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The Murder of St. Christopher's, by CK Goldston
Entirely Impressive
Tuesday, March 30, 2004
I had recently heard that quality is better than quantity. I suppose that is true when it comes to this surprisingly incredible production. They are only performing 4 nights of this show. I was present with my wife on the second night. Sat. the 27th. As we walked into the venue it was quite the interesting setup. Much attention was paid to different parts of scenery that you would not quite get a grasp on until the show actually began. (You will notice 2 desks on either side of the Judge and witness stand, these desks are set to portray the personalities of the D.A and defense attorneys, my wife had to point this out to me sadly!) Anyhow, after reading through the playbill and seeing that a couple of the actors in the show were first timers I began to worry. I was terrified we were about to see a production similar to what I had seen at the Cobb playhouse the night before! (That was scary) However, the first act FLEW by. The opening scene really was written very well setting up the two main characters played by Chris Goldston and Gerry Crete. Both played incredibly throughout the production. You found yourself actually caring for what was happening in the minds of these people; Having to fight back the urge to reach out and grab them, or hug them especially sitting so close. The D.A played by Brian Twarney was fiery in all of his emotions. Both Goldston and Twarney played well off each other, building the tension throughout. Although, the entire cast was quite good, there were a couple of notables besides Goldston, Crete, and Twarney. Kimberly Fleek who played the perfect vulnerable female was right on with her emotions. Justin Green was absolutely brilliant with emotions on stage that I thought could only be brought out on screen after many, many takes. This entire production was set in an incredible atmosphere even the music and "news brodacstings" before the show made you feel as if you were actually in the "Courtroom". I thank the Cumming Attractions Theater Company for a night that my wife and I will not soon forget. Thanks for a great show, and I hope that you will keep up the good work.

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