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Dad's Garage Comedy Improv 2004-2005, by Dad's Garage Players
Improvathon 2005 - 25 1/2 Scandalous hours
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Every year the brilliant and daring ensemble of Dad's Garage comes together for the theatre's annual fundraiser, Improvathon. Starting at 10:30 pm on Friday and ending on Saturday at Midnight, Dad's hosts round the clock shows. The usual format of a different show every 2 hours was scuttled in favor of a 25 1/2 marathon of the long form favorite Scandal! This time the location for the mini soap opera was a tropical island known as the Scandals resort.

Basically this was a tropical place found by the Colonel (George Faughnan) as an oasis from the outside world and one free of technology. The one original native of the land Clik Clak (Lucky Yates) is there to make sure the White Man does not destroy his home any futher. Clik Clak is a simple native who is fond of clubbing people and speaking to his Tiki God Francis. The colonel also lives there with his daughter Sheraton (Amber Nash), whom he intends to take over one day. Other regular characters include the famed singer Richard Buffet better know as Banana Dick ( Z Gillespie). He owns the local watering hole, featuring the tasty local drink the Dickery Do.

The other main characters we meet are Stascha Beardovich (Travis Sharp), a strange Eastern European man with healing hands. He serves as the islands rather erect masseuse. Let's just say he has a way with people. Another regular, The Scientist (Chris Blair) comes and goes throughout the series and searches for various cures and secrets. And then there's Terry Scarpelli (Tim Stoltenberg) also known as Fudgy. He is the get-it-done man for the island.

Along the way of about 11 episodes, we meet a varied cast of revolving characters (The Senator Jerkins (Dan Triandiflou) was particularly amusing.These people come and go, have drinks at Banana Dick's,have sex, die, or just plain disappear. Mix in unicorns, soon-to-be-erupting volcanoes, Dino Monkeys, and Lava Sprites and you have a rather unique show.
The island experiences severe disruption as technology, once banned and demonized by the Colonel, makes its return. Ultimately, good trimuphs over evil and many of the main characters survive.

Watching every single episode over the course of 24 hours was mind numbing and hilarious. The crowds for the 4:40 and 6:30 am shows consisted of about 4 volunteers and the performers. Yet throughout the entire 25 1/2 hours of Improvathon, and the final show Theatre Sports, the Ensemble hung in there and gave their all for every performance.

Dad's Garage mostly does short form improv shows on the weekends, they also do a few long form or episodic versions with established characters throughout the year. Character development is very good during these shows. It will be interesting to see how the current of Scandal now playing will conclude during its final show this Friday.

For some really interesting twists on improv and modern sports, check out the improvised wrestling show B.R.A.W.L. premiering on May 6th. It's something you don't want to miss!

For Whom The Bell Jingles, by Lucky Yates
Puppets are Pretty Darn Funny--Manischevitz!
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
I attended the opening night of For Whom The Bell Jingles on December 4th. The story tells the tale of Dingle, a middle aged (supposedly) elf going through a career crisis.
It seems he's fed up with making toys with the other elves in Santa's workshop. He complains to Santa about it and Saint Nick offers to let Dingle visit other well known holidays to see if he's be happy there.
Santa then calls forth a reindeer to transport Dingle from holiday to holiday. At this point we are introduced to Schlomo, the Jewish reindeer! Schlomo also turns out to be quick with the one liners and is really quite the scene stealer. Dingle may be the star, and he's really quite a good character, but it's Schlomo who stands out as well. Good comedies always seem to be a team effort anyway. The comedy of the Borscht Belt never felt more represented when Schlomo delivered his lines. Dingle also receives a magic stick with a bell he can shake whenever he needs Schlomo to take him away from the holiday to visit another.
Dingle embarks on his journey visiting all the key holidays you would expect and a few you probably wouldn't. Yes Easter and Halloween are in there. The other visits are too funny and I don't want to spoil the surprise of the scenes.
All in all Dingle embarks on an often hilarious adventure visiting these holidays. Dropping him off and picking him up, while delivery sclocky one liners, Schlomo kept the audience in stitches.
I have never had seen a live puppet show before, and this definitely made me more interested in the genre. The show is pretty quick paced and hilarious throughout. There are a couple scenes, I was scratching my head as to what was happening, but we all got through it.
For Whom The Bell Jingles is really a great show with a lot of laughs and memorable characters. There is some adult humor and language, and some interesting depictions of religious icons, so this show is not going to be for some people if they are over sensitive. Some people brought there kids, but this clearly is an adult show.
Director Lucky Yates, a Dad's Improvisor and puppet pundit, leaves his zany, fun filled, hilarity as a mark on this show co-written with another funny Dad's Improvisor Scott Warren. One can only imagine the writing sessions these two funnymen must have had developing this story.
Final synopsis: For Whom The Bell Jingles is laugh out loud funny, and an entertaining piece of theatre.

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