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Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare
Mostly Masterful
Saturday, March 27, 2004
Let me state from the beginning that of all of the Bard's works, the one I truly do not like is Romeo and Juliet. That being said, I thouroughly enjoyed this production. I was intrigued by the overall look and feel of the show. It wasn't highschool classic and it wasn't Leonardo De Caprio modern. It was somewhere in between and I found it refreshing. The room was a black box and the sets were minimal but well done, which is a big deal for this theater. The set changes done by Jesters was precious. The costumes, with their modern clothes/classic accessories, were quite good, especially the boas and bowling shirts for the party scene. The only costumes that did not mesh well were the senior Montagues and Capulets. What was with that tired red robe? Also I would have liked the Friar better in a floor sweeping coat.
Now to the meat of the thing. The acting. Romeo was very good, thouroughly lovestruck and tragic. Juliet was winsome and pert, if a little young. I also enjoyed Benvolio as both a comic foil and the put upon everyman. The Nurse was hilarious in her bumbling and blustering, a true talent in comedy. The Prince was great until he started screaming and then he couldn't be understood. The rest of the cast were good if a little uninspired.
Now for the whole reason to see this show: Mercutio, Tybalt, and the Friar.
Andy Leach as Mercutio is phenomenal. His is a hilarious portrayl of energetic insanity. He truely comes across as a Goth on speed and his blistering dialog is delivered with masterful movement. This is a young man to watch for in the future.
Jessica Unker as Tybalt is outstanding. She is beautiful, intense and creepy.Watching her seeth and plot made me glad to be in the audience and not on the stage. I would see any show she is in.
Chris Camillo as the Friar was most impressive. His siky deep voice and patronizing manner lent him an air of holiness and his despair at the end was touchind.
So, kudos to Jerry Harlow and Laura Nagal. Because of your brilliant casting and fresh ideas, I enjoyed a show I usually dislike. Thank you. I will be seeing it again!

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