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The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon
Odd Couple Delivers More than a "Couple" of Laughs
Thursday, January 22, 2004
I had the pleasure of seeing The Odd Couple at Cobb Playhouse during the opening weekend and was thoroughly entertained. I had somehow missed seeing a production of this play before, but was glad I finally saw it. This work by Neil Simon is still as vibrant today as it was when it was written.

Director David Kronawitter puts the actors through a terrific pace to achieve the frenzy that Felix (played brilliantly by Neil Matchan) lives every day. It is equally evident after the first scene when Felix is introduced, that the laid back lifestyle of Oscar had changed forever. Tom DeBell offers a perfect counterpart to the character of Felix in his portrayal of regular guy Oscar. The chemistry of this duo has to be seen to be appreciated!

Rounding out the cast, the supporting actors deliver the needed quirks and everyday people qualities which make them more than just set dressing for the stars. The poker game scenes and the entrances of the Pigeon sisters which highlight these actors are just as strong as any other scene. The development of the supporting characters was not left to chance in this show. Every one of these cast members is consistent and walks the fine line of being true and passionate in the role assigned while not stealing focus from fellow actors on stage.

Thanks to the entire cast and production team for a very worthwhile and enjoyable evening of comedy. Leave the tissues at home and come prepared to laugh out loud for a change.

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