could sing that high and still have great diction. This was a Great show! Good luck in future productions North Sphings high school. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by johncalaway
Sunday, January 25, 2004
I have seen Les Miserables over 15 times, so to say I know what I'm talking about is an understatement. I have been a huge fan since it came out, and I was extremely excited to see the Brookwood production as well as the North Springs production. I do want to set the record straight however - in the case of Brookwood versus North Springs, "Performing Arts High School" does mean a better show.

I went into North Springs expecting a mediocre show, as that is what I came out of Brookwood feeling about their production of Les Mis. North Springs High School surpassed my expectations ten times over. The technical aspect of the show wasn't the best, but this was nothing that the actors could do anything about, I'm assuming. The set was beautiful, and the talent in the cast was spectacular.

I felt that the females in the cast were especially strong. Fantine's character was played very well by Stephanie Friedman, she had such incredible talent that I hope to see in future productions at North Springs. I don't think that it's fair to compare Jessica Marks as Eponine to Galen Crawley in the Brookwood show. There voices and acting styles are completely different. Jessica Marks shined in her role. Amber Moorer as Madame Thenardier was incredibly funny and had such immense talent that she gave an incredible performance. I don't think it's fair at all to compare her to Brookwood's Madame Thenardier, Amber's performance rose way above. My favorite though was the extraordinarily talented Rebecca Kuck as Cosette. I looked forward to every time that she was on stage. This girl had such a beautiful voice I became entranced in her vocal performance. She turned a usually flat character into a girl full of curiosity, without losing the giddiness of falling in love for the first time. The relationship between her and Val Jean, played by Alex Enquist, was especially strong, and they had such a great care for each other on stage that seemed very real. Her performance was honest and I saw Cosette, not a high school actress. She fit the part spectacularly and once again surpasses Brookwood's Cosette ten fold.
I must say that I liked Enjolras, but did not think he was the best. He fit his role very well though and his voice was great. Marius was just as good as the Brookwood's Marius and did a great job, although his "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" was much better than Brookwoods. He performed that song with an intensity reserved for professional actors.

And then there's Val Jean. Val Jean was Val Jean, not an actor from high school. Although he cracked a few notes on "Bring Him Home" his performance was spectacular, I even thought the few notes that were cracked added more to his character. It was beautiful, and the presence Alex Enquist had with him at all times when he was onstage surpassed those few sour notes. Bravo to you for an incredible job done!

This show was great, I can't say enough good things about it. So I guess the words "Performing Arts high School" does mean an award-winning show, because out of the two high schools, North Springs wins. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Strength by onstagediva211
I agree with what Jason Mindhart said, and I feel bad about it. I played Cosette in one of the Les Miserables casts at North Springs High, but I also saw the Brookwood Show. Being that I was in Les Miserables at North Springs, I will not comment about our performance, but I did think that Brookwood's show was very, very, well done, and was just incredible. We should all accept that we are different people with different acting strengths and weaknesses, and we should embrace each others talents and learn from each other, rather than tear each other down. Isn't the purpose of theater to build others up and to learn? I'm so grateful for this cast and the opportunity that I had to learn from my fellow cast members, and for the opportunity I had to learn from the Brookwood and North Springs show.
A great effort
by neherenia77
Sunday, January 25, 2004
Being that I was part of the show i really want to set the record straight. Andrew is an amazing and talented actor and singer. This production just showed off his singing talent better. Every time he began bring him home I started crying and couldn’t stop for nearly 3 minutes afterwards!!!! And Alex is an amazing kid! It took a lot for him to fill Andrews’s shoes, plus the fact that he has had barely 2 years of experience onstage. I think he did an excellent job with Valjean. Even though Alex's 'Bring him home' wasn’t exactly Durand he gave a tremendous effort and tried to rehearse a lot! You must understand that some of those notes were very much impossible for him to reach when rehearsal started nearly 4 months ago. Fantine played by Nikki was not one of her better roles, I agree with that, But saying she was horrible is an extreme over statement!!! I am very proud to say I have been a part of this show and North Springs. As a magnet Drama student I look forward to working with this cast for many more years. And on a side note, I noticed a comment about Macbeth. I was also in that production and even though it did showcase certain people they would not have pulled it off without the supporting cast. We all blended together and became a family, and we always will be. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I agree by BettyBoop
Just to start off, i too was in macbeth (thank you to two individuals) and i too know that the cast was very bonded and i love every single person in that cast and crew!
Now, I got to see both A cast and B cast of Les MIz. In my opinion they both did amazing jobs. Andrew Durand as Jean Val Jean was amazing as usual and made me cry during "Bring Him Home," He DOES have an a amazing singing voice but (i have acted with him in the past) i also know that he has an a AMAZING acting ability as well! As for Jimi Kocina as Javert... Amazing as usual, Jimi and Andrew both gave me chills. The only thing that made me wonder why they did this is that they cut part of Javert's and Val Jean's confrontation song. But, moving right along Nikki, can i just say, did an amazing job, (considering the circumstances that had just happened) Iknow her death made me cry, and everything i have ever seen her in, she has done amazing ( and im not just saying this because i know all of them personally and love them, im just stating my true opinion!) Paige Anderson did wonderfully as Eponine, along with Brian Cook as Marius. I personally thought Marius and Cosette had wonderful stage chemistry. I loved Gavroche just thought the death scene could have been directed a little different but still thought it was great.Thenardiers were amazingly funny great job to both of you.Only thing is M.Thenardier's mic went in and out through all of master of the house which was really sad because he did amazing!

As for cast B, I thought they did wonderful! Alex Enquist did great as Jean Val Jean, and maybe there was some notes he couldnt hit but he really impressed me. Nick Harper as Javert did very good, however there were some parts where i completely could not hear him, and some notes that he couldnt hit, but other than that great job. Stephanie Friedman did very good as fantine and made me want to cry. I thought that Zach Safford as Marius and Becca Kuck as Cosette looked very good together on stage and looked like they had some chemistry. Eponine did very good, but sung it very opera like (nothing wrong with it just used to hearing it as more of a higher kid-like voice) but i loved it. M.Thenardier did very good and Amber Moorer as Madame Thenardier did amazing, she made me laugh so hard. Gavroche did very good. Young Cosette di awesome and played the part very well!

So, I thought this show was very good and I loved it (it made me cry terribly)! I give a very big round of applause to the cast and crew for putting on an amazing show!
These are high school students?
by ksmith368
Saturday, January 24, 2004
Les Miserables has always been one of my favorite shows, and the first time I ever saw it in the school edition was at Brookwood High School. It was wonderful there and I was awed by the talent there. Seeing the show last night, however, can compare to seeing it on Broadway. The set was spectacular, and I couldn't believe the tech crew with one adult and 15 or so high school kids could put that together. The orchestra was great, although at times it overpowered some of the singers on stage. But most of all, there were the actors. These high school students were incredible.

After the show was over, I asked myself, Were these high school kids? Such spectacular standouts were Alex Enquist as Jean Val Jean. I was skeptical at the beginning of the prologue, he just seemed so small! But his energy and honesty on stage made his character come out, and I saw not a student, but Jean Val Jean. The director knew what she was doing by casting the boy with incredible talent!

I dreamed a dream, Fantine's song (played by Stephanie Friedman) was beautiful. Fantine's death was haunting. Broadway, watch out! Cosette(played by Rebecca Kuck), had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard from anyone, on or off broadway. She has a bright future ahead of her. She was one of the few characters that I could understand every word she said. A Heart full of love, with Marius, played by Zach Safford, Cosette, and Eponine, played by Jessica Marks was one of the best I'd ever seen. Marius and Cosette had such incredible stage chemistry, I hope that these two will do more shows playing opposite each other.

Eponine, was incredible, and her unrequited love brought tears to my eyes. She has such intensity on stage that makes all eyes go to her whenever she goes on stage. Her death sent chills all over my body. Her voice was beautiful, and she was perfect for the part. Unfortunately, her mic did have a few problems, which made it difficult to hear her at times. She did great though!

I must say though, that my favorite was Madame Thenardier, played by Amber Moorer. Everytime she was onstage, I was crying from laughing so hard! She was incredibly witty and just made you feel comforterable and at ease when she was onstage, because she had such incredible stage presence. Her voice was beautiful, which I could tell even though she adjusted it to fit her character. She is the best Madame Thenardier I have ever seen, on Broadway and off.

All in all, kudos and bravo to the entire cast. I still cannot believe that the show was as good as it was, considering the age of the entire cast. I was incredibly impressed by this show and I hope to see just as many good shows at North Springs in the future. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
...huh? by laurie3
As a Les Miz fan who saw both the Brookwood and North Springs productions, my comment can basically be summed up in two words: No comparison. When placed against Brookwood, North Springs is out of its league.

When the prologue began and a small, almost sickly-looking boy was introduced as Valjen, my mind immediately raced to determine whether the audience was truely supposed to believe he was the strongest man in the world. After seeing Valjen played to incredible, tear-jerking perfection by Neal Echols, I was disappointed when "Bring Him Home" did not live up to my high standards - perhaps Brookwood has spoiled me too much.

Another sore spot came with the entrance of Javert. Once again, it seemed as though the actor was too small to portray his larger-than-life character. "Stars" left me desiring more insight into who Javert really was, because the answer was not to be found within that akward interpretation. Jessica Marks as Eponine lacked the intensity had by Galen Crawley at the Brookwood show, and she seemed more like a contestant on American Idol than an actress. While I enjoyed "On My Own" overall, her speedy deliverly made some lines hard to decipher - let alone process.

Of course, the show was not without its high points. The North Springs Fantine was excellent, her voice and acting talent will take her far, along with the extremely talented, Rebecca Kuck, who played Cosette. Of course, the Thenardiers were wonderful, and they kept me laughing through Master of the House and Cosette and Marius's wedding. By far the best person in the cast, though, was the actor who played Enjolras. Although he was the standout, he still stood on an even keel with the Brookwood actor, whose intensity electrified the audience in Snellville. I found that I looked forward to all of these characters appearing, and it was especially refreshing to see them in the midst of an otherwise poorly selected cast.

So what is the moral of this story? The words "Perfoming Arts High School" do not necesarily mean an award-winning show, and a place as backwoods-sounding as "Snellville" can produce some amazing talent.
comment on the comment by drama
No one asked for a direct comparison between the Brookwood and North Springs shows. The show was placed on this website for publicity and feedback on the performance, not to tell readers how awful the actors were compared to each and every person in what seems to be the writer's show.
The performing arts magnet gives many students a chance to perform producing three major shows each year. The double casting of Les Mis gave some underclassman a chance to perform and stretch their abilities in this very demanding show. Kudos to the cast and crew for this incredible show.
well, well, laurie3 ... by David
I am sorry that your imagination and mental capacity is too small to have to accept the physical part of the character before the psycological. In that case I am going to add to your extremely bias review by adding my review. As a fellow Les mis fan i think you know that LES MIS WAS NOT MADE FOR TWO-YEAR-OLDS. It is a brialliant script made for people who can comprehend emotions and feelings and not simply pictures and appearances. Even my 8 year old cousin understood that the characterization of Jean Valjean (Alex Enquest) and Javert (Nick Harper) were powerful and complex characters. If you weren't too focused on defending the other school's acting skills you would realize which school really has the better acting. This is not to mention that there were actually two casts and that you are comparing SOPHOMORES from North Springs Performing Arts Program to everyone at Brookwood.
in response to by carpediem
say what you want about north springs, but dont doubt Jessica Marks's intensity or talent.
A little late, ya think? by JasonMeinhardt
Sorry, but it made me laugh. Wasn't this show in January? I believe half the kids in this show are now gone at college. Just had to comment. :)
Yes, it is late, but... by Okely Dokely
Maybe this user has recently discovered this site, and wanted to comment. It is a little humorous that a show that closed 9 months ago suddenly got a comment again, but I think this person's comments should be considered just as valid.

By the way, I miss you, Sparky.
I agree by JasonMeinhardt
I wasn't saying they weren't valid. Just struck me funny, that's all. I had to go back and read the review and comments to make the recent comment make sense. Miss you too, Frankie! :)
by mee133
Friday, January 23, 2004
I saw this play numerous times last week so I feel like I am qualified to speak my opinion...

First off, I'd like to say this show actually suprised me. It was very well done. That is, as well as it could be done with the direction the actors recieved...As a whole the cast blended together, and unlike the last production done at North Springs(Macbeth) the cast came together as a whole, not just as a few people who had lead roles and forgot about everyone else.

Standouts would have to be new comer Sarah Davidson. Her voice was beautiful and you can tell she really understood her character's motives. Max Flick also gave a wonderful performance as Enjolras.

As for Andrew Durand, I was speechless. The entire audience was silent during his "Bring Him Home" solo. Although, not the best actor, the kid defintly has a musical career ahead.

Unlike Paige Anderson's character, I was actually happy when Fantine died. Nikki Dillion, who usually does an ok with all the leads she gets, was horrible! The notes were flat and she screamed the second part of the song. Usually when Fantine dies, it is a tramatic expierence to witness from the audience, Nikki actually turned it into a farce. Yes, I do believe she is better than the average high school actor, but yet she is still highly overrated.

As for the technical aspect of the show, one statement of advice: get a better sound op.! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I agree.....sort of..... by JasonMeinhardt
I agree with most of these comments. However, two things....saying Nikki was "horrible" is a slap in the face to a talented actress. Fantine is a VERY difficult role for ANY actor, let alone high school age. She did what she could. Knowing certain circumstances that have happened to her recently, she gave it her best shot and she should be commended for it. Andrew does have a musical career ahead of him, however, as an actor, if you have seen him in dramatic roles, comedic roles, classical roles...this young man has talent that NY and LA would die for. I don't mean to start anything, I just think certain things were overlooked before writing this review. I agree with the tech standpoint, but again...remember what show they are producing and any theater short of the Fox will have a challenge doing tech for this show. ~J~
Kudos where kudos are Due
by Shawnstein
Tuesday, January 20, 2004
I too went to see this production and was very pleased. The lead actors showed a skill and grace on Stage that is definitely not expected at a high School level. The production was not perfect ,therefore I did not give it a 5 but it is definitely worth seeing.The Orchestra(even though it sounds tremendous) is too loud at times and the sound had some problems during the show. Andrew Durand brought tears to my eyes and also the others around me with his rendition of "Bring Him Home" . I also enjoyed Jimi in this production, he never ceases to amaze me when he is on stage. Paige(Eponine) has the voice of an Angel. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A very nice surprise!
by JasonMeinhardt
Monday, January 19, 2004
Well...I went to see this production last night (Thursday) with many other actor friends of mine. I kept having to remind myself that even though this is a performing arts magnet school and the walls are overflowing with amazing talent, it IS still a school production. Let me just say, Les Miz is probably one of the most difficult productions to produce. Vocally, it is a VERY demanding show even for veteran adult musical theatre actors to do. Staging on a stage any smaller than the Fox or the Civic can be challenging. Tech, music, orchestrations, etc. are the many obstacles that I believe keep many companies from attempting a show of this calliber. However, keeping my expectations where they should be, I was very impressed. I came to see my long time friend and "little brother", Andrew Durand and a couple more friends I knew who were in it (and some I did not). I know it may seem biased, but trust me, I am not biased when it comes to reviewing a show... no matter who I might offend or hurt. Andrew not only kept me in awe, but everytime he entered the stage, the intensity and energy shot up ten-fold. I enjoy every moment I have shared onstage with Andrew and I only hope that the two of us can continue with this career and share much more time. Paige Anderson (Eponine), had a voice that brought chills to your skin and tears to your eyes. My only comment on her...(and I've known her for some time), she needed more dirt...she's too cute (as if there is such thing as too cute). Jimi Kocina was the biggest surprise for me. I have seen him play many roles, but this, by far was his biggest stretch and he played Javert (one of my dream roles) with such intensity that it was a shame to see that some of his songs (Stars, Confrontation)were edited for time, I'm assuming. The majority of the cast definitely surprised me and I could take time and space going into them all, but I'm sure people have started dozing off already. Tech needed some work (Mr. Thenardier (spelling)had no mic for "Master of the House" only to have it pop on every other line), the band hit a few sour notes, and during one scene in particular, a sign was being changed in the middle of the Fantine death scene (which was done very well by Nikki Dillon) only to have it put up just in time for the curtains to close for the next scene change (in other words, it could've waited). But my expectations were exceded and I was thoroughly surprised by the talent on this stage. Everyone needs to be proud of themselves for performing a feat rarely attempted by even the most professional of theaters. You all had a rare experience to perform dream roles in a dream show. And since Les Miz is gone from NY, some of us, may have to settle for keeping it at just that...a dream. Congrats to you all. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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