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a Musical Comedy
by Dan Groggin

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 957

SHOWING : July 09, 2004 - August 14, 2004



The story revolves around a talent show being staged by the remaining members of the Little Sisters of Hoboken to raise some money. They need the money to bury the remaining four bodies of the 52 sisters who died of botulism thanks to their cook, Sister Julia -- Child of God, who unwittingly served some tainted vichyssoise soup. They ran out of money for the burials and the remaining four dead sisters are in the deep freeze at the convent. It may sound like a rather morbid premise but the result is an uplifting, heavenly wee slice of musical comedy

Cast Adriana Warner
Sister Robert Anne Whitney Christopher
Sister Mary Leo Macie Myers
Sister Mary Leo Jamie Proctor
Sister Hubert Cheryl Rookwood
Rev. Mother Pat Smith
Sister Mary Amnesia Rebekah Williams
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Nunsense, Nonsense, etc....
by Big D
Tuesday, August 10, 2004
What a treat me and other audience members
had upon experiencing Kudzu's latest offering
"Nunsense" last week. It was awesome! The sisters
opened the show making us feel at home with
their chit chat and merriment. But that was only
the beginning..the fun continued as they charged
through the show with joke after hilarious joke,
and song after wonderful song! We were nearly
spent by the time it was all over with!
Both Adrianna Warner and Michael Munroe
outdid themselves here...and that crazy film show
is hilarious!
Of course, as in any live show there were a few
glitches as mentioned by previous reviewers, but
with a hilarious show like this, it almost gets lost
in the shuffle. This show is no Children's play
or Sketch Comedy, it is a challenge in acting,
singing and dancing of the highest proportions.
Notwithstanding the highlights of the show which
for me was the tap dance number, the puppet with
Sister Amnesia (a true find!) and if that wasn't
enough a get out of your seats and cheer finale
number-- "Holier than thou" led by Cheryl Rockwood
as Sister Hubert It wasn't mentioned
prior to this, but I'm not sure why when this was
definitely the climax of the show and it did not
disappoint--wonderful vocals, energy, etc! We left
the Theatre feeling renewed and blessed!!
they're probably still working out some kinks
by Okely Dokely
Saturday, July 17, 2004
The Kudzu Playhouse has raised the bar so high with their musicals (especially Blood Brothers, which is still the last show I've rated a 5 on here), that this one can't help but be a slight step down, but still, a step down from the norm of a Kudzu musical is still great, as I've always held them in extremely high esteem. First off, to get this out of the way, I know this is nit-picky, but the significant other and I have to ask: what was up with the weird-looking R in the Grease logo on the set? Was that a deliberate mistake to make it look sloppy?

This show was something of a mixed bag, but in the end, it turns out to be a lot of fun. This theater has been criticized a lot on this site for using the same people over and over in the shows, but this show has Adrianna Warner directing, who I've always been a big fan of, and is an interesting and unlikely choice to direct a musical, as I think I've only seen her dabble in straight plays. Also, I don't know how they did it, but I'm impressed that they got Michael Monroe, whom I have immense respect for, and believe me, I caught some of the trademark Monroe touches in the vocals to this production. And the cast is all Kudzu newcomers, except for one, who appeared in a children's show somewhere along the line. All that said, this show has mostly fresh blood.

The choreography was always interesting to watch, and everybody moved well. I've worked with all 3 musicians before, and they are still great. I especially enjoyed the setting on Michael's keyboard with the stand-up bass in the left hand and the piano in the right. It fooled me for a while to the point where I thought there was an uncredited bass player backstage. They were a little too overpowering, though, and I suggest that if you're a Nunsense virgin - as I was - and are not familiar with the words and prefer to understand them, to sit on the stage left side of the audience. A couple of the performers were true standouts, and the others were, at worst, adequate and respectable. One performer desperately needed to project (in both singing and speaking), and another stumbled on too many lines (my favorite slip-up was when she called Sister Mary Leo Sister Mary Louie, then quickly corrected herself). Macie Myers was wonderful as Sr. Mary "Louie." She is a living breathing lesson to all dancers in theatre on how to look when you're doing your choreography. Her face always beamed at 1000 Watts, which really can cover up a multitude of sins if you have two left feet or feel self-conscious, neither of which seemed to apply to her. My favorite performance, though, came from Rebekah Williams as Sr. Mary Amnesia. She stole the show with her effortless audience interplay (she should be on Whose Line...), and what sounded like a classically trained voice. I found myself watching her at moments when somebody else was being featured. She is the reason to see this show if there ever is a reason.

I'm afraid that Kudzu has gotten some bad press lately, or even a bum rap. If the theatre's patrons are anything like me, they have been vastly pleased with all their musicals thus far, and will come in flocks expecting just as good, if not better. With this musical and the one they're about to do after this, they have an opportunity to raise their game once again and save themselves from the bum rap. Wally and Jeannie are sitting on a winning lottery ticket. I hope they cash it in. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
cute show
by andy
Monday, July 12, 2004
I went to see this show saturday night, and I found it to be quite enjoyable. I have never seen a production of Nunsense before and I did not know what to expect. Before the show started, the actors came out to the audience and got to know us(in character of course). Each actor, or actress I should say, did a very good job. I would have to say my favorite performance was given by the actress playing Sister Amnesia. From her beautiful voice to her corky smile, I was very impressed. I have had to pleasure of working for Arianna Warner in the past, and I think she did a magnificent job directing. I overheard one of the actresses tell another after the show that they had a bad night, but I think they are being too hard on themselves. After weeks of intense rehearsals(especially in a musical), I would imagine one's voice could become a little strained. However, these girls did a great job, and I was very entertained. The only thing I am not fond of is the script,but it could just be bad flashbacks from catholic school. Great job girls, all of whom are newcomers to Kudzu, and Kudos to Adrianna for yet another great show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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