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The Foreigner, by Larry Shue
An honest, objective and professional review !
Friday, January 30, 2004
5.0 I go again. I am sooo tired but I feel I owe it to Kudzu and the public to review this again! I just finished and submitted, I thought , a review that took over two hours to write it. I am afraid my review will deffinatley loose something in the rewriting. I hate computers !!!



The SET; The cabin was painted with shading and outlining that was painted with care and artistic talent. I actually got close and touched the walls and could see the different shades of brown.I have an artistic backgroundand and could see the painters strokes.
It was warm and you felt like you were sitting in a mountain cabin. NICE!!!

The special effects; 1. The cellar, very ingenious, you could actually visualize Ellard getting hit on the head by the way Betty (Jeannie) captured and conveyed what Ellard was doing in the cellar. 2. The cellar, also
gave a special effect when the Klan member while standing on the cellar door, appeared to be melting. A lot of hard work went behind this illusion. 3. The lighting at the window's and doors to convey day and then night was excellent. 4. But really interesting was the sound and lighting during the storms and the Klan's entrance. Kevin is responsible for the light and sound tech but he made it more than that he made it an effect. BRAVO!!!


Chuck Pettis as Froggy LeSueur; He played Froggy as a military man with a soft side and cared deeply for Betty. He was very convincing in this role. He did the set up to introduce Jason as the Foreigner, Charlie, while the set up was a little long he did convey cleverly that Charlie was unsure of himself. He also realized he had made a frankenstien and you could see his frusteration as Charlie grew more into his role as a foreigner.BRAVO!!!

Jason Meinhardt as Charlie Baker (the foreigner) Jason has continued to grow but this is a totaly different role for him and he was incredible.Jason as Charlie had to use his face expressions to convey what he was feeling since he did not speak english. He could come up with a face that had everyone crying it was so funny. He rolled his eyes and used his hands and used tension in his body before he came up with a fake language. And his fake language was hilarious and still visual. He deliverd his character with right on timing. Charlie was kind to everyone and wise beyound his years. Jason made Charlie come alive. BRAVO JASON !!!

Jeannie Hinds as Betty Meeks; WOW, Jeannie is the best straight man I have seen in years. I have studdied comedy and I tell you the straight man is hard to do. The timing is everything and Jeannie as Betty has it. Betty kept her face poker straight but yet sweet what a hard combination. She can be so annoying but yet it was hard for Charlie to really get mad at her. Both Ellard and Charlie fed off Jeanie's playing the role soooo straight. BRAVO JEANNIE !!!

Bryan Godleski as Rev. David Marshall Lee; Hats off to Bryan as The Rev. David. He just like Jeannie had to be a straight man but he also had to convey some mystery and Brian nailed it. Bryan at first had to build a rather likeable character that appeared to be tender to his fiance, Catherine, at the same time he had to be mean to Ellard. He did all this and especially acted suspicious. This is Bryan's third show and all I can say is Wally you really know talent. BRAVO BRYAN!!!

Brandy Rizk as Catherine Simms; Brandy did an incredible job in portraying a sweet and soft young woman but a woman with convictions and opinions. The interaction between Catherine and Charlie was heart warming. Brandi showed this character's strength with profection, as she showed Catherine's ability to be living out in the country and still brave enough to say her mind about the klan. Brandy you were so believable in this part, you were Catherine. BRAVO BRANDI!!!

Matthew Cornwell as Owen Musser; This is the first time I have seen Matthew in a play and he was awesome as Owen. Owen was chilling and gave me goose bumps. I grew up in a town where the Hell's Angels often stayed and I don't think I have seen a more convincing evil and menacing man as Owen. Jokes were made on his behalf by Charlie and he kept a straight man face while showing rage. He also was a presence physically. BRAVO MATTHEW!!!

Andy Meeks as Ellard Simms; Only Andy could do the role of Ellard with his style of hilarious and childish antics and expressions and timing.!!
His body was constantly moving with strange but funny positions along with his facial expressions were priceless. He and Jason delivered one of the funniest scenes when Ellard was trying to teach Charlie how to speak english. You could see Ellards growth as a person and how he started to believe in himself through Andy's eyes and body movements. Your a genious...BRAVO ANDY!!!

This was more than a challenging play to produce and Kevin as stage manger really pulled it off. He always has a smile on his face and makes everyone feel good. He has teched several really suuccessful plays that I have seen and is priceless to Kudzu.BRAVO KEVIN!!!

The production assistant and and the back stage assistants all worked really hard. There was a lot of food to manage and props to keep on top of. Good job NICOLE, MELISSA AND CAMERON BRAVO!!!


Wally Hinds did not just throw this play together at the last minute but knew this play inside and out and knew when he casted it exactly how he wanted his characters to be in it. Wally directs this kind of over the top talent by makeing suggestions and by respecting each one of the actors for who they are and gets them to giive him there allll.

Yes , I am connected only by brining in a few props and food and my daughter who has acted in other plays, helps backstage and is a big fan of these fabulous actors. I can only say go see The foreginer it will make you laugh. And that is not a bad thing.

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