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Red, Hot and Cole, by
Red Hot and Cole
Saturday, February 14, 2004
Red Hot and Cole is a delightful musical, that provides a stellar evening of entertainment.

Valerie West sets up the premise of the evening with "We're having a Ball Tonight". She has beautiful professional quality voice. And we get to hear that voice as both Elsa Maxwell and Ethel Merman.

Jim Noe plays the part of Cole Porter and does a commendable job. The part is demanding and he does an excellent job of portraying the changes that his character goes through. The Duet, "True Love", that he sings with Ms.West is perfection.

Kate Westfall plays the part of Linda Porter. When she sings "I Love Paris in the Springtime", in her sultry provocative voice, I was ready to jump on a plane. She truely looked beatiful in the spotlight.

Another standout was Erin Peck. She has a strong voice that could carry off any number she was asked to sing. "I'm in Love Again" was a tour de force, and Ms Peck is to be congratulated.

Gabe Russo and Gloria Szokoly sang "Begin the Beguine" while several couples danced. It was a romantic compelling number.

Will Dunne, who played Monty Woolley, was a comic standout. "Miss Otis Regrets" was hilarious, but the number he sang with Hal Williams, Don't Fence Me In", was extremely well received by the audience.

I would love the see the whole show again. I will admit that I LOVE musicals, so I do have that bias. The main purpose of the plot is to reach the next musical number, but what exciting well done musical numbers they are. The play ends in a downbeat, but during the curtain call the cast comes back with an uptune, so the audience can leave on a happy note.

This review would not be complete without commenting on the profesional quality of Chad Watkins non stop piano mastery. He the glue that holds this whole evening together.

If you like good music and good entertainment, this play is for you.

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