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Guys and Dolls, by
Guys and Dolls is superb: part 2 of review
Tuesday, March 16, 2004
The choreography was tremendous with marvelous dancing in the famous Cuban Bar scene as well as the climactic crap shoot in the sewer. The supporting Hot Box girls are all true professionals and could easily dazzle at any Atlanta night club.

Last, a big well done for the director, Tara Simpson Hodges. It is obvious from the opening scene, Runyonland, that the blocking was both creative and well crafted. the sets are realistic and functional; the sewer entrance is especially inspired.

The only slightly negative comment is that I wish they had more live musicians. The pianist and drummer are great, but the more instruments the better (rumor has it that a few musicians were last minute no shows).

All in all, Guys and Dolls is a great show and a superb way to spend an evening. I saw Guys and Dolls at the Fox years ago, and with the exception of their orchestra, Barnbuster Musical's version is every bit as good. Come see what the best of Atlanta Community theater has to offer.

Guys and Dolls, by
Gus and Dolls is superb: part 1 of review
Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Barnbuster Musical's presentation of Guys and Dolls is another example of the vast improvement in the Cobb Playhouse and Studio since it became a non-profit organization. The cast is superb, and many of the players are new to both Cobb Playhouse and Studio.

The two female leads, Kathleen McCook as Miss Adelaide and Julia D. Jones as Sarah Brown, both have tremendous voices and are terrific actresses. Julia's rendition of the slightly drunk missionary and Kathleen's two numbers as the leader of the Hot Box Girls are magnificent.

The male leads, Len Hedges-Goettl as Sky Masterson and Rob Hardie as Nathan Detroit are also excellent. Rob is perhaps the slightly stronger actor, and Len has a little more classic singing voice. Both are superb in their roles.

The supporting players are also well cast. A special mention to Alan Stacy as the thoroughly authentic, none too bright gambler Bennie Southstreet, David Stephens and Mike Wasson both playing Nicely Nicely Johnson, and in what was one of the most inspired casting decisions, Adam Zangara as Big Jule. Adam, with his large girth and slightly high pitched voice does a tremendous job of delivering a nice mixture of comedy and menace.

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