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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
Sorry Minotaur, I have to agree with jeneasmith
Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Hooray, jeneasmith for telling the truth about this production. I saw this show last weekend and would like to comment that I am not connected to any of the cast members whatsoever. I was looking forward to this show (especially hearing and seeing the children) after reading the reviews here, having seen it performed in a church only once a few years ago. I think there were a few good points and valiant tries by some cast members so I did not give the show a zero.

As a choral teacher of young children for over 12 years, I was wondering the same thing about the children in this show. Why were they even put into the show if they didn't join in? Someone must have told them to sit still, sing loud and not worry about the sound they were producing. Children do not naturally sing that way unless they are directed.

I agree with the comments from jeneasmith about the microphones and the band. The microphones kept cutting off and caused more problems than they did good. The Narrator's mic was too large. The band was too loud for the room. I think the band could have been toned down and the singers would have been heard in that small space. (There were some long pauses between some of the songs. The pauses were awkward and made the singers look very uneasy when they were stuck on stage.)

I also saw the director perform as "Elvis" and could not believe the ad libbing which totally disrupted the show. The audience was not going with the stand-up routine if that's what you call it. It might have worked if you had someone pull the director off with a hook like in the old vaudeville days if you intended the performer to be bad on purpose.

I enjoyed the feeling of the chorus numbers and dances for the most part and the way Joseph and the Narrator kept the show going.

Also, can anyone explain why a "gorilla" took Joseph to Egypt? That was not clear at all. I got most of the other silly gags (even though I thought they were overdone), but I missed the reference to the gorilla in the music.

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