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Journeys: A True Comic Love Story, by Evan Guilford-Blake
The "Journey" Was Well Worth the Trip
Friday, May 14, 2004
Go see Journeys before it closes next week. It is a warm and introspective view of a straight woman, her gay male friend and the strange, but compelling relationship they shared. It is sometimes very hard to let go...

I fully enjoyed the show tonight and urge you to see it. Evan has written a very moving play based on interviews with the woman who lived this true-life story.

Jeffrey Brown exudes boyish charm in his protrayal of Ben. He makes it easy to believe that Jill Hames would want to hold his memory close to her. Jill's portrayal of a woman who is obsessed with her refusal to let go, no matter how much urging she receives from others, is equally strong. Her coming to grips with the reality of his death is a powerful release of pent-up emotions.

The ensemble rounded out by DeWayne Morgan and Barbara Cole serves to unify and strengthen the piece. Angela Tonn's creative directing, particularly the blocking, enhances the story and takes you to a place where you can relate to the joys, sorrows and memories of a loved one who is no longer with you. This show will speak to you.

On a lighter note... Not to be missed is DeWayne's moment in song, a classic theatre moment that you will discuss over and over again in theatre circles.

Process Theatre issues the following warning: "Note there is full nudity in the show." (This includes both male and female nudity.)

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