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The 24-Hour Plays - Part XIV

a Variety Night
by Various

COMPANY : Horizon Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Horizon Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
ID# 958

SHOWING : June 06, 2004 - June 06, 2004



Here’s how it works: 16 writers gather at 10pm at Horizon Theatre on a Saturday night. They are randomly paired and told to produce a 12-minute script by 6am. “We’re not done” is not an option. At 7am on Sunday eight directors come in, are handed scripts and the day begins. The directors cast their shows, call the actors and begin rehearsing frantically, in hallways and driveways, lobbies and dressing rooms. The show goes up, ready or not, at 8:30pm.

Welcome to the 13th installment of the 24-Hour Plays. They exist to challenge the Atlanta theater community - force them to make big bold choices and trust their instincts. We have formed new friendships and rekindled old ones reveling in the collaborative spirit.

Last night the writers arrived with plenty of sugar and ideas. We invited the winners of our Young Playwrights Festival, 20 high school and college students, along with a few 24-Hour Play regulars and a few other Atlanta professionals. The writers began at 10pm last night and the directors came in bright and early eager to take the hall and run. Actors arrived and after shots of caffeine, rehearsals were underway. Costumes, sound and props were added to the mix and the shows came together.

Lime Tango Margaret Baldwin
A Month of Sundays David-Matthew Barnes
Greek Afterlife: Sisters For Eternity Arielle Julia Brown
3:27 a.m. Fenwick Broyard III
Lime Tango Mae Flager
Cast Tre Garrett
A Month of Sundays Tre Garrett
A Month of Sundays Lindsay Haines
Cast Azya R.Y. Maxton
3:27 a.m. Lucille McGee
Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip Joshua Minney
Sopranos/Tonys Karen Page
Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip Topher Payne
Greek Afterlife: Sisters for Eternity Julie A. Richardson
Sunny Days For Sale Lars Thrasher
Sopranos/Tonys Jeffrey Tufaro
Sunny Days For Sale Lauren D. Yee
Greek Afterlife: Sisters For Eternity Mark Zohn
Cast Stephanie Harvey
Cast Joshua Minney
Cast Topher Payne
Cast Keif Schleifer
Cast Jeffery Self
Lime Tango Kara Cantrell
Sopranos/Tonys Snehal Desai
Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip Nicole Duffey
Director - "Sunny Days For Sale" Kalina "Kitten" McCreery
Cast E. Lloyd Napier
Greek Afterlife Julie A. Richardson
3:27 a.m. Kimberly A West
A Month of Sundays Blake Wilson
Light Operator Barnaby Camp
A.D. - Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip Cliff Edmisten
Videographer Nick Moreno
Stage Manager Raschelle Porter
Cesil - "A Month of Sundays" Claudia Anthony
Shirley McClaine - "Pre-Natal Vitamin He Rose Bianco
Blanche/Linda - "Sopranos/Tonys" Barbara Bruce
Stella/Adriana - "Sopranos/Tonys" Kristy Casey
The Dream - "Lime Tango" Molly Conover
Piccadilly Noosbaum/Roma/Tony - "Soprano Doug Curin
Madonna - "Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip" Melissa DaPonte
Christopher - "Sopranos/Tonys" Brandon Deyette
Reginald Noosebaum III/Waiter - "Soprano Robb Douglas
Count - "Sunny Days For Sale" Linsey Falls
Marjorie - "A Month of Sundays" Karli Garrett
Holly - "3:27 a.m." Stephanie Harvey
Marcus - "3:27 a.m." Neal Hazard
Blake/Beneatha - "Sopranos/Tonys" Charlotte Hazzard
Oscar - "Sunny Days For Sale" Clint Johnson
Stanley/Biff/Levene - "Sopranos/Tonys" John Keabler
Kikina - "Greek Afterlife" Lena Kotler
Penelopus - "Greek Afterlife" Kristine Lynch
Kenton Michael Mario
Ebony Caroline Masclet
Big Bird - "Sunny Days For Sale" Kalina "Kitten" McCreery
Julia Roberts - "Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Joanna Mitchell
Renee - "3:27 a.m." Brenda Norbeck
Cookie Monster - "Sunny Days For Sale" Alex Riviere
Gwendolyn - "A Month of Sundays" Ginger Rosen
Ernie - "Sunny Days For Sale" Shezi Sardar
Cissyphi - "Greek Afterlife" Melissa Schwartz
Betha - "Lime Tango" Su Schwenck
Queen Mother - "Pre-Natal Vitamin Head T Ethan Scott
Medea - "Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip" Nicole Slaughter
Joan Crawford - "Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Rachel Sorsa
Mary - "Pre-Natal Vitamin Head Trip" Janel Stover
David - "Lime Tango" Norman Tarazona
Steve - "3:27 a.m." Christopher Thomas
Elmo - "Sunny Days For Sale" Shane Vickers
Bert - "Sunny Days For Sale" Hampton Whatley
Stage Manager - "Sunny Days For Sale" Jeanine Williams
Co-Artistic Director Lisa Adler
Co-Artistic Director Jeff Adler
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