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Pippin, by Roger O. Hirson and Stephen Schwartz

Monday, March 22, 2004
Never have I been a fan of PIPPIN or Onstage's work. But both seemed to shock me with satisfaction this go around- I usually get to see a few shows a week and I heard about how wonderful this show was and decided to give it a chance and was blown away.

Techincally, the concept of the show was very nice, it was different in that it seemed to jump around from era to era, gas masks to wheelchairs to period-style costuming to projections of past wars during one of the most beautiful ensemble pieces, GLORY. The set being a simple sun used for entrances and exits and throughout the show being lit with hundreds of color combinations that added to the emotion of the scene.

Performance-wise, Eric Catania who played the LEADING PLAYER had a beautiful voice and helped the show move along, it was nice to see Geoffrey Brown on the stage again in the role of CHARLEMAGNE, Jerrica Knight as FASTRADA was at points dull, but at other points stole scenes with her charm and her kisses to the audience, Karen Whittaker as the GRANDMOTHER was as always a joy to watch, but at times was a little over done. But, as far as the entire show is concerned, the real find is sadly not in the list of principals, but in the ensemble- Christopher Skinner, one of the reasons I ventured to Onstage. It seems that every show this young man is in tends to bring in the crowds, I believe Stage Door figured that out a while ago. Every moment he was on stage I saw most of the audience only watching him and his reactions, he stole the show- hopefully next time Onstage will be smarter and use his name to sell a show, because from what I've heard they aren't doing as well as hoped.

Overall, the show was wonderful- Onstage pulled it off quite well. BRAVO. I was very pleased and got a wonderful deal on a rug as well.

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