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Into the Woods, by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
Pleasantly surprised!
Saturday, November 13, 2004
I must honestly admit that I was highly surprised by how good this play actually turned out. I had heard so much about how it was going to be one of the worst shows in North springs history! But once again doubters of the drama program were proven wrong. I saw ITW last night, and I left with a great sense of grief at not being chosen to participate in it! While there were some sound problems with the microphones (not unexpected since the school is under funded) and a couple of dropped ques I have to say that overall I loved the performance! Paige as always blew me away; I can not wait for her to start her professional career. Her songs were well known, she followed the rhythm and her pitch was spectacular! Brian Cook and Zach Safford did wonderful jobs in their roles as the princes. I have certainly had a good view of these two instilled in me since day one at North springs and they have yet to let me down completely. Their portrayals of the princes were different I must admit but they worked anyway. Sometimes notes were a bit flat but who can really pick it apart like that? Overall I was thrilled! Sarah was simply stunning as Cinderella, she has always had a voice that made me want to work harder. Her ease with which she sang and her comedic timing made the play run so much smoother. Annie did a wonderful job as Little Red, though I thought the annoying little girl should have been brought out a bit more. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve seen many versions of ITW and Little Red was just so much more, how do you say it, grungy and rough but still a cute little girl underneath. Gwen Stembridge was beautiful as the baker’s wife. In her first big role she introduced me to what a wonderful actress and singer she is. Caleb Lawton… now there is a real shocker! I have to say that Caleb has grown in my respect book. What a wonderful job! How much he has improved in the 3 years I have known him. I believe he made the biggest impression on me of anyone in the cast. I hadn’t expected so much charisma from Caleb, but it looks like he has moved up! I hope to see him get more parts in later shows. Jack was wonderful, I hadn’t expected much of this freshmen but he has a very strong voice and a talent for acting like a little boy trying to be a man. Cinderella’s family was simply hilarious. I loved Kaleigh wasn’t just a regular nasty old woman being the stepmother. She really brought something to the stage, but then again Kaleigh is always good for a bit of comic relief. The step sisters were hilarious! Their facial expressions were so on the ball. Bravo Ashley and Kristin you made me laugh all the way home! Stephanie was great as Cinderella’s mother, that girl is going somewhere with her beautiful voice. Robby as the cow was funny but his moo’s sounded more like a chicken then a cow, and while the cow is an intricate part of the plot it was just too distracting from the rest of the characters individual tales. Granny, well as I understand it last night granny had a stand in… I saw the original granny in a short performance last week and I was entertained greatly but at this show the substitute granny didn’t have the same kind of sparkle. Janna as Jacks mother was just kind of a typical role for her. I didn’t see much difference in her character form anything else she has done or even herself for the matter of fact. I would just try not yelling all the lines maybe that would create some character depth. But she still sang beautifully! Kudos to the whole cast for such a great show!

Les Miserables, by Boublil & Shoenberg
I realize its been a while
Thursday, February 12, 2004
Like my title says I realize it has been a while and Les Mes has been closed for a long time but I still feel the need to review and clear the air. People we are all (or our friends/ family members) profesional, what is with the snotty and snide comments about either cast. While constructive criticism is appreciated being flat out rude is disrespectful to both casts! One you make the cast you are bashing feel totally incompetant and two the other school is probably embarassed about the way we are acting! I say bravo t Brookwood for a fantastic job and the same goes to NSHS! You are all superb actors and actresses and I simply can not wait to work with all of you when the time comes! Just remember if we dont support each other we will go no where. This can be a cruel buisness but its the friends you make along the way that make it worth sticking it out.

Les Miserables, by Boublil & Shoenberg
A great effort
Sunday, January 25, 2004
Being that I was part of the show i really want to set the record straight. Andrew is an amazing and talented actor and singer. This production just showed off his singing talent better. Every time he began bring him home I started crying and couldn’t stop for nearly 3 minutes afterwards!!!! And Alex is an amazing kid! It took a lot for him to fill Andrews’s shoes, plus the fact that he has had barely 2 years of experience onstage. I think he did an excellent job with Valjean. Even though Alex's 'Bring him home' wasn’t exactly Durand he gave a tremendous effort and tried to rehearse a lot! You must understand that some of those notes were very much impossible for him to reach when rehearsal started nearly 4 months ago. Fantine played by Nikki was not one of her better roles, I agree with that, But saying she was horrible is an extreme over statement!!! I am very proud to say I have been a part of this show and North Springs. As a magnet Drama student I look forward to working with this cast for many more years. And on a side note, I noticed a comment about Macbeth. I was also in that production and even though it did showcase certain people they would not have pulled it off without the supporting cast. We all blended together and became a family, and we always will be.

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