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Les Miserables, by Boublil & Shoenberg
Saturday, January 31, 2004
As a non-partial patron of this wonderful production, I can't imagine how this dispute between Brookwood and North Springs got so out of control. I won't care to state which I thought was a better production though, as that would probably just feed the fire of this already ridiculous feud.

However, I did view the North Springs show last Sunday and was thoroughly impressed. I thought I'd give some compliments to the few standouts that I saw, because there were a couple who really impressed me. First of all, I'd like to congradulate Sandy Adams on taking on this gargantuan project, the staging was excellent and the actors obviously had a lot of acting coaching and side work to helo them succeed. I havent seen you complimented enough.

Alex Enquist as ValJean, though without the vocal strength usually associated with that character, was superb. He brought a new side to the character, one with a real sense of tenderness and an attention to Valjean's fatherly nature. This SOPHOMORE (unbelievable) had a kind of vulnerability on stage that is hard to come by in an actor. A few voice lessons and this boy could do some serious damage in the Georgia theater scene.

Madame Thenardier (Amber Moorer) was also excellent, showing a different side to the madame than I've ever seen.Her beautiful voice actually played second fiddle to her understated portrayal of the character, one that echoed of Olivier and other great naturalistic actors. The little extras she added were side splittingly hilarious, and her prescence was unmistakable. Brilliant.

Eponine played by the extremely talented Jessica Marks was undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking performances I've ever seen of a high school student.I was immediately taken with her striking stage prescence, and was a little worried that this girl's stunning looks would overtake her role as the gritty and tomboyish Eponine. But her acting shined through, incoorperating in her physical movements the ruggedness of the character which definitely came through. Her voice was beautiful, and obviously classically trained. At first
I thought she was overdoing the poppy aspects, but actually ended up thinking that it added alot to her character. Her rendition of On My Own made me cry even harder than my wife.

Becca Kuck (Cosette) had an amazing voice, and another beautiful girl. She brought a giddy girlish kind of characteristic into her love which made it very enjoyable to watch. She was a different kind of Cosette than I had seen. Zack Safford as Marius was very good, and progressively got better with every song. Empty Chairs was phenomonal, punctuating the very emotional side of the song while still singing it beautifully. Stephanie Freedman as Fantine was also fantastic, a wonderful actress in about the same boat as Mr. Enquist. A few voice lessons and watch out, Atlanta.

All in all a wonderful job, keep up the good work everyone!

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