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Forever Plaid
a Musical
by Stuart Ross

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 942

SHOWING : August 20, 2004 - October 02, 2004



Stage Manager, Tech Melissa Michele Goodfellow
Pianist Peggy Davis
Bass Peter Hildebrandt
Jinx Brian Bascle
Smudge Matthew Cornwell
Sparky Jason Meinhardt
Frankie Mark W. Schroeder
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Go see this show!!!!!
by SCrowder04
Monday, September 13, 2004
I took my daughter to see this production at Kudzu and even though I have heard of this show, I have never seen it and did not really know what was in store for me. I specifically did not know that there were only four actors in this show and was surprised, immediately, of the vocal power of such a small cast. The first main stage show I saw here at Kudzu was Nunsense and was blown away at the talent of this small community theater. My daughter, who is in those years where seeing a play may not necessarily be considered “cool”, but I was able to talk her into it and I am not trying to put words into her mouth, but from her reactions, it seemed as though she had a lot of fun, as did I.

I, unlike my daughter, grew up with this music and it was definitely a trip down memory lane when the guys broke out in their hilarious and seemingly exhausting tribute to the “Ed Sullivan Show” and judging from the reaction from the audience, it was definitely the show stopper and the staging for that should be applauded. The whole show, from beginning to end, was funny, touching, and overall was an thoroughly enjoyable evening. I am certainly not going to claim to know anything about music and I was even shushed many times throughout the night by my embarrassed daughter when I would start mumbling the words to a few of the songs. To my untrained ear, the guys sounded amazing. Some songs were better than others, but I will say that all the solos were incredible and the unique characteristics of all four guys came out in each song.

I read the earlier reviews and can only assume that it took a couple weeks to get it to where it was this past Saturday. I had a great time again at Kudzu and could not recommend this show more.
i finally saw this show by mark
and although your hyping this up way too much with a 5 star review, it is pretty good and i agree the opening week jitters are now gone.
by SCrowder04
I came to Kudzu because my daughter's friend was in Alice in Wonderland and I saw that and Nunsense. I think Forever Plaid is the better of the two shows. Different, but better to me. I stand by my 5 rating. Its only my opinion. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well, Mark.
no problemmo by mark
i value your opinion (by the way, a friend asked me if i'm feather, and I AM NOT and have no idea why she mimics the way I type)
to Mark by SCrowder04
Looking at past comments by feather, I do not know what goes through feather's head. This person seems to like to get under people's skins and looks like they do a pretty good job. I have to admit, I am really entertained by this site. Its a good thing I work from home and have the time to check every once in a while. I'm not even a theater person and I enjoy seeing what is going on.
A musical return to a more innocent age!
by RobRoy
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
I am an actor in Atlanta, but I have never worked at Kudzu Playhouse. In fact I have never been to this theater before, but because of this site and friends that I have worked with, I have definitely heard of Kudzu Playhouse. Some good, some not so good. But most theaters in this city have that reputation so I was able to keep an open mind. I came with a group of friends this past Saturday and many of us had seen Forever Plaid before at other theaters and although this was not the best production of FP I have seen, it is definitely ONE of the best, especially from a nonequity theater group.

After reading some of the other reviews, I have to believe that most of the problems was due to ‘opening night jitters’. There was plenty of energy on the stage this night and even though the audience wasn’t completely full, it was a loud and appreciative audience. The four guys (Brian Bascle, Mark Schroeder, Jason Meinhardt, and Matthew Cornwell) played well off of each other and also had some great moments playing off the audience. Some of the choreography was off, but it was not enough to be distracting. I have seen worse at other productions. In fact, most of it was what got the biggest laughs since the moves are very cheezy. The voices blended beautifully for the most part and only once did I notice an off note. But if you are musically inclined in any way, you can tell that the music for this show is extremely difficult and all actors should be patted on the back for even attempting this music. These actors did a great job with all aspects of the show. The sets, lights, costumes (the plaid jackets were wonderful), and other technical parts of the show need to be applauded as well. Precise direction (by Wally Hinds and Jason Meinhardt) definitely gave the audience the feeling that they were part of the show and the guys did a great job making you believe that each show is different and changes to fit the mood of the audience.

I agree with the other reviewer that this show will only get better because based on the other reviews and what I saw on Saturday they must be improving and I think they will continue to do so. I have enjoyed myself everytime I have seen a production of Forever Plaid and this one, I promise, will not dissappoint!

I am not a reviewer
by REGirls
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
I am not a reviewer, as a matter of fact this is the first time I have ever reviewed anything and I'm sure it will show. But, I do enjoy going to theater, have probably seen 8 to 10 shows this year and know what I enjoy. I did enjoy this show very much. There were some little choreography and music glitches that I noticed but I chalk that up to the fact that it was opening weekend. I feel that these little "glitches" will fad away in a week or so.
I enjoyed the acting and felt all four played their characters well. To me they were very believable and enjoyable. I really liked that they all seemed to be having such a good time and thought this made it easier for the audience to get wrapped up in the show and have an equally good time.
Even though the music style was "before my time" I honestly thought most of it sounded wonderful.
I feel that when you leave a theater you should feel that you have been entertained and the whole experience was one that brought you joy or laughter or taught you a lesson or made you think. I think it should be something that you can say to friends "you should go see this show because ...". To me this was that kind of show and I have told friends they should go because it was fun, entertaining, made for a very enjoyable evening and I'd see it again. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Not Bad, and will only get better...
by PeteHollis
Sunday, August 22, 2004
This is probably the third thing I've seen at Kudzu this summer. I was drawn to this theater because of the versatility and diversity or all the productions. The first thing I saw was a sketch comedy group, then a neil simon play, now I watched a sort-of in concert musical (but not).

First off I will say this, I did not enjoy the actual script or what the play is about. There were only four characters- who were on stage the whole time, and sang the same type of songs the whole time. The harmonies baffled me the entire play. At times I was tremendously impressed by the balance and almost felt like I was listening to a recording----but sometimes things would go flat/sharp/and all over the place at the end of songs, usually during the 'money notes'. This is what I mean by, it will only get better. They all seem to have very solid musical talent especially the tall guy and the guy who resembles vince vaughn, and once they tune into each other I have no worries.

The one major complaint I have besides the fact that I didn't like the script, was that the characters weren't characters enough for me. I know it is important to keep the level of the group and not stand out too much, but it seemed like every member was afraid to take the extra step and really shine as an individual character. Once one person raises the bar, I believe everyone else will sort of come out of their shells more.

There is nothing bad, or below average about this show. And once I got used to what it was, and realized the potential of it, I enjoyed myself. It was only the opening weekend, and this will only get better, and has promising members. Kudzu might get a bad outlook on this site, and for some of the silly things that go on, I'm not surprised. However, the bad eggs and this, I have seen a collectively promising group of actors ranging from 17-to late 20's who are making solid (and different) art. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
regarding Forever Plaid by andy
I do not want to give this show a rating because, as I'm sure most people know, Jason(playing Sparky) is my husband and that would be biased. I will say I agree somewhat with Pete, but I was also at every rehearsal and I know that these boys were exhausting themselves and it might have showed. I was at both sat. and fri. performance and in my opinion, there was a much noticeable difference between fri. and sat. sat being much stronger. This script can be one that you love or hate. I happen to love it. It is definately a show aimed toward the "older" audience who grew up with this music and grew up watching the Ed Sullivan show. I would like to ask Pete which tall guy you were talking about? (no offense Mark) but all but one cast member is about the same height. I am assuming the "Vince Vaughn" look alike is probably Brian playing Jinx. I could be wrong, but I also don't recall Kudzu doing a Neil Simon this season. With a week off of singing I think the boys can gain there strength and voices back and like you said Pete, they will only get stronger. I am very proud of each one of these guys and I know they are proud of themselves as well.
oops by andy
Never mind about the Neil Simon, I forgot about Odd Couple! sorry
The tall guy by cathead67
Have you considered that this is Mark and the reviewer is just trying to make a funny? No offense Mark, you know I love ya'! : )


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