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A Christmas Carol, by
Good God...
Sunday, December 7, 2003
Good God we are some fiesty people at Cobb Playhouse!!! What has the world come to when us actors began fighting over the internet, let alone!!! Ahhh!! Let me first of all start off by saying, that I have worked with many/most of you and think your all GODS GIFT TO THE ACTING WORLD! Ha i'm kidding but no you are all very nice people, and I enjoy working with you all.Now as far as this Christmas Carol stuff is concerned Ms. HOT Kat (no lie, I love Kat) is defintly intitled to her own opition and I would have to agree that some directors at Cobb Playhouse are very hard to work with. But then again there are always hard directors to work with in the acting world. There are also always inexpirenced little kids who don't know how to project and have no idea what a givin circumstance is nor have any clue what the 12 Guidepost are. I too get fustrated, when my scene partner stares into the lights and states to the director that the lights are "too pretty and distract me from my work". But then I look at the child and remind myself that this is community theatre. This IS how that little kid gets her expirence so they can one day hopefully go into the big world and step foot on the Alliance Theatre Stage. Its how I got my expirence and became a "big girl". I go to Cobb Playhouse because I love the people, the directors are decent, and for the most part the acting is good. But then again I'm also only 18 years old, still stuck in high school, so what do I know?

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