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Les Miserables, by Boubil/Schonberg; based on the novel by Victor Hugo
An different point of view
Sunday, February 1, 2004
Ok. Here's the deal. I am not a professional or even amatuer critic. I don't know that much about Theater or Musicals or anything. But I know what I like. And I know that I liked the Brookwood Production of Les MisÚrables enough to see it three times. And I am not a relative or boyfriend of anyone in the cast.
Who would have thought that high schoolers could sing so well?! Ok my top three singers: 1. Eponine (Galen Crawley) 2. Jean Valjean (Neal Echols) 3. Fantine (Julie McDaris).
So yeah. Where did Galen come from because... Wow. Seriously that girl has some serious talent. There are pretty much no words to explain how highly I think of her after this play.
Neal. Man oh Man. He is awesome. I saw the play twice in December and he wasnt my favorite singer because I didn't like him in Bring Him Home very much. But this time when I saw it in January. Man he is sooo good. Bring him Home became one of my new favorite songs. He is seriously going places. I should have voted him most likely to appear on Broadway.
Ok. Julie. I know her personally. I've never liked her much. In fact one could say that I've hated her a good bit. But after I saw her in this play, I found a new respect for her. She has got a serious voice man. Haha, when I first heard she was going to be Fantine.. I thought to myself - HAHA YES!! You're the girl who has to turn to prostitution and die. But man after I saw her in it I got goosebumps.
The rest of the cast was really good too. I mean Andrew Neisler (Marius) and Jennifer Stephan (Cossett)We're both really really good. Oh my god Jennifer - How the heck can you sing so high!!!? That was amazing! Enjolras (Matt Clickner) is not quite up to par with some of the cast as far as singing, but He more than made up for it in stage presence. Goosebumps once again. Galvroche is the coolest. Thenardier was really really a good cast because he was hilarious. OH AND MME. THENARDIER - great. Maybe better than some professionals.
Now I will say it again. I don't know a lot about theater, but I know what I like and I definatly liked this play. I don't think that any otherhigh school in the nation could have done it better. Well maybe some high schools, but not a lot of them. Good Job Guys! If you did another encore presentation I would see it again.

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